Chapter 125 Genuine Gold Fears No Fire

A Chinese saying goes like this, “Genuine Gold Fears No Fire”. It means that if you put gold in fire, it will not be destroyed; rather, fire will destroy the impurities in gold and make the gold more purified, brighter and shiner.

It is said that one phoenix, the mythical bird, only raises one baby bird in its entire life. They lay eggs in the raging fire. Baby phoenixes will suffer constant burning and pain before they finally break the shell and reborn.

Lin Luoran was caught in the big net. She felt pain all over her body as her spiritual mind was being burnt by fire. At first, the pain is on her body, but later, the dead woman took control of the body, so the pain was only on her spiritual mind and she now feels hundreds of times more painful than before.

Fortunately, she is strong in mind and she will never admit defeat. If she had the slightest idea of giving up, the dead woman’s spirit fire would have taken the advantage and burnt her into ashes.

However, the more Lin Luoran struggles, the more painful she feels. Gradually, she feels that she is losing her consciousness and she can just curl up on the ground.

At first, she can hear the conversation between Wen Guanjing and the dead woman who wants to rob her body. Gradually, she feels that the sound outside is becoming lower and lower and she can remember nothing but her name. Finally, as the spirit fire keeps burning, she cannot remember how she ends up like this.

“Smaller, much smaller. Will the pain go away if I become small enough?”

Lin Luoran’s spiritual mind shrinks and it is compressed to the size of a walnut, but that is just self-protection out of instinct. In fact, her spiritual mind is not that weak. With the help of the black epiphyllum on the cliff, her spiritual mind is stronger than that of other cultivators at her level since the beginning. After everything she has gone through, she becomes more and more suitable for cultivation. Very few cultivators at the level of Training Qi can match her in terms of the spiritual mind.

Her problem is that she owns a large treasure-house but she doesn’t know how to make use of it. Even though she is inside her own ocean of consciousness, she doesn’t know how to take the home advantage to fight back. She is forced to step back again and again and finally trapped and becomes unable to escape.

She feels drowsy. Suddenly, she hears a clear chirp of phoenix. The chirp is like a wakeup call: it strikes so loud that Lin Luoran’s scattering spiritual mind is awaken a little.

Sobering up, she naturally feels a burning pain. The spirit fire of the dead woman keeps burning her. The pain going deeply into spirit is more painful than the pain on the body.

Lin Luoran is now in a quandary. Suddenly she hears the clear phoenix chirp again. She has no time to think about why there is phoenix chirp and she suddenly recalls the legend of phoenix’s rebirth in the fire.

Why do baby phoenixes not fear of the pain when they are born in fire?

Lin Luoran used to be contemptuous of such a legend. However, she is now in the world of cultivation. Judging from a cultivator’s point of view, is it possible that phoenixes belong to the nature of fire, and that’s why they are not afraid of fire?

She now seems to be in the same situation, surrounded by endless fire. In the same environment, phoenix can reborn from fire, but she only feels endless pain. Is it because she’s not as noble as the mythical bird, or is there another story?

If I belong to the nature of fire as well… Lin Luoran is shocked by this idea. For a moment, she forgets the pain and just thinks about the possibility of implementing this idea.

She immediately thinks of the separated fire Reiki in her body, and then she recalls its origin.

Lin Luoran remembers that it happened on the rooftop of Baojia’s house. She knew nothing about cultivation at that time so she was hiding there, studying the Fire Ball Spell Wen Guanjing casted. She coincidentally returned tranquility and felt Reiki molecules with different natures.

Fire Reiki molecules with small tails were the naughtiest. Lin Luoran’s spiritual mind was injured at that time, so those Reiki molecules thought she was easy to be bullied and they came to play with her.

She was intoxicated by the beautiful starry sky, and when she woke up, fire Reiki appeared in her body… Is this what happened last time?

Spirit fire is still burning. The time is actually very short, but Lin Luoran feels that it has been burning for so long that she only feels pain and she becomes stubborn and swears to suppress the fire.

