Chapter 135 Go Home (Part Two)

Tess is burying her face in the peach she is eating. For the last few days, she has eaten roasted seal meat, fish soup, sautéed meat with chives, and some incredibly delicious peaches… Little Tess believes that she has tasted so much food which she will have no chance to taste again in her life.

She doubts that she may have a hard time getting used to eating raw meat again after she gets home.

The longer Tess is with Lin, the more she confirms that Lin is a fairy.

If Lin were not a fairy, how could she not fear the coldness? How could she make fire out of nothing and conjure so many ingredients which Tess never saw before?

Tess puts a peach in her hat and plans to take it back home to her dad.

Lin Luoran notices what Tess has done, but she is not in the mood to care about this.

She has been walking in the wrong direction during the last two days. She never saw anybody around. Lin thinks it over and realizes that this little girl can’t be wandering on the ice land alone. Her house should be nearby. Lin Luoran was searching in a range way too large, which made things more troublesome.

Lin Luoran returns to the spot where she met Tess and the snow has covered all the footprints. Yet, the two of them are getting closer during the days.

Tess is really smart and sensible. She knows that “fairy” can’t understand the language she speaks, so she says a word over and over again. Later, Lin Luoran learns how to pronounce the word and understands that this is the little girl’s name.

Tess is only ten years old. Every time Lin Luoran cooks, Tess volunteers to butcher the fish and clean the meat. Her hands are red due to the coldness and she still smiles brightly…

Lin Luoran gets along well with Tess. If Tess didn’t have a family, Lin would like to bring her home and raise her with Luodong.

Listening to the noise nearby, Lin Luoran feels like a strange woman who tries to abduct a child. Little Tess does have a family… Lin forgets about bringing Tess back and starts to be happy for Tess.

Lin and Tess met on the ice land and spent two days together. Lin makes some gestures with her right hand and infuses a stream of pure water Reiki into Tess’s head. Will little Tess become smarter with the nourishment of Reiki? Time will give the answer. Anyhow, the Reiki won’t do any harm.

In a hurry, Lin Luoran looks through all her belongings and can’t find any souvenir to give to Tess. There are a few pieces of ancient jade pendant she bought to study Commander Qin’s protection pendant. Back then, she drew down the magic circle on the protection pendant and prepared to practice the spells in the secret land. She didn’t have time to do that, and these jade pendants she bought were left in her space. Lin Luoran takes one out, thinks for a while and starts to make a gold spell.

Gold spells major in attack. Gold is originally the sharpest in the five elements. Gold Reiki is so thin on the ice land, and Lin Luoran exerts herself to cast a “Sting Tip Spell”. As the name suggests, the spell creates a needle sharp as the sting of a wasp, which is used to do sneak attacks.

Lin Luoran controls the needle to move on the jade pendant. Later, she blows away the dust. Two figures are carved on the little pendant. It is the profile of Lin Luoran and Tess’s smiley face. A row of small characters are carved in Mandarin— “To Little Tess at the North Pole”.

Lin hangs the jade pendant on Tess’s neck and gives her another peach. Lin touches Tess’s little head, points at herself and says slowly in Mandarin, “Lin, Luo, Ran.”

Tess is happy after receiving the gift. She understands that these three syllables are the name of the fairy. Tess lowers her head and reads the syllables for a few times. When she looks up happily because she has memorized the fairy’s name, Tess only sees the white snow. The fairy is nowhere to be found.

Tess suddenly realizes that the beautiful pendant is a farewell gift from the fairy!

She stands still and looks around. Her eyes turn red and she can’t help crying.

Hearing the girl’s cry, a man at the other side of the snow dunes is thrilled. He drags his weary feet and shouts, “Tess, where are you?”

His daughter is not dead… The hunter has been searching with the neighbors for days but they always missed Lin and Tess. He was unwilling to give up so he went out searching once again and he actually found his daughter.

Hearing her father’s voice, Tess shouts, “I’m here!” The hunter climbs over the snow dunes and hugs Tess tightly in his arms.

Tess buries her head in his father’s coat and looks at the other people from the tribe. She hides the peach under her clothes and doesn’t talk about her encounter with the fairy.

With the jade pendant hanging on her neck, in her father’s arms, Tess thinks of Lin’s care for her during the last two days. She feels that the hole in her heart which has been there all her life is filled…

Is that mother’s love?

Tess can’t tell. She grasps the peach and thinks sadly, “Will she see the fairy ever again?”

How can she see the fairy again?


In fact, Lin Luoran is hiding behind a snow dune nearby. She can see everything happening around Tess with her good eyesight. Though she had long since noticed that people were coming and they seemed to be searching for someone, Lin has to see with her own eyes that they are Tess’s family before leaving.

Lin Luoran’s heart is relieved when she sees Tess jump into a man’s arms.

She casts the last glance at little Tess then turns around and walks into the snow. Lin Luoran senses that the temperature is clearly rising. Summer is really coming. Seeing Tess gets back to her family, Lin Luoran misses her own family very much.

This time she is not delayed. After walking on the snow land for two days, Lin Luoran is very lucky to find a house.

She eavesdrops in the dark. It happens that the family has just moved from the United States and they are not accustomed to the weather here. After listening to the complaints of the hostess, Lin Luoran realizes that she is now in Norway.

She is in a dress so she can’t simply show herself. She walks away with one of the hostess’s down coat and leaves several ripe peaches to pay for the coat. Lin Luoran comes and leaves in quiet. No one ever noticed that she was here.

Lin Luoran laughs at herself for wearing this oversized down coat. She follows the shuttle bus of the town and goes to the nearby city. She exchanges some US dollars and buys some well-fitting clothes and shoes. She also picks a cap with a large peak and sunglasses which covers half of her face. Lin is quite satisfied with the look.

She is not trying to play cool. The thing is, she went to Hawaii by the usual channel, and there is no record on her passport that she is in Norway. If she rides her sword back home, Lin Luoran worries that she may be filmed by people on the plane and become news — there are strict rules in the world of cultivation that cultivators should hide from the public. This is the condition in exchange for the support of the government.

Lin Luoran wanders in the city. She checks every dark corner and finally finds the local villains after two days. She asks them to make a fake passport for her.

These people are mostly gangsters. Seeing that this beautiful woman is all alone, they want to assault her. After Lin bends a steel bar thick as baby’s arm, the gangsters are scared and start to behave. That night, they delivered what Lin has asked for to her hotel. They gave the paper bag with the passport in it to the hotel reception and left without asking for the balance payment.

Lin Luoran closely checks on the fake passport, which is so much like her real one. People say that money can make the devil do errands for you. In certain cases, this is so true.

After booking a ticket to the State of Huaxia, it suddenly comes to Lin that she hasn’t contacted her family. She has been delayed for so long, and her family and friends must be worried sick.

Forget it. She will be back soon, and it will be nice to surprise them.

Lin Luoran certainly will not go back empty-handed. Norway is known for its art crafts, and this country abounds in salmon, which is Baojia’s favorite.

Even the Frenchmen, who are proud of French cheese, love the goat cheese made by local Norwegians. Lin Luoran buys a lot to take home.

Anyway, her space is quite empty, and she wants to make the best use of the natural fresh-keeping cabinet.

Two days later, Lin Luoran gets off the plane at R City.

It is already early summer. Girls in R City have put on their chic high heels and skirt, which are pleasing to the eye.

Lin Luoran takes a deep breath of the air of her homeland. Although the air is not as fresh as the unpolluted air at the North Pole, however, Lin likes her homeland better.

She hails a taxi and heads to Mount Qingcheng.