Volume Four One Step Away From Laying Foundation-Chapter 129 Going North

Under the watchful eyes of everybody, no one shows up on the platform over the sea before it disappears.

The sea is so vast. Nobody noticed that a person popped up on the platform one second before it disappeared completely.

When she wakes up, Lin Luoran has floated far away from the Bermuda Triangle area.

Thinking of the fight which ended in a tie, Lin Luoran decides to put the female corpse behind. After all, the secret land is closed and no human cultivators are detained there…. Even if the dead woman covets the space, she will have to wait 100 years until she can come after Lin.

The dead woman will have to rely on the Possession spell to get out of the secret land, but Lin will not stop cultivating herself… Let alone the fact that Lin may be stronger than the dead woman by then, Lin Luoran never has unnecessary anxieties. There are so many days and nights in 100 years, and she may as well focus on her cultivation rather than live in fear.

Worries never help people solve the problem. Only persistence and hard work can help people thoroughly remold themselves.

The trip to the secret land exhausts her. Lin Luoran now just wants to follow her heart and let the wave take her anywhere.

Everlasting water Reiki are flowing over the sea. Lin Luoran could have made a water dome, yet she chose to get intimate with the sea and just lie in the water.

Little fish are swimming around her curiously. Lin is actually floating with a group of sea fish and heading deeper into the sea with the tide. She is not aggressive and she is going along with the fish so the fish don’t try to get rid of this “huge thing” around them. Some lazy fish even grip Lin’s clothes with their teeth and float with her in order to save energy.

Sometimes, Lin Luoran catches a starfish. She plays with it by gently pinching its soft body then lets it go.

Sometimes, sea turtles come around to catch the fish. Though turtles seem to be slow on the land, they can swim very fast in the sea.

When she is hungry, Lin Luoran emerges from the water and takes out some peaches growing in her space to eat. The fish love the little pieces of peach Lin drops into the water and they always fight for the pieces like peach is the best bait.

Lin’s dad is a fan of fishing. Lin Luoran is thinking about giving him some of the peach “bait” so that he can beat all his fellow fishermen.

On the second thought, Lin Luoran wonders that is this taking advantage of the space to cheat?

A bullhead can’t get used to Lin’s sudden appearance and disappearance. It bites her dress hard but it still is left out of the space when Lin disappears again. The bullhead almost bursts into tears — certainly, its tears are invisible since it lives in the sea.

At first, Lin Luoran sometimes sees fishing boats. She doesn’t want her fish friends to be caught in the nets so she always leads the fish to another route — by using the peach as the bait. The temptation of the peach makes the fish forget about the fact that they are migrating and follow Lin wherever she goes.

Later, the sea water gets colder and the fishing boats are nowhere to be found.

Lin Luoran reaches a shallow sea. She assumes that this is the destination of the fish, and she takes her leave and floats to the colder sea on her own.

First, there is thin ice on the sea. Then a thick layer of ice is over Lin’s head.

Looking through the ice from the sea, sunlight becomes even bright and dazzling after the refraction.

Lin Luoran breaks through a piece of floating ice and emerges from the water to take a breath. A white kingdom of ice and snow is in front of her eyes.

It seems that the snowstorm has just stopped. After seeing the chunky creature on a piece of floating ice which is trying to catch fish, Lin Luoran finally realizes where she is — this is a polar bear so clearly she is not at the South Pole.

The polar bear stares at Lin Luoran, the uninvited guest, seemingly it is suspecting that she comes here to rob its fish. Lin Luoran bursts into laugh. She dives into the sea again and catches two fat fish. Lin throws one of the fish to the young polar bear which is an amateur of catching fish.

The polar bear isn’t tamed by the fish as Lin expected. It eats the fish up and leaves, giving Lin Luoran the view of its back.

Lin doesn’t care about the polar bear’s ungratefulness. She gets on the ice and prepares to have the first hot meal for days.

She is enjoying everything. She blends in the fish and floats in the sea all the way to the North Pole.

If she never stepped on the path of cultivation, a place like the North Pole would only exist in her dream or documentaries.

This trip of random drift helps alleviate Lin’s exhaustion from all the fighting in the secret land. Her state of mind also becomes wider and more inclusive while she drifts on the vast sea.

