Chapter 138 The Guest Comes

After breakfast, Lin Luoran takes out some seeds of the plants in her space and gives them to her mom.

As a matter of fact, planting peppers and cowpeas in the yard of the European-styled villa damages the overall harmony of the house. Nevertheless, Lin Luoran is that kind of person who will say nothing if her parents want to tear down the house and rebuild it. Lin just lets her mom decide where to plant these seeds.

It’s not that Lin Luoran cares about eating so much — though she must admit that her love for food is one of the reasons why she did so. More importantly, vegetables in the mortal world are all covered by farm chemicals.

All the vegetables in the markets are so clean and perfect. Is it normal that there is not a single worm sting on Chinese cabbage? Various kinds of additives are put in meat, which is disturbing. It is said that there are even fake steamed buns. Living in a metropolis, Lin Luoran can’t find anything safe enough to put in her mouth.

She didn’t care much about this before because she didn’t have a choice. Now that she has the space and her parents have more spare time, no one has to do farm work for a living. Instead, farming and planting become the spiritual sustenance of her parents.

Besides, the vegetables and fruits in her space can help people detox and improve their physiques. They can make mortals healthier and promote the cultivation of cultivators — these plants may evolve into spirit ones if she takes good care of them.

Mrs. Lin commands Mr. Lin to loosen the soil in the back yard and around the iron bars. Lin Luoran worries that the refined seeds may not survive in ordinary soil so she takes some soil out of her space and spreads the soil on the field. Luodong gets the job of watering these seeds. Of course, the water is mixed with the spring water in Lin’s space… Anyway, the soil and water in her space are bottomless. She doesn’t have to be petty about them.

Baojia has nothing to do and she is bored. Thus, Lin Luoran trusts Baojia to help with farming and goes to put some guard barriers around the villa.

She collected this handful of seeds which look like lotus nuts in the secret land. They are the seeds of the “iron thorns”.

Though iron thorns can’t be used as medicines, Lin Luoran didn’t collect them for nothing. She plants the “iron thorns” along the wall and waters the seeds. Lin makes some gestures with her right hand and casts a wood spell called “Growing Spell” which is in the same level as the “Healing Spell”.

Green light gathers at her fingertip. Baojia, who is obsessed with cultivation recently, can’t help stopping what she is doing and watching Lin cast the spell—

After finishing the hand gestures, the “Growing Spell” is prepared. Lin shouts, “Spell completes. Go!” The green light on her fingertip explodes into a rain of Reiki which pours on every single seed of iron thorn.

With the sound of cracking, seedlings of iron thorn break through their hard shells and the thick soil.

Baojia is stunned and Mr. and Mrs. Lin stop what they are doing. This spell also overturns Luodong’s view on the world. He blinks his big shiny eyes and no one knows what he is thinking.

Lin Luoran sweats a little bit. After completing the level of Training Qi, she should be able to cast the spell with ease. This time, the spell covers such a large area, so she is tired.

The saplings of iron thorn grow four and five leaves. The “Growing Spell” is not like the “Bound Spell” which strengthens every aspect of plants so that a grass can become sharp like a blade. The cost of the spell is that the vital essence of the plant itself will be consumed.

The “Growing Spell” is different. It uses pure wood Reiki to accelerate the speed of growth of plants while not consuming their vitality. Though the plants will not grow so fast, the spell is unharmful in the long term.

The first time she read about the “Growing Spell” in the book, Lin Luoran was surprised. Although the plants will not grow so fast as those in her space, the spell can be cast by cultivators in the later stage of Training Qi. This may eliminate the advantage of her space. Luckily, she sees a line of small characters written in red ink which warns junior cultivators that this spell can’t be used on spirit herbs or any spirit ingredients, or else their efficacies will be completely lost!

While being relieved, Lin Luoran has a wicked thought. From the serious warning in red, she assumes that many cultivators might actually use the spell on spirit herbs and ruin them all. That was the reason why the author of Spells of the Five Elements added such an angry warning in the book.

Seeing that Lin Luoran has stopped making gestures and the saplings don’t keep growing, Baojia says enviously, “Little Lin, if you were able to do this before, Mr. Yuan, Father of Hybrid Rice, could not be able to compete with you. You can wave your hand and make all the plants grow.”

Lin Luoran is embarrassed. Is Baojia really complimenting her?

Baojia keeps talking nonsenses, “Just imagine it! You take the plane and fly everywhere around the world to cast the spell. This is exactly what people say that the limit of the yield lies in your courage…”

Baojia’s “compliments” make Lin Luoran’s headache. She remembers that ten years ago, Baojia was a cool girl when they first met. How does she end up like this?

Even before Baojia had that incident, she was an arrogant and strong woman. Now, she is so talkative… Lin Luoran doubts that Baojia has been influenced by her mom!

“Stop! You have the natures of water and wood, which makes you the perfect person to do such an arduous work! You will be able to benefit all people in our country by yourself.”

Baojia’s eyes are shiny. In fact, she talks so much only because she wants to learn the cool spell Lin just cast. As for her Taoist root, the old master of the Qingcheng Taoist Temple had identified this for her because he couldn’t stand her pestering him all day.

What if one day, she can make plants grow with a wave of a hand… Baojia starts to daydream. Lin Luoran bursts into laugh and says, “Dear sister, stop daydreaming. You won’t be able to cast the spell in ten years if you don’t cultivate hard enough.”

Baojia knows that Lin Luoran is trying to encourage her and she agrees carelessly. It is almost noon. Baojia drags Mrs. Lin to go and prepare for lunch.

Lin Luoran shakes her head with a smile. Noticing Luodong’s curious eyes, Lin thinks that she should try to identify whether Luodong has a Taoist root.

Anyhow, her primary task is to cure Luodong’s autism no matter whether he has a Taoist root or not — Lin Luoran holds Luodong’s hand and shushes him. She says in a low voice,

“Let’s go and plant trees!”

Luodong blinks. He follows Lin Luoran to the back yard of the villa while wondering why his big sister is acting so mysteriously since they are only going to plant trees.

Lin Luoran digs two holes at the side of the villa and disappears in front of Luodong… Before Luodong anxiously goes to tell their parents about this, Lin Luoran reappears with a peach tree in her arms — the peach tree is not strange at all. The strange thing is, big and red peaches are hanging on the tree which is going to be planted. Does anyone ever do that?

While watching Lin Luoran plant the tree, Luodong picks a peach from the tree by himself. He takes a bite, and the taste is mind-blowing. Luodong runs inside the house and wants to tell Baojia, who has been so nice to him during the last months, about this.

Right after Luodong runs inside, a man with a baby face arrives at the gate of the villa. Young master An, whose loose robe doesn’t fit, asks,

“Hi, is Sister Lin here?”