She takes great willpower to ignore the pain of burning and begins to get in touch with the spirit fire carefully.

Now her body is no longer a problem and she is in her ocean of consciousness, so her spiritual mind becomes very acute. Fire in this world is all composed of the smallest molecules. Lin Luoran’s walnut-like spiritual mind senses these little things with small tails again.

They are, however, worse-tempered than the restless Reiki molecules outside. As soon as they find that Lin Luoran’s spiritual mind is back to normal, they become very brutal and they all rush to bite her.

At first, Lin Luoran wants to soften them and then she finds that she cannot achieve this goal. She imagines herself as fierce as them and threatens them in a brutal way. In reaction, the spirit fire hesitates and doesn’t dare to burn her as fiercely as before.

Lin Luoran feels relieved and decides to be a vicious girl. She splits her spiritual mind to every corner of the spirit fire so there is a fierce Lin Luoran at every corner. The spirit fire molecules try to escape, but they are controlled by the dead woman. They cannot act as their free will and become the doormat between the two sides.

Some of them are not strong-willed. Seeing that this side is more brutal, they trim their sails and turn to Lin Luoran, the “enemy”.

When Lin Luoran is having fun, suddenly, a pair of big hands appear and squeeze her. Being influenced by the irritable fire molecules, she directs the “traitors” to burn their former master with no hesitation. Hearing the dead woman’s cry out of pain and ranging curses, Lin Luoran is overjoyed and sneers.

The dead woman becomes furious: “Get out!”

Although Lin Luoran is protected by those “traitors” at the moment and she doesn’t have to suffer from the fire, but it is her body after all. The longer it is occupied by the dead woman, the more dangerous she is. This is a serious problem. Knowing she cannot hide forever, Lin Luoran decides to go out.

However, the spirit fire burning around is still under the control of the dead woman. Being surrounded by the fire, where is the way out?

Lin Luoran doesn’t know what to do and then she hears another phoenix chirp. She grits her teeth and goes ahead regardless. If she can’t live, her death must be splendid. Gold always needs to be tried in the fire!

Lin Luoran is now just a rookie who does not know about spiritual mind attack. She has already put aside her life, how can she even care about her look? Lin Luoran attaches her spiritual mind to the surrendered spirit fire and rushes out to fight against the surrounding spirit fire.

Spirit fire outside is like a remotely-directed troop. The surrendered spirit fire molecules fight recklessly. Lin Luoran does not feel sorry at all as they do not belong to her. After massive casualties, they are actually lucky to devour the enemies though being exhausted.

Lin Luoran’s victory is in sight. The dead woman’s feeling is the most intuitive. In the beginning, when Lin Luoran became brutal and integrated herself into the spirit fire, the dead woman cannot perceive anything. Later on, when Lin Luoran started to direct the “traitors” to rebel, the dead woman, as the former commander, can feel everything clearly.

She has never encountered such a situation before and she didn’t expect that a junior cultivator in the level of Training Qi dares to fight with her life. She just assumes that the phoenix in the space has played a trick. The dead woman feels surprised and furious, but as she decides to fight back, she finds that her spirit fire is out of control gradually.

When Lin Luoran commands the fire to devour the enemy, in the sight of the dead woman, she can only see the fireball moving frequently and changing its shape continuously. From small to big, in the end, it turns into the shape of the fire phoenix.

The dead woman takes two steps back, tightening her lips.

The fire phoenix seems to be pregnant with some kind of creature, although it gains the shape from spiritual mind, it is astonishing.

“Puff —”

Feathers of the phoenix fall down and float in the air like petals. Dressed in red, Lin Luoran’s shape appears from it. At first, she regains her limbs and then her facial features become clear. Finally, the fire goes into her eyes and becomes her pupils. She looks at the dead woman coldly and her eyesight has the coldness just like the fire phoenix the dead woman is afraid of!