Chapter 146 Shaved by a ghost

There are over one hundred replies under her two posts. Lin Luoran doubts that if there is really that large amount of cultivators in Huaxia. She understands a little when she sees an ID called “Poor Kid in Congenital Realm”. Perhaps there is not that large amount of cultivators in Huaxia, but great powers all have their own reserves.

Indeed, even though cultivation is getting more and more difficult, easy spells in the level of Training Qi is already very mystical to ordinary people. People will work very hard if they get a chance to become a cultivator.

However, the cultivation world today is in such a decline… Most people that reply even don’t know what Butterflybush Flower is, let alone have it exchanged. How come this main ingredient of Foundation-laying Bolus becomes so little known?

Another post gets more replies, but no one dares to bid. Lin Luoran sighs and she gets worried. With such a decline in the cultivation world, how could ordinary cultivators own objects that can be exchanged at equal value?

It seems that she still has to find a big power to exchange. Lin Luoran frowns as she doesn’t like the kind of exchange that she cannot control.

As she is thinking about the exchange, her phone rings. Baojia calls to tell her that she is not returning to Qingcheng Villa tonight. Baojia’s words are a little bit vague, but Lin Luoran has something in mind and doesn’t take it seriously.

At Commander Qin’s house, Baojia hangs up the phone and sits on the sofa in a daze.

Commander Qin slightly pats her hand, “If I had known that you don’t like the kid of the Liu family, I would not arrange the engagement before. What happens today comes just in time.”

No one can blame Commander Qin for being snobbish. The dream of cultivation has been bothering the Qin family for generations. Now that the dream will be realized by his granddaughter, Commander Qin will definitely not want her to be trapped in love with ordinary people, just like her great-grandmother.

Baojia frowns: “I just feel guilty to Liu Zheng…”

She has not expected that Liu Zheng came today to break off the engagement! Baojia is not feeling disgraced at this. It’s just that she knows the importance of that engagement to both families. The more important she becomes in the future, the closer the Liu family will want to be with the Qin family. There is no way that the Liu family agrees to break off the engagement. Perhaps Liu Zheng came privately today…

Commander Qin’s face is covered with the firm and resolute look again. After what happened with Zou Yaowei, he has already realized that the Liu family is the kind of family that only shares joy, not sorrow with you. Even if Liu Zheng didn’t come here to break off the engagement himself, he would not agree to such an engagement as well.

Lu Sanchun, who accidentally hears about what happened today, has been happy all day. People in the regiment guess that something good is happening and they will live comfortably in the future. The whole regiment is full of joy.

When Lin Luoran returns to the Qingcheng Villa alone, it gets dark already. After dinner, Li Xi’er says that Goldie has not flown for two days. She asks Lin Luoran to take it to the mountains and let it fly. This is a sweet suggestion and Lin Luoran doesn’t doubt anything. She decides to take Goldie for a joy ride.

Lin Luoran waits for a few more hours and doesn’t go out until lights in all villas are turned off at midnight.

The mountains are vast and it is dark at night. Nobody can take pictures of Goldie, which is exactly what Lin Luoran wants. Luodong has always wanted to approach Goldie these days and doesn’t have the courage, so Lin Luoran decides to take him as well.

When Lin Luoran gets on Goldie’s back with Luodong, it spreads the wings and chirps happily — it’s been two months since Lin Luoran got on its back last time.

Luodong wants to scream, but he covers his mouth tightly with his hands.

Goldie flies up to the sky. For an instant, it flies over the villa, over the trees, and over the mountains and it reaches the highest peak.

Li Xi’er narrows her eyes and smiles, with her eyes shining. She leaves the yard happily.

Looking at her evil smile, Qu Yi feels that he is like a father whose daughter has just grown up. When he is about to follow her, however, he is stopped by Mr. Lin, who is really bad at playing chess, for another round or two. When they finish, Qu Yi finds that Sister Li has gone away. Anyway, she is safe in the resort, so Qu Yi just lets her go, taking it that she has her little secret.

Light in the No.7 Villa is still on. Some bodyguards are hiding in the dark. There are a lot of mosquitos in the mountain at night and they are attacking the bodyguards, making them suffer a lot.

Li Xi’er approaches the villa quietly and notices a big tree on the side of the villa. The tree, however, is so tall and smooth that no one can climb it. Therefore, when the bodyguards patrol here, they don’t pay much attention… Actually, they think that the Chairman is somewhat paranoid. He is rich, indeed, but he is not an important politician. Who will kill him? Still, he takes a lot of bodyguards to the resort, satisfying no one other than the security company.

Li Xi’er can’t perform Gravity Defying Kung Fu, but she is a beloved cultivator in the mid-stage of Training Qi and this small problem won’t bother her.

Returning from the secret land, Li Xi’er decided to draw a lesson and removed the bell from the Bundling Rope. Right now, she takes advantage of the gap between patrols, casts a spell and ties Bundling Rope firmly on the tree. With the help of her Rope, Li Xi’er gets onto the tree. She does the same thing again and gets onto the balcony easily.

