Chapter 133 Completion of Training Qi

“Fairy, are you here to save Tess?” On the dark snow land, Tess raises her head and asks Lin Luoran with her eyes clean as crystals.

Lin Luoran has just woken up from the tranquility and she was popped out by the space. She was wondering why the space acted so strangely, then she saw herself standing on the snow in the dark.

Several steps away, there is a polar bear which seems to be in shock and a little girl who is saying something in a language she can’t understand.

Of course, Lin Luoran couldn’t understand the Eskimo language, or else she would really be an almighty fairy. However, she can see the fear and hope in the little girl’s eyes. Thinking of the polar bear which seems to be scared by herself, Lin Luoran now understands what is happening.

Lin sighs. She wants to go forward to comfort the little girl, but she affects the water Reiki on the ice land as soon as she moves.

Reiki of the five elements fill every corner of the world. Only cultivators with Taoist root can feel them, and ordinary people just don’t have the stepping stone.

Why do people say that cultivators with single Taoist root are talents?

In fact, we can see cultivators’ sensibility to Reiki as ten points. If a cultivator’s Taoist root is single, his or her sensibility will be ten. A cultivator with two natures of Taoist root will have to divide his or her sensibility. Granted that the ratio is 1:9, the cultivator’s gift is not so lame than those with single Taoist root.

In the same manner, cultivators with three natures are much weaker, let alone those with four natures. As for those with all the five natures, they are basically trash cultivators. Perhaps you want to say that practice makes perfect, and even with low sensibility, trash cultivators can cultivate themselves by focusing on the largest portion of their natures and they may not turn out to be much weaker than those with single or two natures.

The truth is, cultivation is inherently against the Tao is nature. If cultivation were so easy, the world of cultivation would not judge cultivators by their Taoist root and decide their status in the school.

Say that your Taoist root consists of seven percent of water, one percent of wood, one earth and one gold. If you want to stand out by focusing on the nature of water and give up on the other three natures, Reiki inside of you will be disorganized and your cultivation will be destroyed!

This means that cultivators with multiple natures must refine Reiki of the same natures during their breathing and meditation in accordance with the ratio of their Taoist root. This kind of sophisticated work not only has to be done in specific locations but also is much harder than the cultivation of those talents with single or two natures. Cultivators in every level all have certain life span. Except for some lucky ones, cultivators with more than two natures will take more time to cultivate themselves, and they have to worry about the balance of their natures of Taoist root. How can they compete with those talents?

This is actually the common knowledge in the world of cultivation, but Lin Luoran has never heard of this. She gets inspired randomly and she may return tranquility anytime because of her peaceful state of mind. Other cultivators would be so jealous if they knew about her condition.

For instance, now, she has just woken up from the tranquility. She has never had such a clear sensibility to water. She can even affect the water Reiki on the ice land while she moves!

Under the special circumstance, Lin Luoran’s sensibility to water Reiki now peaks. Lin doesn’t know that she should refine Reiki according to the balance of her nature of Taoist root. Still, the Reiki inside her are mixed except for the fire Reiki, and nothing bad ever happened.

Water Reiki rushes at Lin, and the bead is pleased. It absorbs Reiki like crazy. Half of the Reiki it absorbed are sent to the newly-planted ice grass in the space, two percent are used to nourish all the other plants, and three percent are refined into peaceful water Reiki and exported into Lin Luoran’s body.

Water Reiki flows up along Lin’s right hand and nourishes her meridians, bones and muscles.

Lin Luoran is peaceful after water Reiki keeps flowing inside her. She remembers the feeling when she was in tranquility. Her soul is refreshed. Right now, she is water, she is ice, and she is the snowflakes falling from the sky.

Something is cracking. At this perfect moment, Lin Luoran finally pushes open the door of water Reiki!

Though Reiki on earth is thin and the bead has kept some for itself, Lin Luoran is benefited a lot when Reiki in a hundred miles are rushing to her.

The mixed Reiki inside her seem to be summoned while water Reiki inside become so abundant. A stream of blue Reiki separates from the mixed ones. After fire Reiki became independent in Lin’s body, water Reiki finally take their own meridians!

Lin Luoran is busy checking on herself and she fails to notice that the second water Reiki is separated, the ice grass in her space, which is nourished by the spring and all the water Reiki, grows two more leaves. If she took a closer look, she would find that a little bump is growing in the center of the leaves. Is it a flower bud?

After the separated water Reiki flows to their exclusive meridians, a blue light flashes above the log cabin in the space. It happens so fast that Lin Luoran doesn’t notice it even if she is in the space right now.

The fire phoenix, which she never gets the chance to meet, chirps gladly. It seems to be welcoming a new friend.

Besides, Lin Luoran’s cultivation is changing when water Reiki keeps flowing in… It appears…to be nice?

When she opens her eyes again, her lashes are heavy because of all the snow. Everything in front of her eyes is white. She doesn’t feel too hungry so she assumes that it has only been overnight since she started the cultivation.

Last night, if she had not directed water Reiki, she would have been taken over by them. Fortunately, she managed to gain control over them and she was benefited.

Lin Luoran has a clear feeling of what has changed inside her since she opened her eyes. Her vital energy and blood are more vigorous and the Reiki inside are concentrated. The reason why cultivators call the first level of cultivation Training Qi is that cultivators must refine and absorb Reiki into themselves. Now, there is no empty space in her meridians and she feels light and easy. Lin Luoran knows instinctively that she has reached the completion of Training Qi overnight…

Not long ago, Grandpa Mu said that she could enter the level of Laying Foundation in 15 years.

Grandpa Guo said that he bet that she could do this in 10 years.

Back then, Lin Luoran thought that with the help of her space, she might lay foundation quicker than they imagined. Still, she didn’t expect that she could do this in such a short time.

The trip to the secret land has trained her mind and cultivation and the floating in the sea makes up for the insufficiency of her moral mind. Lin Luoran now has the prescription of Foundation-laying Bolus and her level of cultivation is up, let alone her state of mind. As long as she manages to make some Foundation-laying Bolus, Lin Luoran is sure that she will enter the level of Laying Foundation in no time.

She didn’t step on the path of cultivation until she was 27 years old. She has already wasted so much time compared to Wen Guanjing and the others. Lin Luoran always bears lots of worries because of her strange Taoist root.

Now, all the uncertainty in her heart is gone!

Cultivation is inherently against the Tao of nature. With hard work and some luck, she will continue to cultivate herself even she lives in the metropolis!

On the ice land, Lin Luoran is like a doll of snow after the night. After winning the favor of water Reiki which elevates her cultivation, the negative emotions in her heart are mostly gone. Therefore, her temperament is changed completely—

Lin Luoran no longer looks like a sharp sword. She is more like a lake, which is calm and peaceful on the surface but has the ability to overturn ships under the surface.