Chapter 143 “Dear, we provide free shipping!”

Lin Luoran is thrilled at finding a paragraph of building Taoist root for ordinary people. She holds her breath and continues reading—

However, her heart sinks. “Mount Penglai Overseas” is the final chapter of the book. Lin Luoran was reading the second last page just then and the next page is broken. She cannot see clearly what’s after “help them cultivate…”

Lin Luoran puts the book down and tells herself to calm down.

The whole book is well preserved, so why is the last page broken? Did anyone damage it, or is it the result of natural damage? If the book was damaged by someone, what’s his purpose?

Commander Qin once mentioned that because of the Taoist root, cultivators in the cultivation world will not marry ordinary people. The contradiction between the mad cultivator and the Qin family is due to the problem of Taoist root as well… If it is really possible to build Taoist root for ordinary people, there must be some cultivators doing that for their children. Why has no one heard about it?

Is it because they are not qualified enough, or is the whole story just a legend?

Even though many cultivators are not very much connected with their families, there have to be a few exceptions who have tried hard! Have they succeeded? Do they know about “Mount Penglai” in Nanling Resident’s book?

Put her poor ability aside, even though true immortals do exist, Lin Luoran cannot find the entrance of “Mount Penglai” on the vast ocean on her own.

Lin Luoran sighs and closes the book. She has finished weaving the cushion and she meditates on it while sorting out her thoughts. The smell of the cushion is light. Slowly, it calms her down.

Even White Fairy, who has experienced a lot, has not met any Divinized cultivator in person in her 600 years’ life of cultivation. What kind of cultivators can be named “true immortals”? In Nanling Resident’s words, the story was just drunk talk of the overseas cultivator. Therefore, the last chapter, “Mount Penglai Overseas” is far from credible.

Anyway it has given Lin Luoran a silver lining.

For her mother’s sake, Lin Luoran is willing to go and look for “Mount Penglai”. Even if she doesn’t succeed, she has the magical bead to help her prolong her mother’s life and she can have more time to solve the problem!

Lin Luoran’s previous depression disappears again. Tonight, her mood became extremely high when she knew the nature of Luodong’s Taoist root and then it became extremely low when she found that her mother has no Taoist root. Now that she sees a silver lining, she calms herself down and finds herself sweating a lot. Even her clothes are very wet as if she has been soaked in water.

Lin Luoran takes a shower. When she finishes, the sky starts to light up. The sun rises.

In Lin’s villa, people start to wake up, calling it the arrival of another day.

Seven o’clock in the morning, everyone besides Luodong gets up. Seeing her mother busy preparing breakfast for everyone, Lin Luoran encourages herself in secret that she has to work harder on cultivation. Both triggering the potential of the bead and looking for “Mount Penglai” overseas requires her to become more qualified.

As her mother doesn’t need her help in the kitchen, Lin Luoran goes into the yard and casts a “Growing Spell” to the iron thorns. With the help of wood Reiki, vines grow out and twine towards the railing. Lin Luoran is satisfied as they will grow up in a couple of days, and then they can be useful.

“Brother Qu, do you know when and where the exchange will take place this time?”

Li Xi’er and Baojia are accompanying Mrs. Lin in the kitchen and Qu Yi is the only one watering flowers in the yard. Lin Luoran thinks about the densely planted fleece flowers in the space and asks Qu Yi.

Qu Yi quickly puts down the flower pot and asks curiously: “Sister, it has already begun for over a month, don’t you know that?” Suddenly he remembers that Lin Luoran has been “missing” and feels a little bit embarrassed, so he starts to explain everything to Lin Luoran.

Lin Luoran thought there must be a trade fair for this exchange. Hearing that it has begun for over a month, she felt sad as she believed that she had missed it. Hearing Qu Yi’s explanation, however, she finds that it is far from her assumption!

Where should a trade fair of the cultivation world in the 21st century take place?

Some valley with idyllic scene? Too old-fashioned.

A secret auction? Too tacky!

In the 21st century, the one thing that everyone has access to and cannot live without, is the Internet.

Qu Yi tells Lin Luoran that the cultivation world today has a special BBS online. It requires real-name registration and after the user is identified, you can trade whatever you want on the BBS — very trendy, isn’t it? “Dear, they provide free shipping!”

Hearing Qu Yi’s words, Lin Luoran shivers. Damn “free shipping” and damn “dear”, she used to shop online and she hated being called “dear”. She has never expected that she cannot escape from it even in the cultivation world.

Living in the mountains, computer is necessary for them. Qu Yi instigates Lin Luoran to register. The BBS is called “Tribe for Cultivators” and it is hard for ordinary people to find. Even if someone really finds it, he will only think its users are a group of readers of Wuxia fictions.

Because titles of the posts are so funny…

Take Qu Yi as an example, his ID is “Qu Yi never gets angry” and it is identified. Take a look at his posts, “Can we meditate while lying down?”, “Real experience in the secret land in Bermuda… This post is serializing, please keep following!”

