Chapter 148 Summer Rain

What should a master be like?

To be honest, Elly used to be curious about the master who saved her grandpa from dying, but she never admired the master — from the view of an ABC, she doesn’t believe in traditional Chinese medicine, let alone these “godlike” people.

In Elly’s mind, the so-called “master” should be either raunchy or sage-like.

This hot woman in front of her… is a master?

The woman sitting in the living room makes everybody anxious. Her eyes make people feel that thousands of little hands are tickling your heart. This is the description Elly thinks of after a long consideration.

Grandpa Ai is in his seventies and he no longer has feelings for enchanting women. He ignores her snow-white breasts and gives a brief explanation on the situation. The master smiles with her hand covering her mouth, “I do know about the owner of the No.18 Villa… In fact, the owner is someone from Miss Elly’s past!”

Grandpa Ai looks at Elly, who is wearing a bob wig. Elly is at a loss.

The master laughs and her breasts jiggle. Elly is attracted. The master says, “It is said that the owner is a beauty whose last name is Lin. Doesn’t Miss Elly know her?”

A beauty whose last name is Lin… The first thing Elly thinks of is the 150 million she lost in the stone gamble in Ruili, and then she remembers Lin Luoran’s face which outshines everybody else. Elly’s heart is filled with hate!

Wait. Does it mean that Lin Luoran is the one who has done this to her hair?! Elly is astonished and angry. Suddenly, Grandpa Ai solemnly asks Elly what is actually going on.

Elly stammers. She doesn’t want to tell her grandpa that she stole another woman’s boyfriend and banned her from the industry. What she fears to say is that after Lin Luoran rose up and set a trap at Ruili, Elly lost 150 million yuan.

Grandpa Ai is old but not confused. Seeing Elly’s expressions, he knows that there is something fishy about this — the matter of the No.18 Villa concerns his life. Even though he loves his granddaughter, he sees nothing more important than his own life.

Under the interrogation, Elly reluctantly tells her grandpa the old grudge between Lin Luoran and herself. As soon as she stops talking, Grandpa Ai slaps Elly in the face, “You are such a shame of our family!”

Elly is stunned. She never thought that her grandpa would slap her in front of others.

Grandpa Ai closes his eyes and feels regretful. This is the successor he picked for the family. He was fooled by her granddaughter’s fake smartness and her mouthful of management terms. How can a person like her be the leader of the Fortune House?

Grandpa Ai is shaking because of anger, “Do you remember how we get our family name?!”

Five clear fingerprints are on Elly’s cheek. Grandpa Ai hit Elly so hard that her cheek is swollen.

Elly answers with tears in her eyes, “We are the descendants of the royal family…” The Ai family is the direct line of descendants of the Aisin Gioro family which ruled the country. If the Qing Dynasty weren’t conquered, Elly would be a princess. As a result, Elly always feels that she is exactly like a member of the British royal family. However, the foundation of the State of Huaxia made the Ai’s a civilian family. Therefore, Elly resents the State of Huaxia, and she enjoys being an ABC.

Nevertheless, what does this have to do with the current situation?

Grandpa Ai hates that his offspring doesn’t live up to his expectations. He says, “Since you know that you come from a noble family, you should set store by overall interest. How could you ruin the capital chain of Fortune House for your own happiness? How many times has your father told you about the history of the Fortune House’s development? How many times has your grandma told you about it?”

Elly lowers her head. The Ai family is proud of the development history of their family.

In those days, Grandpa Ai’s father, the great grandfather of Elly, was a lord. After the empire was overturned, the nobles were not reconciled to let their luxurious life to be over. They buried their treasures at the suburb and fled to the South. They were detained at Sichuan Province by the warlords so they didn’t manage to implement the plan of going overseas… They stayed there so long that it was absolutely impossible for them to restore monarchy.

As time passed, the ancestors of the Ai family lost all the hope. They dug out their hidden treasures and started to run a jewelry business. Though they became businessmen, members of the Ai family didn’t forget their happy days back when the Qing Dynasty still existed, which was the reason why they named the company “Fortune House”.

Every direct offspring of the Ai family knows about this. Liu Zheng’s family always respects Grandpa Ai, which means that a lot of people outside of the family also have heard of the history. The reality is, the age when people can make their own weapons is gone. Heads of government don’t care about the family background of the Ai’s. They pretend to know nothing because they are glad that the Ai family can provide fiscal revenue.

After reviewing her family history, Elly still has no idea what her grandpa is thinking.

The master can’t help smiling. This young woman of the Ai family is so stupid. Getting the thing she wants from Elly will be much easier than getting it from the old man who is one foot in the grave — why does she waste the “elixirs” she worked hard to make?

