Chapter 145 Unworthy apprentice of the Alchemy School

Qu Yi and Li Xi’er are still arguing on the same old topic. Li Xi’er wants to take Goldie for a joy ride. Well, actually she is not “taking” Goldie: she wants Goldie to take her for a joy ride!

Qu Yi agrees that as a hawk, Goldie needs to fly in the sky. However, if Li Xi’er takes a joy ride on Goldie above Mount Qingcheng, maybe the Superior of Qingcheng Taoist Temple will think that she is swaggering. From the standpoint of protecting his little sister, Qu Yi will never give Li Xi’er the permission.

Actually, Qu Yi and Li Xi’er have already found Elly, who is wandering around the dock with an ulterior motive, but they choose to ignore her. At this moment, Qu Yi wants to thank her as she asks the question and keeps Li Xi’er’s mouth shut for a while.

Elly is always confident with her look when Lin Luoran is absent. However, when the “transvestite” turns around, she has to admit that this girl is beautiful, too.

Elly feels so jealous that she doesn’t answer Qu Yi’s question about what she wants. Qu Yi asks again and Elly is brought back to earth,

“Well, I sprained my ankle while jogging. Can I borrow your phone and call my family to pick me up?”

Borrow the phone? Qu Yi gets alert. Even if she doesn’t like exercising in the morning, this is not a proper time for jogging as the sun is still shining. Besides, this woman doesn’t look like someone that has been running, for even her makeup is still perfect. How can she sprain her ankle? There must be something wrong with her!

However, Qu Yi admires this woman’s courage of daring to visit this villa without any Reiki. This is “the ignorant person who fears nothing” that people always talk about. Qu Yi plays it cool and hands her his phone. He keeps this trifle in his mind and decides not to trouble Sister Lin when he can handle it.

Feeling that the young man is polite to her, Elly regains some confidence. She is just a little arrogant, not stupid, so she knows that she cannot overact at the moment. She actually calls the housekeeper and asks someone to pick her up.

After the housekeeper picks Elly up, Li Xi’er finally can’t help asking: “Brother, that woman is not hurt at all, why does she pretend to sprain her ankle?”

Qu Yi smiles and explains to her. Li Xi’er is suddenly enlightened — “Do you mean that she approaches us on purpose? Brother, does she have a crush on you… She lies and cheats us, Brother, don’t pick her!”

Qu Yi gets vexed. He looks at her and decides not to see this “annoying one”, so he goes to the backyard and plays with little Luodong.

Li Xi’er looks at Qu Yi, who is running fast, and laughs. She pinches her face and talks to herself: “Her act is worse than mine. How dare she play tricks with Sister Lin? Well, let me handle it for Sister Lin.”

Among all the eighteen villas in the resort, Lin’s villa is the farthest from the gate as well as at the highest altitude. Li Xi’er goes upstairs and sees Elly’s car clearly. She smiles and no one knows what wicked plan she has come up with. She holds the smile back and goes to play with Goldie, pretending nothing happened.

After returning to the No.7 Villa, Elly is now checking Qu Yi’s number stored in the housekeeper’s phone. She thinks that her plan has worked. She doesn’t know, however, that she is not worthy of being the opponent to someone like Qu Yi, who has become clear-minded thanks to cultivation.

Thanks to the money, Lin Luoran gets Luodong, who is actually not qualified, accepted by a public primary school of R City.

At this time, Lin Luoran has just finished talking with the school director. They come to an agreement that she can take Luodong here for a test anytime she wants. According to the result of the test and Luodong’s age, the school will arrange him to a new class and he can start his study here with other students in the new semester.

It’s hard to say whether it is the attraction of money or Lin Luoran’s appearance that works, the director sends her to the school gate and promises that he will take care of her brother.

It is now mid-May and the new semester begins in September, which is to say, there are three and a half months left for Lin Luoran. In fact, she has already had an idea of helping Luodong to get better. As soon as she settles down all the family stuff, she can start helping Luodong.

The only thing that Lin Luoran can’t rest assured is the Zou family. After all this time, the Zou family doesn’t do anything. Why is that? Are they afraid of the Superior of Qingcheng Taoist Temple? Or do they give up blaming her? The possibility of the latter is very small. Lin Luoran knows better than anyone how bad Zou Yaowei hurt.

That whip of Lin Luoran not only broke Zou Yaowei’s bones, buy also scattered his meridians as there was Reiki attached to it. He hasn’t reached the level of Laying Foundation or built up his Sea of Reiki. Moreover, he is not like Lin Luoran, who has gone through bone marrow cleansing. It’s difficult for someone like him to restore his scattered meridians… Unless Zou Yaowei can find a master at the level of Laying Foundation to do the bone marrow cleansing for him and reconnect his meridians, he cannot even stand up, let alone cultivate.

