Chapter 126 Brother, Please Let Me Go

The dead woman is frozen at Lin Luoran’s eyesight. In the red dress, Lin Luoran seems to be a completely different person. She plays with a small pinch of fire in her hand and a phoenix pattern looms between her eyebrows.

“Shame on you. You used to be a heroine, but now you pretend to be White Fairy and cast ‘Possession’ when I was not paying attention.”

The dead woman responds scornfully, “I disdain to pretend to be someone else. My surname was Bai and that’s ‘white’, and I can be named a fairy. So what’s wrong with that?”

Her surname was Bai. The bride in the mural wears the Sword of Bright Snow and she looks just like White Fairy. Lin Luoran has watched many melodramatic TV dramas and she knows that “twins” is frequently used to make stories dramatic.

Is this dead woman a twin sister of White Fairy?

Lin Luoran feels disgusted. She doesn’t know who the bride in the mural is but it has nothing to do with her. Lin Luoran can always clearly distinguish between kindness and hatred. Even if White Fairy is here and she wants to possess Lin’s body, Lin Luoran will relentlessly make her disappear, not to mention this twin sister who comes out of nowhere.

“How dare you do the evil thing and call yourself a fairy? Today I will totally destroy you and you will never be able to cast ‘Possession’ again!”

The spirit fire is bouncing in her hand and it gradually turns into the shape of a bow. Lin Luoran, who is just reborn from fire, has a new understanding of fire. She tries to use the spirit fire to cast “Fire Arrow Spell” in Spells of the Five Elements.

The spirit fire gathers in her hands. It has already been swallowed by Lin Luoran and no longer belongs to the dead woman. Therefore, when the spell is launched, the whole ocean of consciousness is echoing.

This barren land has become a land of fire. Lin Luoran uses a little pinch of spirit fire as a guide and casts spells. She turns her whole ocean of consciousness into a sea of fire… It happens as if the fire is already there, just waiting to be awakened.

The dead woman sneers and transforms her spiritual mind into rain. With a heavy downpour, the sea of fire fades at a high speed.

Lin Luoran smiles and she’s not worrying. She makes a gesture and fire spreads again, quickly evaporating the rain. Confronted with fire, water becomes a hot airstream. The ocean of consciousness is now soaking in water steam, hot and suffocating.

The fight between Lin Luoran and the dead woman is not a real fight with spells. They fight by transforming their spiritual mind. However, as the spiritual mind is deeply marked in their soul, their feelings are stronger than what people normally feel with bodies. The dead woman feels absolutely painful right now.

The dead woman was a high-level cultivator but now what’s left is her spirit only. Otherwise she can easily defeat this cultivator in the level of Training Qi. The more she gets restrained in the ocean of consciousness, the more she becomes desperate to possess the body.

Lin Luoran doesn’t have time to care about her. She is now harmonizing with her ocean of consciousness. Her control in the ocean of consciousness is reaching its peak at the moment!

She takes the bow in her left hand and pulls the string with her right hand. She draws the bow straight back and makes a full draw with the bow.

She feels relaxed. Lin Luroan is 100% sure that without aiming, this spirit arrow made by the hottest spirit fire can shoot the dead woman directly.

With a loud scream, the figure of the dead woman suddenly disappears, and her voice echoes in the ocean of consciousness,

“I know the mystery of the disappearance of cultivators in the level of Gathering Vitality, don’t you want to know about it?!”

Is that a temptation?

Lin Luoran smiles, of course she wants to know about the mystery. Compared with her own life, however, no matter how great the mystery is, it is never as great as her determination to eliminate this threat.

With a swishing sound, she shoots the fire arrow towards somewhere in the ocean of consciousness covered by the sea of fire. As the arrow shoots in, a white dress drops out. It is the dead woman who hides away.

There is horror on her face. It seems that she has something to tell Lin Luoran but she doesn’t have time for that. She is shot by the arrow in front of Lin Luoran and becomes a burst of white smoke, drifting in the sea of fire and then she disappears completely.

Lin Luoran puts down the bow. She feels that her spiritual mind is very tired. Fire in her ocean of consciousness fades slowly. The coldness in her eyes fades away. Lin Luoran checks her spiritual mind and finds that although it looks tired, it seems to have strengthened a lot.

Does this battle of death strengthen her spiritual mind?

The feeling of taking back control of the body makes her relieved and comfortable. Although it has benefitted her a lot, this kind of battle between spiritual minds is never something Lin Luoran wants to encounter again.

She moves her limbs and opens her eyes. Lin Luoran finds herself in the space and feels rejoiced. Fortunately, the dead woman is eradicated; otherwise the secret of her space will be revealed.

The space, however, is unusually quiet. She remembers that it was a phoenix chirp that woke her up. Why is the space so quiet now?

Lin Luoran looks at the Sword of Bright Snow lying on the grass and feels confused. Is it possible that they did it?

Lin Luoran finds that the spirit herbs are now lying on the ground and it seems that someone has trampled the whole space. She wants to get everything in order immediately, but she realizes that she has company outside. She doesn’t know how long she has been in here but she knows that she cannot be in here for too long.

After the battle, Lin Luoran loses her deliberation and calmness. She just leaves the space and… What’s bumping so fast?


Wen Guanjing gets out of the lotus pool and sees nothing but a bead next to the crystal coffin. The dead woman who has cast “Possession” disappears with Lin Luoran’s body!

He thinks for a while but still has no idea of what’s happening. He can do nothing but to wait for the water on his body to evaporate. After deliberation, he picks up the bead on the ground.

He thinks that, if he cannot find Lin Luoran, this bead that she wears every day can be seen as a belonging of her. So he decides to take care of it and hand it to her family.

The bead still has Lin Luoran’s fragrance, but the lady has already disappeared. Wen Guanjing, despite being mature, cannot help feeling lost at the scene.

Wen Guanjing stands still for a long time with a little bit of loneliness. When he is about to pack the bead, he feels something heavy landing on his arm. In the twinkling of an eye, someone appears in his arms!

The sudden weight almost makes him fall. He leans forward and becomes closer to the person.

Wen Guanjing smells a familiar faint fragrance. He sees a palm-sized face with beautiful eyebrows as if they are painted by the best painter. The skin is white and the eyes staring at him are like twinkling stars.

It’s her… Wen Guanjing falls into a trance at the moment next to the beautiful lotus pool.

Lin Luoran feels embarrassed. She would never expect to be in Wen Guanjing’s arms when she comes out!

Seeing the dull expression on Wen Guanjing’s face and hearing his heartbeat, Lin Luoran blushes. She picks up her courage and gives a hollow laugh:

“Brother, please let me go…”