Chapter 147 What can a second-grade alchemy furnace do?

Thousands of miles away. Capital. Inside a top-level sanatorium.

The baby boy of the Zou family is now sitting in a wheelchair. A nurse is pushing him to do physical therapy. He looks well physically, but he is dejected in his spirit. He is sitting there, without any light in his eyes, just like someone who has lost all hope to live.

Mrs. Zou opens the door and sees this scene she is actually very familiar with. She holds the hatred in her heart and puts on a smiling face: “Yaowei, I’ve got good news for you.”

“Really,” Zou Yaowei turns around and finally an expression appears on his face — but it is a satirizing one. He says: “What good news? Please don’t tell me that you have found another spirit medicine…”

Mrs. Zou’s smile freezes. She cannot blame Zou Yaowei for his reaction. Over the past few months, they have found a lot of spirit medicines for him, but none of them works. They can gain him some weight but they cannot help him stand up, let alone help him regain cultivation.

But this time… This time must be different! Mrs. Zou regains some confidence. Even though the nurse has already left the room and there are only Mrs. Zou and Zou Yaowei inside, she is still very careful. It seems that she has learned a lot of lessons from the frustrations she suffered these months.

“This time, your master will get the medicine in person…” Her voice is lower and lower and in the end it almost becomes a whisper. However, Zou Yaowei’s eyes light up and they become brighter and brighter.

The master is willing to get the medicine in person! It means that this time the medicine is extraordinary — Zou Yaowei’s face becomes ruddy. He will kill that bitch the day he gets better!

She must die! And she must suffer! Or he will never vent his hatred!

Lin Luoran… She has entered another level, hasn’t she? She is exactly what he needs for his health. Zou Yaowei lowers his head, with a strange sound coming out of his throat — that laughter doesn’t belong to human beings at all!

This only son of the Zou family at the capital, at this moment, is just like a beast trapped in a deep pit, struggling hopelessly!

In this world, only an injured beast is more terrifying than a beast.

If it doesn’t die in the trap, it will jump up and kill, tearing the enemy in half!

Then what kind of situation suits Zou Yaowei?


Just as Zou Yaowei swears to revenge, the Lin family is having a good time.

It seems that there is a special logistics company for the BBS as the alchemy furnace Lin Luoran ordered yesterday has already arrived. The BBS keeps a transaction record and there is no need to keep it a secret, so Lin Luoran opens the parcel and everyone else gather for a look.

The alchemy furnace is bronze in color and there are two Kyuukis carved on each side. Kyuuki is said to be a greedy animal and no one can take food away from it. Therefore, it is carved here to protect the alchemy furnace and to pray for a high success rate for refining boluses.

The alchemy furnace looks smaller than it is in the photo. Apart from the alchemy furnace itself, the sender also gives Lin Luoran a piece of instruction, including several simple spells to open and use the alchemy furnace. Lin Luoran has an extraordinary retentive memory. She bears the spells in mind and burns the paper.

Following the instruction, Lin Luoran tries to infuse fire Reiki. The lid of the furnace is buzzing and is finally opened by Lin Luoran. Qu Yi wants to avoid suspicion, but Li Xi’er almost presses her face close to the furnace — it is not just like other containers inside; rather, there are several grids attached to the body, each of them has a hole connected with a small round stage in the middle.

It is hard to figure out the more complex structure at this moment, but Lin Luoran knows that the grids are probably used to put all herbs in and the holes are used to transfer the herb liquid extracted to the round stage. After that, boluses are refined. There are a lot of steps between putting the herbs in and taking the boluses out. Although the alchemy furnace is delicate, it will take more from the cultivator to refine boluses.

Lin Luoran thinks about the wrong information she has read in novels and recalls her experience of making the “Skin Beauty Boluses”. Although levels of the two boluses are vastly different, the feeling of controlling boluses should be alike.

She puts the alchemy furnace away and remembers that she gets Luodong accepted by a school. Mr. and Mrs. Lin agree with her decision. For them, going to school is something one has to do. Otherwise, they would not support Lin Luoran all the way to the university when they were extremely poor.

Thinking of Luodong going to school, Lin Luoran remembers the great decision she made in the underwater palace. Although she doesn’t really need to learn about all the rare languages of Huaxia, it’s necessary for her to know about the commonly used languages of every generation.

She should never stop studying. Without accumulation little by little, how can she pave way for her future cultivation? Lin Luoran sighs as she doesn’t know where to start. Is it better to borrow some books and learn by herself, or is it better to have a mentor to learn from?

Grading for alchemy furnaces and magic weapons is the exact opposite. From one to nine, the higher the number is, the better the quality is. Ninth-grade alchemy furnace is the best and it can be used to refine the “Ninth-refined Golden Elixir” that all cultivators of the Alchemy School dream about. One such elixir can help people become immortal at once.

In fact, the Alchemy School no longer exists and the implements they used to refine boluses scatter all over the country. When covered with dust, magic implements become ordinary. It’s already very fortunate for Lin Luoran to get this second-grade alchemy furnace. She is not satisfied only because she accidentally got a five-grade Sword of Bright Snow and she has become hard to please.

Lin Luoran sorts out the recipes for boluses that she knows. There are only a few and two of them are suitable for daily use of training Qi: the “Fostering Qi Bolus” and the “Gathering Qi Bolus”. The former is at the low-range of first-grade and the latter is at the top-range and they are all common in the cultivation world. There is another first-grade bolus named “Bigu Bolus”. Lin Luoran believes it’s better to eat vegetables full of Reiki than wasting spirit herbs to refine boluses to replace eating, so she gives it up in the first place.

Foundation-laying Bolus is a fourth-grade bolus. Lin Luoran is not that arrogant to refine it at the beginning.

Calculating the rate of successfully refining boluses with the grade of the alchemy furnace, if a cultivator refines first-grade boluses with a second-grade alchemy furnace and the cultivator is able to keep 30% of the materials he uses, the success rate will increase by 25%. If Lin Luoran’s success rate of refining second-grade boluses with a second-grade alchemy furnace is 25%, then the success rate of her refining first-grade boluses with a second-grade alchemy furnace will be 32%. The reverse is also true: if she wants to skip grades and refine boluses, the success rate will decrease by 25% every grade she skips. If she refines the fourth-grade bolus with her second-grade alchemy furnace, the success rate will be less than 15%, in other words, every single move of her will turn the boluses into ashes. With the success rate of 15%, how many spirit herbs will she waste before refining one Foundation-laying Bolus successfully?

Lin Luoran, who is bad at math, has done the math and she gets the conclusion that if she doesn’t want to waste spirit herbs, with her second-grade alchemy furnace, the best choice for her is the “Fostering Qi Bolus”… Lin Luoran signs. “Fostering Qi Bolus is not useful for her! Eating it is just like eating candy.

When Lin Luoran is thinking about when to start refining of “Fostering Qi Bolus”, a person gets out of the taxi with a warm smile and tells the guard that he is a visitor to No.7 Villa.

Several miles away inside the Qingcheng Taoist Temple, Superior Huizhu is teaching young master An. Suddenly he seems to feel something and a serious look appears on his withered face.

The Lin family is still having fun in the yard, totally unaware that a very dangerous “master” is approaching them.