After solving the problems with the Zou family, Lin Luoran decides to let her parents come back and live in the city. Mount Qingcheng is a great place for cultivation, but its location is very remote as well. For her parents, who cannot leave society completely, it’s hard for them to have some friends to talk to if they live in the villa. Therefore, the villa is suitable for spending short-term vacations, not long-term living.

As for Goldie, it is too conspicuous in the city. It can only be hidden in the mountains to keep it a secret. Live in the city, or in the mountain? Lin Luoran cannot find an answer that satisfies everyone at the moment and she feels a little distressed.

After finishing everything she needs to do, it is only five o’clock. Lin Luoran doesn’t know if Baojia wants to go back with her or not, so she heads to the house that is located behind tourist custom street.

As her parents have been living in the mountain for several months, the house is now covered with dust and the koi fish are living on the moss, nearly starving to death. Lin Luoran throws a lot of vegetable leaves to feed them and they all rush to grab food.

Lin Luoran trims the flowers and casts a “Cleaning Spell” to clean the whole house. The dirt collected by the Cleaning Spell is in a large size as a watermelon and Lin Luoran puts it in a plastic bag, preparing to throw it away when she leaves. Unlike the villa in Mount Qingcheng, which is given as a gift, this house is earned by her own hardworking. Besides, this house used to belong to Master Jia, so even though Lin Luoran hasn’t spent so much time in it, she is still attached to it.

She goes up to her loft building, where she started her life as a cultivator. Back then, she had no idea about cultivation. She could not direct her Reiki, let alone cast spells.

There is a computer as well. She has ordered the jade boxes, but she doesn’t know if anyone wants her fleece flowers. It’s still early, so she opens the computer and enters “Tribe for Cultivators” again.

Lin Luoran enters the trading board. To her surprise, her two posts are put at the top with red titles and there are a lot of replies. However, she doesn’t check the replies immediately as she clicks on the other post put at the top.

This post was only posted an hour ago. There are only two replies, probably because the peak time has passed. Lin Luoran clicks on it because its title is so attractive to her — “Too unqualified to cultivate, I will dissipate all the fortune and sell a second-grade alchemy furnace!”

Alchemy furnace! What a timely assistance! Lin Luoran wonders to herself that even though second-grade doesn’t seem to be great, it should be enough to meet her demand.

The picture in the post has been completely loaded and Lin Luoran sees a bronze furnace about two feet tall and is beautifully carved. The owner says he wants to sell it, but he doesn’t give any information other than the way he gets it. He explains that this is the precious treasure of his School, but there is only him left in the School so he can make the decision to sell it. He doesn’t say how much he wants, either. He only leaves a message that anyone who wants it can reply under the post and they can discuss the price.

Lin Luoran reads the two replies that already exist and almost bursts out laughing. One is that “How dare you sell the precious treasure of your School, you ungrateful traitor!” The other is that “Moderator, come and block this cheater. The Alchemy School doesn’t exist anymore. How come it still has any precious treasure?”

After laughing, the second reply attracts Lin Luoran’s attention. The Alchemy School? A school specialized in alchemy?

Although Reiki is restless today and spirit herbs randomly found in mountains are not pure in terms of medicinal properties, the School shouldn’t just disappear if they are truly specialized in alchemy… Lin Luoran is curious, so she sends a private message to this person with the ID of “Unworthy apprentice of the Alchemy School”.

Well, if she hadn’t known that the BBS has somebody to identify the real identity of the users and the post has been put at the top, Lin Luoran would consider him as a cheater as he registered just 10 minutes before he posted the post.

“Unworthy apprentice of the Alchemy School” soon replies: “I only exchange it for spirit object, not for sale!”

Lin Luoran is not surprised and asks him what he wants. This time, however, his reply slows down. With Lin Luoran’s urging, he asks back: “What bolus do you want to refine with Butterflybush Flowers?”

Lin Luoran rolls her eyes. Of course, she cannot say that she wants to refine Foundation-laying Boluses. She’s not stupid!

Lin Luoran doesn’t answer this question. She asks directly if she can exchange fleece flowers for the furnace, if not, what grade of spirit herbs can.

This time, the reply comes very fast. He sends a mocking emoji,

“I sell the furnace of my School! Why do I need your spirit herbs?”

Lin Luoran is speechless to this person even though she is always good-tempered. She wonders is it possible that some acquaintance designed this to make fun of her? Lin Luoran doesn’t want to waste her time. When she is about to block this person, he replies again,

“Fine, I’ll stop joking. You can have my furnace, but I want the first batch of boluses you refine with it.”

The first batch of boluses? Lin Luoran frowns. “Unworthy apprentice of the Alchemy School” asks her to leave the address quickly and Lin Luoran replies the address of the Qingcheng Villa. Just as Lin Luoran wants to say something more, his avatar turns black and he has gone offline already.

Lin Luoran’s finger becomes stiff. This person is so strange. They haven’t talked about how to deliver and — why is he so sure that she will give the first batch of boluses to him?

Even Lin Luoran herself has not decided what kind of boluses she will refine first!