Forget about the temporary gains and losses. Be a cultivator in the mortal world.

Maybe she can travel around the planet?

Her heart yearns for this. Cold wind blows and her wet clothes are sticking to her body. Even with her current physique, Lin Luoran feels cold.

She has been soaking in the seawater for so long. She enjoyed it. However, after going ashore, she feels uncomfortable because of the salty seawater. Standing on the glaciers, Lin Luoran casts a fire spell which barely burns a hole on the ice. After the fire is out, water in the hole is steaming. The hot water is so attractive in this world of ice.

Hot spring spa at the North Pole — Baojia would be thrilled if she knew about this.

Lin Luoran shapes the big stone she took from the sea into a pot. She pours clean snow water into the pot, kills the fish, cleans it and throws it into the pot. Then Lin jumps into the hole in the ice and starts to enjoy the hot spring spa.

In the waterhole, Lin Luoran thinks of the 24-hour hot water in the city — in fact, she is missing her family and friends.

Lin Luoran doesn’t forget about everything else while she enjoys the spa. After refining in the secret land, she has gained more control over the Reiki of five elements. Now, she can not only cast simple fire spells at the North Pole where fire Reiki in the air are so thin, but also keep the stone pot hot while being in the spa.

After Lin Luoran gets out of the hot spring, her clothes are dry and the fish soup is ready. She takes some shallots and salt out of her space and adds them into the soup, which becomes even more flavorful.

Lin finishes eating the fish soup and looks into the distance. It seems that another snowstorm is coming. Should she find somewhere to hide?


When you are in the kingdom of ice alone and waiting for rescue, snowstorm, instead of food, is the biggest problem.

The temperature will drop so low at night that you may freeze to death before the rescue team comes.

In fact, it is simple to live through the night when the temperature is dozens of degrees below zero. The best move to rescue yourself is to dig a cave in the snow at the leeward side of a snowbank.

The cave doesn’t have to be too big as long as you can fit in. You should also shield the entrance with ice cubes so that wind can’t blow inside when you are asleep. This is simple and not technical. The only thing to be noted is that you must remember to leave a gap big enough for air to come in, or else you may suffocate in the cave.

Lin Luoran digs a snow cave like this instead of hiding into the space in her bead.

The space is nice and warm, but Lin Luoran only wants to be a normal person and enjoy her stay at the North Pole.

The next morning, when she wakes up and breaks open the ice cubes which shield the cave, the snowstorm is already gone. The weather is fair, which is rarely seen at the North Pole in winter.

Thinking of winter, Lin Luoran suddenly realizes that after getting out of the secret land, she has been floating in the sea for so long. Spring may have passed back in the State of Huaxia.

She should head back home after leaving the North Pole.

After making the decision, Lin Luoran plans to have a nice tour around the North Pole before leaving.

Perhaps she can bring some gifts to her family and friends from here.

Lin Luoran looks up at the highest iceberg. Will something special be on the iceberg besides the snow?

Lin decides to climb up and see for herself.

She walks on the ice for two days to reach the foot of the iceberg. She didn’t rush, and the iceberg is much further away than it seems to be.

Lin Luoran plans to climb up the iceberg with her bare hands like a normal woman who wants to bring some gifts for her loved ones.

Every time she gets several meters up, she falls down into the thick layer of snow.

Every time she falls, she gets up on her feet. Lin Luoran cherishes the experience and the inspiration it gives her.

Normal people can climb on to the highest mountain in the world with ropes and simple tools. This is just a medium-height iceberg. It is not too big a problem for Lin.

By the tenth time she falls, Lin finally realizes that she is being childish. She sits in the snow and laughs for a while. Lin Luoran rubs her hands and runs in the snow. She rushes over the spot she fell from ten times at one fling.

As expected, after overcoming the spot, the iceberg is no longer steep as before.

Lin Luoran jumps up and down to warm her cold feet. She breaths out and heads up again.

Granted that there is only snow and ice on the top of the iceberg, she will take some and carve the ice into gifts because this is the first iceberg she ever climbs with her bare hands.

She has gone all the way to the North Pole. Lin Luoran now believes that even more “icebergs” are waiting for her in the future, they will not be steeper than the one she climbs today.

However, is there only snow and ice waiting for her on the top of the iceberg?