The purple curtain is waving with the breeze and it looks just like Li Xi’er’s dress. Li Xi’er hides behind the curtain and it’s hard for other people to notice her.

Elly is removing her makeup, totally unaware that someone is hiding outside her window. Just as she is wearing eye cream, her phone rings. She looks at the number and answers the phone annoyingly.

“Li Anping, do your legs stop hurting?”

Getting a response on the phone, Elly sneers: “Medical expenses? Do you think I am a loser like Lin Luoran, or do you really think you are that pretty?”

Hearing the words “Lin Luoran”, Li Xi’er gets alert. She holds her breath even more.

Elly and Li Anping are quarreling on the phone and they almost talk about everything they did. Li Xi’er gets angrier and angrier, with her hands clenching.

Hanging up the phone, Elly sends a thank-you message to Qu Yi’s number. She waits for a while and doesn’t receive any reply, so she falls asleep angrily.

Li Xi’er hears the even sound of her breath and sneaks into the room.

She clicks her tongue and speaks to herself, “This woman is so ugly without her makeup, how come that she was the rival of Lin Luoran? Why does she want to know about the Lin family now?” Li Xi’er thinks for a long time but still gets nothing. She becomes unhappy. Kill this woman? She is not that guilty. Li Xi’er thinks for a while and her eyes become bright!

She makes hand gestures with her right hand and a spell of gold nature sweeps past Elly’s head with a golden light dazzling. A moment later, Li Xi’er smiles with satisfaction and sneaks out of No. 7 Villa.

After she goes back to her room and snickers in her bed, Li Xi’er hears that Lin Luoran and Luodong are back to the house. She can even hear Luodong’s laughter through the wall and she smiles more happily. This night, Li Xi’er is awaked by joy several times as she is too happy to fall asleep.

The next morning, Elly is woken up by the sound of text message.

She takes off the eyeshade that helps her to sleep and feels something fluffy on her face. She reaches out to her phone and her attention is quickly attracted by the sender of the text. It turns out that Qu Yi wants to find out her real intention by tantalizing her. He intentionally waits until the next morning and replies to her text.

Both of them want to know more about the other and soon they have a “good” conversation. Elly says that she wants to go to their villa to thank them but Qu Yi vaguely replies that the owner of the villa is not at home at the moment — not at home? That’s exactly what Elly wants! Elly smiles and goes downstairs in her nightgown.

The middle-aged housekeeper is pushing Elly’s grandpa to have breakfast. Seeing Elly, everyone is shocked. Elly is scared at their eye expressions. When she is about to ask what happens, a bodyguard breaks into the house as he knows the car number of the owner of No.18 Villa registered at the property management office. Before he seeks credit, he is shocked at the ghost-like Elly and asks:

“Miss, what happened to your hair?”

Hair? What’s wrong with her hair? Elly reaches out her hands and is shocked by the cold and smooth touch of her head. She runs upstairs quickly. Looking at herself in the mirror, she screams sharply — she not only loses her hair but her eyebrows, too! Even her eyelashes are cut to the root!

“Rubbish… You are all rubbish…” Elly’s grandfather is shivering with anger. The housekeeper notices that he is getting seriously ill because of the anger, so she rushes to bring the medicine to him.

Elly refuses to come out of the bathroom. The bodyguards check her room thoroughly, but they find nothing other than her hair.

Any footprint? No.

Fingerprints? No.

The big tree in front of the window does not even lose a piece of bark. How on earth did the intruder get in? The bodyguards check the surveillance camera footage of the villa, but still get nothing. As a result, they are all guessing in private maybe Miss Elly’s hair was shaved by a ghost — Elly is arrogant and she never treats them equally, so naturally, no one refutes the rumor for her. The story of her being shaved by a ghost is spreading inside the security company. Later, as they provide security services to a lot of rich people, this story is spreading inside their circle. The story that Miss Elly of Fortune House was shaved by a ghost has become a laughingstock of many people.

People in No.7 Villa are all busy investigating, but they still find nothing at noon, not even a single hair of the intruder. Elly’s grandpa is deeply convinced of the existence of ghosts and gods recently due to his poor health condition. As everyone is talking about his granddaughter being shaved by a ghost, he feels uncertain about it, so he dials a number.

“Master… Do you have time at the moment?”

It seems that the person on the other side of the phone is in a good mood. Elly’s grandpa talks about the story of Elly carefully and the other side becomes interested. He is also satisfied to know that they are now certain that the golden hawk stays in the direction of No.18 Villa all day. The “master” laughs and makes the plan to solve the problems in person.

Elly’s grandpa breathes a sigh of relief. He is now running out of “medicine” and he can ask the master to make more for him. Looking at his sobbing granddaughter, he becomes a little annoyed. He holds back the anger and comforts Elly,

“Stop crying, Elly. The master is coming. What happened to you must be settled… As for No.18 Villa, let’s just put it aside.”

Put aside? What about her hair? Hatred appears in Elly’s eyes.