Chapter 140 Everybody Wants Goldie

Goldie flies over the resort. There are not many visitors these days as summer has not come yet. On the balcony of a room full of the smell of sterilized water in the No.7 Villa, an old man with age spots on his face in a hospital gown is enjoying the sun. He sees Goldie flying past and a pleasantly surprised look rises on his face.

He picks up the phone beside him and dials a number with his hand trembling,

“Master, I have found what you call a fantastic beast… A golden hawk. It is seven to eight meters long when it spreads its wings. This is definitely something you have never seen before.”

With some response on the other side of the phone, the old man nods his head constantly.

He hangs up the phone and calls up a bodyguard who is on standby downstairs. He instructs the bodyguard in a low voice and remains excited long after the bodyguard leaves.

“Chairman, it’s time to take medicine.” A forty-year-old female housekeeper comes upstairs with a crystal plate. On the plate there is one small red jelly. Seeing the jelly, the old man looks less excited. He swallows the jelly with disgust and says in a hoarse voice —

“It has to work this time. I don’t want to endure a life like this anymore…”

After taking the “jelly”, the old man seems to regain some energy. He signs on a couple of important contracts and goes back to the balcony to enjoy the sun.

Lin Luoran’s present range of spiritual mind can only cover a few hundred meters. The distance between villas is very long, so naturally she has no idea what’s happening in the No.7 Villa.

At this moment, the Lin family are all falling into the wild joy brought by Goldie.

Human beings have always dreamed of flying ever since ancient times. Even with Lin Luoran’s ability today, she cannot fly without external help, let alone her parents or Baojia.

In fact, Wang Miao’e and her husband always know that Lin Luoran is an extraordinary girl. After all, they know that she can turn stone into jade, become acknowledged by Master Jia, solve the affair of “jade with Reiki” and give her the “Skin Beauty Bolus”, let alone this villa which is now the new home of the Lin family.

With everything they have already known, however, they still feel shocked — they are told that this beautiful golden hawk is Lin Luoran’s new steed and it can take people to fly!

Immortals riding cranes to fly is quite a scene in Huaxia mythology. They can fly to the sky on Goldie, isn’t it just like immortals riding cranes?

Even if everything seems so unreal, Lin Luoran’s identity is vividly portrayed.

Baojia wants to enjoy the flight right now, but she is stopped by Lin Luoran because it is too conspicuous in the daytime. Goldie tilts its head and looks at these people. It cannot understand why they are looking at it with jealous eyes — It’s so creepy.

Looking at the yard, Goldie is familiar with the two peach trees, so it heads toward the tree and eats peaches. Everyone behind it is stunned.

Li Xi’er and Qu Yiren arrive in about ten minutes.

Seeing Li Xi’er in a Tang costume, Wang Miao’e, who doesn’t know about her, is shocked with her mouth still widely open.

Both of them hand well-prepared gifts to Mr. and Mrs. Lin. Even Baojia and Luodong get their gifts. After that, Li Xi’er has the time to look at Lin Luoran in a sorrow look.

Sister Lin has been missing for over two months. Many people say that she cannot make it. Only Brother Wen, this “dumb” Qu Yi and herself believe Lin Luoran is alive… Day after day, just as Li Xi’er was about to give up all hope, they received the information from the Superior of Qingcheng Taoist Temple that Sister Lin is back, safe and sound!

Qu Yiren arrived by plane, but Li Xi’er came on Goldie’s back. If Brother Wen were not on a mission abroad, he would come as well.

After hearing Li Xi’er’s words, Lin Luoran complains in secret.

Sure enough, Mrs. Lin, who has a sharp ear, hears everything. She starts to ask Lin Luoran about her “missing”.

Li Xi’er sticks out her tongue and knows that she has “brought disaster”.

Trying to gloss over her mistake, Li Xi’er recalls the “old grudge” that Goldie left her and flew away with Qu Yiren just then and casts a “Sting Tip Spell” of the nature of gold. The golden needles are like drizzle and they shoot towards Goldie who is eating peaches. Li Xi’er has no idea that there are two ignorant people on the scene — Wang Miao’e and her husband.

A golden rain shoots at the hawk which is able to take people to fly, but the rain is shot back by the hawk’s wings. The girl in a Tang costume dodges in panic. Looking at such a scene, Wang Miaop’e feels like she is in a cinema, watching an oriental fantasy movie.

“Sister Wang, I will explain everything to you when I have time.” Lin Luoran is entangled by Li Xi’er to teach Goldie a lesson and her shoulder is nearly torn off by Li Xi’er, so she just whispers to Wang Miao’e and announces to start lunch.

Wang Miao’e and Fatty Cui settle down and drink the small cups of amber wine in front of them. They feel comfortable all over their bodies and know for sure that this must be another thing waiting to be explained by Lin Luoran.

Lin Luoran is not being stingy. The spirit wine is full of Reiki and a small cup is more than enough for ordinary people. Even for people like young master An, Li Xi’er and Qu Yi, it will be a waste if they don’t refine and absorb Reiki immediately. That’s why everyone just has one small cup.

With extraordinary gift, Goldie however, finally finds something more interesting than the peaches. It begs Lin Luoran for a big bowl of spirit wine and drinks it up. Watching this scene, young master An wants to wring his hands — with the nature of wood, he knows better than anyone else about how to make this kind of spirit wine. He knows that it needs a lot of spirit herbs and a lot of energy to calm the agitated Reiki molecules down. What a lucky hawk Goldie is…

After having this sumptuous lunch, young master An has to go back to report on this trip and he cannot stay here for too long.

Li Xi’er pulls Lin Luoran’s sleeve and she wants to stay. Lin Luoran cannot just let her stay but send Qu Yi back, so she keeps the two of them here.

This adorable girl in a Tang costume seems to be bad-tempered and she clearly has a lot to say to Lin Luoran. Therefore, Wang Miao’e just keeps all the questions to herself, pretexts to have some affairs to do and leaves with Fatty Cui.

Lin Luoran doesn’t have a choice. This story is not something to be explained easily in a short time, and she has to figure out which part she can tell them and which part she can’t. As a result, she doesn’t urge them to stay. Lin sees them off and comes back to deal with Li Xi’er, who wants to help with the dishes but has already broken two plates.

Young master An walks on the path in the mountain with a basket of peaches in his left hand and a wooden box in his right hand. He does not care much about Sister Lin’s gift in return, but he does feel jealous of Goldie, who has swallowed a lot of wine and peaches. Lucky for Goldie that it is hard to be killed, or young master An, who is fond of cooking, will probably want this rare “ingredient”.

Fatty Cui drives his car out of the resort. Seeing Wang Miao’e staring blankly, he pushes her slightly. Wang Miao’e is brought back to earth and says something astonishing,

“I will never reconcile if I can’t fly on the golden hawk!”

Ignorant Goldie doesn’t know that many people, whether it knows them or not, want it so badly. Luodong wants to move closer to it, but he doesn’t have enough courage. The hesitant look of him makes Goldie so anxious…