Chapter 137 Baojia’s Taoist Root

This night, lights in the Lin’s villa are not off until midnight.

Lin Luoran talks about her experience at the North Pole. Baojia is fascinated, and Mr. Lin, who is rejuvenated, holds Mrs. Lin’s hands under the table and promises that he will take her to travel around the world so that they can live a full life.

Then, Lin Luoran is told that her father has kept practicing the breathing methods she taught him before and he can now feel the Qi inside of his body! Besides the “Skin Beauty Bolus, this is the crucial reason why he looks younger.

The home-made “spirit stones” Lin Luoran left home were all absorbed by her father, whose appearance changes so much because of this.

Her mom didn’t have Qi inside of her body, and the changes in her appearance are all thanks to the Skin Beauty Bolus.

Lin Luoran made the Skin Beauty Bolus according to the prescription in the medicine book which is passed down for generations in her family. Besides, all the ingredients she used were planted in her space so that the efficacy of the bolus is close to that of low-level elixirs in the world of cultivation. Her mom used to look old because her life was so hard. Women in villages get married and bear child when they are young. Though Lin Luoran is 28 years old, her mom is only in her early forties.

Therefore, though Skin Beauty Bolus is efficient, it only puts more color on her mom’s face. The bolus Lin Luoran refined with normal fire can’t thoroughly remold a person.

Lin Luoran is tired after all the travelling so she chooses to sleep instead of cultivating tonight. Lying on the bed in her bedroom decorated by her mom, Lin Luoran looks at the stars through the skylight and her feelings are mixed.

She is happy that her dad now has Qi inside of his body. No matter how his quality is, this means that her dad has a Taoist root. At the same time, she is worried that her mom fails to have Qi by cultivating. Is this because her mom’s quality is bad, or does she not have a Taoist root in the first place?

Lin Luoran sighs. If all her family members can cultivate together and live a long life freely in the world, she will be blissfully happy.

Lin Luoran comforts herself while being worried. Families of cultivators and mortals like the Qin family usually don’t have any person with Taoist root in generations.

She has the Taoist root. If her dad didn’t have it, the reason might be that Taoist root sometimes skips generations when it is passed down. However, her dad now has Qi inside of his body, why can’t her mom have a Taoist root?

Lin Luoran falls asleep with all the concerns in her heart. She is sure that she must figure this out — however, she forgets to prepare for the possibility that her mom doesn’t have a Taoist root.

Lin Luoran gets up early the next morning.

By the time Baojia goes to wake Lin up, she finds no one in the room. Baojia searches the house and finds her best friend sitting on a tree, jiggling her feet. Lin Luoran’s childish calmness makes Baojia envious — though Baojia also has a Taoist root, she can barely refine Reiki and absorb them into her body after learning some breathing methods from Lin Luoran. Baojia doesn’t own a “cheating device” like Lin’s bead, so she has to work hard and refine Reiki by herself as all the other cultivators do. Baojia has just stepped on the path of cultivation and she still has a long way to go before entering the premier stage of Training Qi.

Before she starts talking, Baojia sees that there are five light balls in different colors on Lin’s palm and Lin is smiling creepily.

Baojia is alerted, “Little Lin, what are you doing?”

Lin Luoran pretends to be horny and says, “It’s so lonely living in the wild mountain. I’m thinking that I should hook up with someone.”

The colorful light balls rush at Baojia when she is about to say something back. Baojia screams because she thinks that Lin Luoran is going to play tricks on her.

The light balls surround Baojia for a while. Baojia finally realizes what they are. The light balls are nothing dangerous, in fact, they are valuable — they are all the five kinds of Reiki which are peaceful and harmless. For Baojia who suffers from the agitated Reiki she has to refine, these light balls are more attractive than a luxury car.

Regardless of the dirt, Baojia sits down on the ground and starts to absorb the Reiki immediately.

Among the five kinds of Reiki, Baojia first absorbs the green one and then the blue one. The other three Reiki balls just disperse in the air.

“Water and wood… Just like Commander Qin’s grandma. The Taoist root is passed down to Baojia though it skips generations.” Lin Luoran doesn’t disturb Baojia and jumps down from the tree.

Cultivators can identify the Taoist root of others after entering the level of Laying Foundation. The reason behind this is that most cultivators don’t have all the five natures so they can’t use Reiki in other natures when they are in the level of Training Qi. They have to wait till they lay foundation so that they can sense Reiki in other natures by the rule of mutual promotion and restraint between the five elements. In this way, they will be able to identify the nature of the Taoist root of other people.

However, Lin Luoran is not restrained by this since she can sense all the five elements.

Should she help identify her parents’ Taoist root? Thinking of the fact that her mom has not had Qi inside of her and Lin is not prepared for the worst, she decides to leave this for now.

Lin Luoran finishes breakfast. In the dining room, Luodong is staring at Lin Luoran with angry eyes because she didn’t wake him up last night. Baojia rushes in after absorbing Reiki and shouts,

“Someone just bullied me because she is in a higher level of cultivation. Mrs. Lin, you have to help me!”

Lin Luoran says slowly, “Bully? I was going to give someone a perfect gift after she enters the level of Training Qi so that I did her a favor… It appears that she mistakes my intentions. I should just keep the precious gift to myself.”

Lin Luoran deliberately stresses the words “precious gift”, which instantly draws Baojia’s curiosity. Baojia asks, “Really? What are you going to give me as a gift? Just tell me. Maybe I will forgive you this time, or else…!”

Lin shakes her head and answers, “I can’t tell you now. Just keep working hard.”

“You!” Baojia glares. Little Lin here is acting so arrogantly and she must use her ultimate weapon. Baojia rushes at Lin Luoran and starts tickling her. Mrs. Lin knocks the two of them on the head with chopsticks and says,

“How old are you girls! Hurry up and finish breakfast!”

No one dares to talk back to Mrs. Lin, who is now pretty and confident. Baojia starts to eat the porridge quietly and Lin Luoran eagerly tells her mom that she is going to give her some good seeds.

Mrs. Lin is lighted up by this. She has become picky these days and she is unwilling to admit that young master An makes better dishes than she does so that she wants to invite An to have dinner at the villa. Now, Lin Luoran is back with all the best ingredients. Mrs. Lin is prepared to arrange the invitation.

The more important thing is, if she can plant tasty vegetables as her daughter does, young master An may beg her for the ingredients. If so, she will be able to eat the vegetarian dishes whatever she wants, right?

Mr. Lin is also glad that Mrs. Lin is interested in their daughter’s words. At least his wife will be occupied and care less about their looks, therefore, Mr. Lin will be less troubled.

“Plant vegetables, good!” Luodong is interested in playing with mud. He claps his hands and agrees.

Hearing this, Baojia starts to pour the porridge down her throat, which makes everybody laugh.


Meanwhile, in the Qingcheng Taoist Temple at the back mountain, young master An is pushing a stone mill in order to make some tofu jelly. He sneezes out of no reason.

An scratches his head and wonders who is talking about him behind his back.

A younger brother rushes into the room and finds An making dishes again. He rolls his eyes and pulls An’s sleeves,

“Brother, our master is looking for you!”

Ouch — An touches his forehead and feels the bump hit by the paperweight his master threw at him last night. His head aches every time he thinks about going to meet his master.