Chapter 134 Go Home(Part One)

When she wakes up from the excitement of elevated cultivation, the first thing Lin Luoran thinks of is the foreign little girl she saw last night.

Lin is fine after this cold night, but how can a little girl survive this? Lin Luoran shakes off the snow on her, worrying, then she discovers that the little girl is sleeping soundly by her side.

The girl’s cheeks are rosy and she is breathing normally. It turns out that the girl is not injured.

Lin Luoran thinks for a while and realizes that maybe the little girl is so close to her, and the water Reiki has protected the girl so that she can survive the cold night.

Thank god!

Lin Luoran is about to wake the little girl up. Thinking of the possibility that the girl may have been lost on the snow land for too long, Lin decides to make some preparations by herself first.

Lin never shows mercy when she slaughters enemies. However, because of her nature, she can not fold her hands and see innocent people die — the little girl is so young. If Lin leaves the girl alone on the snow land, she may as well just kill the girl herself.

Lin Luoran climbs over snow dunes quickly and disappears into the world of ice.


Tess feels that her sleep last night was extremely sound.

She had an interesting dream. In the dream, she got lost when she left her house at night and she encountered a ferocious polar bear which was stealing her seal meat. Later, when the polar bear rushed at her, a fairy in a beautiful dress came out of the pearl she had been playing with for days and scared the polar bear away. Also, the fairy walked closer to protect her.

Thinking about this, Tess smiles even she is half-awake.

Tess’s eyelashes shake and her eyes are open.

This is another sunny day. Father will be home soon, right?

If she tells her dream last night to her friends, will they believe her? Tess thinks of all the other kids who always laugh at her because she doesn’t have a mother and decides angrily that she will not tell such a funny dream to those kids!

The fairy in her dream was so gorgeous!

The North Pole is so cold, and everybody here wears thick and heavy clothes. Tess has never seen a woman in dress in the tribe.

But she knows what is beauty.

Her father used to bring a thick album from the town with pictures of women in it. He told her that these women are “stars”. They had silk skin and they wore “dresses” which showed their breasts and thighs. Tess had always been wondering that weren’t they cold? Still, in the eyes of a little girl, she believed that those women in dresses were beautiful.

However, they are not as gorgeous as her guardian fairy! Little Tess clenches her fist in order to let out her gloom of not daring to look at the fairy’s face in her dream, then she discovers that the bead is gone… Tess starts to search for it anxiously only to find that she is not lying on the woolen carpet, but on ice-cold snow.

She actually slept on the snow last night!

Therefore, what happened last night was real? It was not a dream?

Tess stands up and looks around. On the snow nearby, she sees some seal meat half-covered by snow, and she is nowhere near her ice house… The snow is so white, and the fairy is not here.

Tess sits down with arms around her knees and buries her head down.

Though she is mature, she is ten years old. Recalling the fact that she has escaped from a polar bear, Tess feels more scared than lucky.

Her father is in town, and no one in the tribe may find out that she is missing. By the time her father comes back and finds her, will she be like Stone, who went missing last year and ended up with half a body… Thinking of the possibility that she may become so ugly, Tess is so nauseous that she almost pukes.

Because of all these random thoughts, Tess doesn’t have any appetite for the seal meat. Cold and hungry, she bursts into a rage of tears.

When Tess is wiping tears off of her face, she smells something fragrant.

Little Tess looks up. A woman in a long dress is walking to her from the snow dunes. The snow is thick, but the woman is elegant and graceful. The smell is coming from the stone pot the woman is carrying!

This is a normal morning at the North Pole, however, the scene is stuck in Tess’s head. If she knew more words, she would understand that the woman is walking to her calmly and indifferently, like she is walking in a flowery yard rather than the cold snow land.

The woman’s skin is so white, clear and crystal like the ice water on the glaciers in summer. Her hair is so black, and the snow around makes her hair look like the shiny fur of seals. Her dress covers her body from neck to feet, yet Tess believes that she is much prettier than all the “stars” in the album who show their breasts and thighs!

More importantly, this is her own guardian fairy.

Due to the language barrier, Lin Luoran smiles and puts the stone pot in front of the little girl and indicates her to eat.

She waits for a while but the little girl doesn’t move. Lin Luoran looks into the stone pot with surprise. The fish soup is milky white and there are tomatoes and shallots from her space. The color and the taste are perfect. Why doesn’t the girl eat?

Lin pushes the stone pot closer to little Tess. Actually, Tess is immersed in the fact that the fairy is here and she can’t believe that the fairy has brought her such a pot of tasty fish soup.

The Eskimos usually eat raw meat because they are not able to make a fire at the North Pole. Huaxia people sometimes eat sashimi or salad, therefore, the Eskimos will not resist cooked food when they have a choice.

Tess drinks up the fish soup. If Lin Luoran were not watching her with surprise, she would lick the pot.

Lin Luoran touches her head, trying to comfort her.

This international kind move doesn’t need to be explained by language. Tess’s eyes turn red and she almost bursts into tears again.

Seeing that Tess can understand, Lin Luoran makes some gestures gladly, trying to find out some information about Tess’s family. Tess is confused, and she draws an ice house with a dome on the snow. However, she can’t tell which direction the house is in or any other features of the house — it is not Tess’s fault. The Eskimos who stick to their traditions migrate as the seasons change. Tess has lived in so many houses all these years. How can she remember them when everything on the ice land looks so similar?

Lin Luoran sighs and holds Tess up in her arms.

Tess smells the fragrance and believes that only fairies can be perfumed like this. She instinctively buries her head in Lin’s arms, trying to engrave the smell in her memory.

The “fairy” frowns. It appears that the completion of Training Qi can’t help her with this situation. Now, what she needs most are not splendid spells or a powerful sword spell. She only needs a normal GPS…

Soon, Lin Luoran puts these concerns behind her. She won’t stay at the North Pole any longer once she helps the little girl find her family.

East, south, west, north… Which direction will the little girl’s house be in?

Holding the little girl, Lin Luoran squints. She makes a bet and picks one direction randomly and starts walking step by step in the snow.