Chapter 152 Blood Pool

Looking at the lotus in her palm, the woman in black is satisfied. She looks at the direction of Lin’s villa and thinks about the golden hawk.

The woman wants to take the hawk away. Meanwhile, a long howl comes from afar. Under the moonlight, a man is rushing down from the mid-air. Hearing the howl, the woman’s complexion changes. She turns around and disappears with a stream of blood mist.

The man lands on the ground. He has silver hair but his cheeks are rosy. Lin Luoran would be surprised if she were here. It is Master Mu, who lives in the capital.

“Where is she?” Master Mu has just got off the plane to R City. He runs here non-stop. All he sees is that Huizhu’s apprentice is lying on the ground covered in blood, and the person he wants to catch is nowhere to be found.

“Gone.” Huizhu puts a bolus in An’s mouth and asks his other apprentices to carry An back to the temple. He adds: “She took Lin Luoran.”

Master Mu is soaked in sweat: “You just let her do that?… If Lin’s master knows of this, what are we going to say?”

Huizhu looks down and swings his whisk to another direction. He says indifferently: “Isn’t her origin a mystery? We should wait and see how she will get out of the trouble… If she is not powerful enough, why should we care about the capability of her master?”

Huizhu’s words make sense. Master Mu sighs. He is never able to be calm as Huizhu is. A talent like Lin Luoran is rarely seen in today’s world of cultivation. Why let her die in vain?

Huizhu starts walking. He was not about to say more, however, looking at his angry younger Brother Mu, he explains: “The woman used the Blood Escape. We are not able to follow.”

Master Mu is stunned like a fly just flew into his mouth. The Blood Escape — it has only been five years since the last time he saw the woman, yet she is now able to use the fancy trick of Blood Escape. She must have made a lot of “elixirs” during these years… Every time Master Mu thinks of the past, his heart is filled with regret.

However, if spilled milk could be gathered up again, so many things would be different, right?

Suddenly, his grandson’s face comes into Master Mu’s mind. Mu Tiannan always grins cheekily, but Master Mu knows that his grandson frowns a lot when he is alone.

People with determined hearts are the ones who are likely to be stubborn. This kind of personality can be good or bad — they may become god-like or completely evil within a momentary slip.

The so-called gifted ones who are born with Taoist root also have to strive in order to cultivate in such a chaotic secular world.

Master Mu has lived 105 years. He feels helpless tonight. Looking at Lin’s villa, Mu wonders that do Lin’s parents know that their daughter has been taken away by an evil woman?

Under the quiet moonlight, the angry howls of the golden hawk answer Master Mu’s question.

Goldie is a spirited creature and it can feel the evil. Lin Luoran’s smell was gone all of a sudden, which makes Goldie alerted. Li Xi’er and the others are not Goldie’s master so Goldie doesn’t follow their orders. It howls and spreads its wings. Goldie flies into the sky and follows Lin Luoran’s smell.

Master Mu is absorbed in his thoughts while looking at the direction Goldie is going. He has heard of the capability of the golden hawk. Is it going to find its master?


Lin Luoran wakes up in a dungeon filled with the smell of blood.

While being half-awake, Lin feels that she is in an endless sea of blood. After she opens her eyes, she finds the scene in front of her scarier than her dream.

Two steps away from where she is lying, there is a rolling pool of blood. Lin knows for sure from the smell of blood that the fluid in the pool is not red ink — it is human blood!

Lin Luoran feels weak all over. For the moment, she can’t even stand up. Lying on the ground, she starts checking on the dungeon.

Speaking of dungeons, Lin has only been in two. One is the underwater palace in the secret land which belongs to the dead woman in a white dress. That dungeon is a mausoleum with lotus. What makes Lin Luoran sick is that there is also a lotus in the blood pool. However, there are only leaves, not a single flower… Does it mean that the black lotus used as a magic weapon of the woman in black is grown in the pool?

A black lotus grows in a blood pool.

Lin Luoran can’t help shivering.

Lying on her side, Lin Luoran has to turn her head to look at the ceiling. This dungeon seems to be much smaller than the underwater palace in the secret land. However, there are cracks on the wall. From the ceiling to the walls around, the cracks are oozing blood. All the blood converges into the blood pool.

“Tick— ” Something cold drips on Lin Luoran’s cheek. Lin looks down and finds half of her body in the blood. Turns out that everything in the dungeon is covered by blood. Her green dress is stained, and the color looks disgusting.

Lin Luoran feels weak. She has no idea how long she has been lying here. She has experienced the feeling of weakness at the back alley of the Blue Bird club thanks to Zou Yaowei. Certainly, this time, it is the woman in black who has done this to Lin.

“Come out! Where are you!” Lin Luoran shouts. She tries to speak louder, but she has no strength to do that. Lin remembers that the last time she was attacked by Zou Yaowei’s pink smoke, the bead helped her detox. Lin has a feeling that something is wrong. She is about to check on her bead, and the woman’s voice comes,

“You have entered the later stage of Training Qi at such a young age. You are making me jealous…”

Lin Luoran looks up. The woman in black is one feet away, checking on her face.

Later, the woman clicks her tongue twice and touches Lin’s forehead with her finger. She says, “It is such a pity. You are kind of gorgeous, but you will become the sacrifice of my blood pool.”

Lin is having a hard time speaking. Yet she can’t help saying, “You’ve killed so many people in order to cultivate… Is it worthwhile?”

Lin Luoran has dragged her parents onto the path of cultivation, which is actually hopeless. The woman, who paved her way with blood, should be called a “devil”. If cultivation can set people free, what about demonization?

“Is it worthwhile?” The woman smiles charmingly. She doubles up with laughter and she almost laughs herself to tears.

How can an apprentice of a famous school understand the feeling of a trash cultivator?

Is it worthwhile… The woman used to cultivate in a school located in a beautiful mountain. Her quality was so bad that she had to spend much more time in cultivation than all the others.

What result did she get?

The woman in black can’t help getting emotional while thinking about her past. The pool of blood rolls — her heart is filled with hatred. She hates the woman lying on the ground who has entered the later stage of Training Qi at such a young age!

Since she is a trash cultivator, she should just bring down all the talents in the world of cultivation!

The woman starts laughing again and her eyes are empty,

“It’s quiet now. We can have a discussion on the Tao of Bolus!”

The woman says dominantly. She looks at the blood pool as something funny is there. Lin Luoran turns her head—

Her numb right hand is over the blood pool. There is a cut on her wrist beside the bead. Blood is dropping out of her body and into the pool.