Li Xi’er passes by the study and checks on what they are doing. As soon as she sees that Lin Luoran is browsing “Tribe for Cultivators”, she loses her interest.

Lin Luoran asks her why. Li Xi’er tells her that she has been cultivating in mountains ever since she was very young. The masters are strict with them but they also want the apprentices to keep pace with the time. As a result, each of them gets a computer but the only website they have access to is this BBS. Li Xi’er has been chatting here for a long time that she has no interest in it at all.

Li Xi’er finds her ID and asks Lin Luoran to friend her. Lin Luoran tries very hard not to mock at Li. The ID of Li Xi’er is “Little Cutie Sister Li” and this is playing cute. No wonder everyone spoils her so much.

Meeting Lin Luoran again this time, Qu Yi feels that she is very amiable. When Lin Luoran registers, Li Xi’er suggests that she should use the ID of “Amiable Sister Lin” and it is supported by Qu Yi. Lin Luoran agrees. She registers with the ID and asks both of them to leave the study.

Lin Luoran submits the registration and posts on the trading board, asking for Butterflybush Flowers. Shortly, a super moderator asks, “Is that Sister Lin Luoran?”

Lin Luoran says yes. Suddenly, this BBS, which is full of apprentices of other Schools, martial cultivators who just started cultivation and rookies at the early stage of Training Qi, begins to riot—

“Brother, come and meet Sister Lin!”

“Sister, what is Butterflybush Flower?”

“Sister, I adore you! I adore you so much!”

Lin Luoran is dazzled by their quick responses, but she doesn’t feel angry at all. The advantage of the Internet is that people can show their real self as they are far from each other. Lin Luoran feels comfortable when they chat with her randomly. She doesn’t want to be spoken to with too much respect.

Watching them chatting, Lin Luoran feels that she may come at the wrong time. For a moment, there is no information about Butterflybush Flowers, so she posts another post entitled “One hundred-year-old pure fleece flowers, leave a message if you want to exchange something for it”. She browses the BBS once again and goes offline.

After lunch, Lin Luoran plans to go to the city. Li Xi’er wants to go with her but she is stopped by Qu Yi as he assumes that Sister Lin has to deal with some personal affairs.

In fact, Baojia is not someone who would like to be kept away from the city. Asking her to look after Mr. and Mrs. Lin for three months in the mountain is actually too much for her.

Therefore, Lin Luoran takes her to go shopping in the city, which is something Baojia really wants to do. Baojia changes her clothes and jumps into Lin Luoran’s car.

As Lin Luoran passes No.7 Villa in the BMW she bought last year, the old man in the hospital gown is getting angry,

“What? You can’t figure out who owns No.18 Villa? Why would I keep you bunch of idiots?”

The bodyguard is in a panic. The chairman is not in a good mood recently and many colleagues have already lost their jobs. However, he has tried everything he can to investigate the owner of No.18 Villa but still finds nothing. The owner of No.18 Villa moved in three months ago — since the owner can afford a villa here, there has to be some information about him or her, even if he or she is a secret billionaire.

From time to time, the golden hawk hovers above No. 18 Villa and that makes the old man very envious. He is a businessman who always takes actions after getting fully prepared. The creature must have a special background and he will not act rashly before knowing about the owner of No.18 Villa.

“Keep investigating! If you can’t find anything, don’t come back to work!”

The middle-aged female housekeeper comes with the “medicine” again. The old man breaks the plate and drives the bodyguard out.

As soon as he finishes eating the red jelly. His door is opened by a white hand and a woman in her twenties comes in. She takes off her sunglasses and calls “Grandpa” sweetly.

Seeing that the visitor is his favorite granddaughter, the old man gets less angry. “Elly, it’s been several days since your last visit.”

Elly helps the old man to sit down. She looks glossy with her delicate make-up. “Grandpa, you know that the whole company relies on me. I don’t even have time to sleep.” She takes out several documents and asks the old man to sign them.

The old man in hospital gown flips the documents and frowns: “Acquisition?”

Elly nods her head, saying:“Yes, it is a century-old shop. Even if we don’t need it, we can split it after the acquisition.”

The old man ponders for a while and doesn’t sign his names. He tells Elly to wait.

Seeing that her proposal is rejected, Elly is slightly unhappy. She endures the unhappiness and changes the topic: “Grandpa, how about I find the owner of No.18 Villa for you and you agree with my proposal?”

The old man in hospital gown moves his lips: “Did you hear it all?”

Elly is delighted. This question indicates that he agrees with it.

Ever since last year, when she failed the Ruili case, members of the board have been more and more dissatisfied with her. If her grandpa hasn’t recovered suddenly… It’s hard to tell the consequence!

Therefore, this acquisition she proposed is her turnaround and grandpa has to agree with it.