Grandpa Ai and Elly don’t know that the “master” is thinking something else. Though Grandpa Ai regrets much for choosing Elly as his successor, he doesn’t have another option. He has said so many times in public that his granddaughter is just like his younger self. He values his reputation so much that he can’t say things to shame himself. Grandpa Ai has to make things clearer for Elly to understand. He asks,

“How is my reputation in the industry?”

Though her cheek hurts so much, Elly admits that her grandpa is very much respected.

Grandpa Ai sneers, “All these years, our Fortune House has brought about the collapses of almost ten old jewelry stores. Do you know why there are never complaints in the industry?”

Elly wants to say that the reason is that the Fortune House just has won fairly. Suddenly, she remembers that when she was in junior high school, a woman who was bankrupt showed up at the Ai’s family house and she bumped her head against the door. There was blood everywhere. Back then, Grandpa Ai scolded the guards in front of his guests then he held the woman’s hands and told her he would solve her problems… Two years later, in autumn, the woman jumped from the 27th floor of a building. According to the newspaper, she owed too much money because she became a drug addict. No one ever suspected the Ai family about this.

It now appears that the whole thing is suspicious. What did her grandpa really do back then?

Elly shivers. Grandpa Ai says indifferently, “What kind of hero steals other people’s boyfriend? Why don’t you go and conquer some resources for the company… However, since you have already stolen other’s boyfriend, you must make sure that she never rises up again!”

Elly’s eyes are wide open. She stares at her grandpa like it’s the first time she has realized what he is really like. She almost forgets about the pain in her cheek.

Seeing that Elly and Grandpa Ai are about to argue, the master stands up and says, “I’ll let you be.” She walks out of the No.7 Villa and goes along the mountain road.

The scenery in Mount Qingcheng is picturesque and it is the holy land for the Taoist school. Before, people like her would never be allowed to go anywhere near the Qingcheng Taoist Temple, and they must make a detour around Mount Qingcheng when they have to pass by.

Now… Since the Tao of nature has abandoned those righteous men, why should she fear anymore?

Just like Superior Huizhu can sense her presence, she can also feel the disgusting “righteousness”. What is good and what is evil? She can do whatever she wants to do, yet these righteous men don’t even dare to use the Reiki inside of them. Can they still be called cultivators? They are just a bunch of people who are struggling with death. She lives a much freer life!

Thinking about this, the enchanting woman can’t help laughing.

Twenty years ago, she was a trash cultivator who was cast aside by the main cultivation world. No one expected that she could survive the desperate situation and thoroughly remold herself… Those people who despised her will eventually be defeated by her.

It now appears that what has happened was so ridiculous. How dare man in the level of Laying Foundation draw the conclusion of her life—

I will show you what a different life of cultivation is like!

The enchanting woman laughs. Suddenly, fire sparkles burst out in the incense burner in Huizhu’s house. The incense made by young master An is ruined.

The enchanting woman stops laughing. The No.18 Villa is in sight. Goldie, which is playing in the back yard of the villa, suddenly feels an inexplicable agitation. It flaps its wings and chirps anxiously, which draws the attention of Lin Luoran who is studying prescriptions of medicines.

A heavy gale is blowing. Is it going to rain?

Lin Luoran remembers that her dad is fishing by the lake outside the villa. She looks down through the window. Her mom has just gone out with an umbrella in her hand.

Lin Luoran smiles. Before putting her focus back on the prescriptions of medicines, she sees a woman in black walking along the mountain road — is this woman a tenant of one of the villas? She may be caught in the rain soon!

At the same time, the woman in black looks up. With her good eyesight, Lin Luoran sees the woman’s expressive eyes and her curvy body. Lin is enchanted…

Thunder strikes. As usual, summer rain is coming.

Trees on the mountain start to shake because of the heavy wind. Dark clouds have gathered quietly. The sky is dark and the air pressure is getting lower.

Mr. Lin packs up his rod under Mrs. Lin’s urge. Mrs. Lin grumbles and goes to find Luodong who is playing at the back mountain. Meanwhile, Li Xi’er runs back happily, holding Luodong’s hand. Qu Yi looks speechless. He “respects” Sister Li for being able to play with mud along with a kid.

This is such a harmonious scene. Lin Luoran, who is in her room, doesn’t realize that sometimes, the change of a person’s life is easy like throwing a pebble into a calm lake—

“Plop…” Luodong kicks a pebble into the lake. The water ripples disappear instantly.

A lightning flashes in the dark sky. Rain starts to fall.

This is the first summer rain this year.

Young master An is walking along a mountain trail with a large lotus leaf over his head. The leaf can barely shelter him from this heavy rain. An looks up at the Lin’s villa. There is not even a stain on his white-soled shoes. He is walking so fast that his feet never touch the ground.

However, will he make it in time?

Only the sound of thunder answers his question!