Chapter 150 Battle Under the Moonlight (Part One)

The rain doesn’t stop until 8pm.

The moon rises from the horizon. Like it is washed clean by the rain, the moonlight tonight is particularly bright.

Mrs. Lin is enjoying the cool air in the yard. Staring at the light coming from a bedroom upstairs, she sighs,

“Luoran never comes out of her room after lunch. I’m worried.”

Qu Yi uses a smile to answer all the questions he can’t reply, like a girl in a beauty pageant. In fact, staying in a room for a few hours doesn’t mean anything. Though cultivators in the level of Training Qi can’t Bigu (eat or drink nothing), they can meditate in a room for years if they have enough food and water.

Qu Yi wonders how far has Sister Lin gone?

His eyes are shiny. Will Sister Lin become the first of them to lay foundation?

Unlike Qu Yi’s imagination, Lin Luoran is not cultivating. In the quiet bedroom, Lin Luoran’s eyes are closed and a colorful light ball is floating in front of her. The light ball becomes a shiny bead after Lin forces it to compress.

Lin opens her eyes and carefully puts the bead away. She looks down and thinks for a while. She closes her eyes again, hoping to restore the Reiki inside her as soon as possible.

Goldie opens its eyes and checks on the back mountain now and then. It has been anxious all day long. Its eyelids are shaking — this is the special telegnosis of the golden hawk species.

Time passes. It’s already 2 o’clock in the morning. A strong fluctuation of Reiki suddenly breaks out at the Qingcheng Taoist Temple which Lin Luoran has been worrying about. Everything goes silent within a few seconds.

Lin Luoran immediately opens her eyes. She gives Goldie a task, which makes Goldie even more serious.

Lin opens the window and jumps down, then she finds that both Qu Yi and Li Xi’er are awake. The strong fluctuation of Reiki has startled them though their levels of cultivation are low.

Lin Luoran shushes Li Xi’er before Li says anything. Lin Luoran’s voice goes inside their heads: “Stay at home. Run if anything bad happens… Goldie will take my parents and Luodong. You two must take care of yourselves.”

Qu Yi wants to say something in return but he is stopped by Li Xi’er who nods in reply.

Mr. Lin now has the sense of Qi. Though he can’t feel how high Lin Luoran’s cultivation is, he is awakened by Li and Qu. When he puts on some clothes and goes out, all he sees is that Lin Luoran flies up like a big bird and disappears into the woods.

The moonlight is bright. Li Xi’er forces herself to smile. She says:

“Uncle, I’m afraid that we can’t sleep tonight.”


For Lin Luoran, a few miles of mountain road are not a problem. With several jumps, the overhanging eaves of the Qingcheng Taoist Temple are in sight — there are people on the roof!

Lin Luoran looks up. A skinny old Taoist and the woman in black are standing there face to face. The man should be the superior of Qingcheng Taoist Temple. From the Reiki fluctuation just now, the two of them should have already fought with each other.

Lin Luoran is well aware of her own power. She doesn’t have the confidence that she can sneak near them so she just walks closer openly. Then she sees that there is blood on the corner of the mouth of the woman in black, and the Superior doesn’t seem to be injured. Lin assumes that the Superior has gained the upper hand.

Lin Luoran is relieved. There may be a chance that her family doesn’t have to run tonight, which can’t be better.

The woman in black and the Superior end up in a fight after all. They have spent the afternoon together. Something must have happened.

The woman in black smiles with blood still hanging on the corner of her mouth, which makes her look gorgeous and fierce: “Another one is here. God really is helping me…”

Lin Luoran ignores her. She makes a bow to the Superior and says: “Thanks for your help, Superior.” Under this circumstance, being chatty is inappropriate. It’s better to be discreet and talk less.

Superior Huizhu nods to Lin Luoran, and the woman in black sneers: “When did helping a junior start to become popular in the world of cultivation…” The woman’s voice fades and Lin doesn’t hear the latter part of the sentence. Thinking of her family’s abnormality, Lin Luoran is scared. She bites her tongue and the pain makes her come to her sense.

The scene around her changes. The horsetail whisk in Huizhu’s hand turns out to be a magic weapon. Now, with the infusion of Reiki, thousands of threads on the whisk are up like sharp silver needles.

After entering the level of Laying Foundation, the pubic region is formed. Reiki inside cultivators can be gradually refined into Wakan. Magic weapons can only exploit their powers with the help of Wakan.

The woman in black smiles charmingly and a black lotus suddenly appears on her right hand. The lotus blooms under the moonlight. Lin Luoran is stunned. This must be the woman’s magic weapon.

Not everyone in the world of cultivation uses a sword. Lin Luoran grasps the single-headed phoenix hairpin in her hand. If the Snow Sword were not wounded, she might not be so worried.

On the roof, the battle has begun. Superior Huizhu waves his whisk nimbly and all his attacks are focused on the woman in black, not affecting other places at all.

Is this the real capability of a senior in the level of Laying Foundation, or the Reiki on earth has become so thin that they have to save every bit of Reiki while attacking? Lin Luoran doesn’t want to look away because a battle between cultivators in the level of Laying Foundation isn’t commonly seen. Every move of them will be an inspiration for her who is lack of battle experience.

The lotus petals unfold and white seedpod appears. The contrast between black and white is sharp. Lin Luoran smells something fragrant in the air, and the fragrance reminds her of the black epiphyllum on the cliff in the secret land. There is something else…

While Lin Luoran is distracted, pink smoke comes out of the woman in black secretly. Lin Luoran’s pupils contracted. Before she tells the Superior to look out, the pink smoke rushes at Huizhu in the shape of a snake — compared with the smoke snake Zou Yaowei made at the back alley of Blue Bird club, the snake of the woman in black is clearly faster and fiercer. It reaches to Huizhu with a blink of an eye.

Lin Luoran gasps. No wonder she feels so familiar with the pink smoke. The woman in black is obviously from the same school as Zou Yaowei. Is she here to revenge Zou? Lin can’t let the superior of Qingcheng Taoist Temple take this for her… The single-headed phoenix hairpin in her hand transforms into a sword. Though there is no river around, water Reiki is abundant in the mountain. The night is cold. It is the perfect time to form frost!

Since the woman in black may be the teacher of Zou Yaowei, Lin Luoran will not show mercy.

What? Are you saying that sneak attack is dirty? Bullshit! Nowadays, only stupid people will act decently all the time!

Superior Huizhu clearly is experienced in combat. He dodges the pink snake with ease—

Meanwhile, Lin Luoran’s “Frost’s Decent” has snuck to the back of the woman in black.

Lin completely concentrates on her sword. The second before the Bright Sword hits the woman in black, a string of silver thread crawls on the sword…

Lin Luoran looks at Superior Huizhu who suddenly starts to attack her and she is stunned.

The woman in black giggles.