Chapter 153 Jinling City

In the quiet and bloody dungeon, a woman in a green dress is lying on the ground. She is bloodstained and blood is dripping from a cut on her right wrist into the blood pool.

Lin Luoran smiles bitterly. She is bleeding. No wonder she feels weaker than being attacked by Zou Yaowei’s pink smoke.

The woman in black wants to discuss the Tao of Bolus with Lin Luoran under this circumstance — Lin’s afraid that the woman actually wants to make her into a so-called “elixir”.

“Where am I?” Lin Luoran barely opens her mouth and asks. In fact, she is in no mood of chatting. She just asked the question in order to buy time.

Lin can’t figure out whether the woman in black doesn’t know what she is thinking or the woman doesn’t even worry about her playing tricks. The woman throws the black lotus back into the blood pool, and the lotus lands on its root. Blood flows up from its stem and into the lotus. The stem is transparent and hollow so Lin can see that blood is rushing up. When the petals are filled with blood, they grow larger and the seedpod appears in the center. Gradually, the seedpod becomes big enough for a person to sit on. The woman in black jumps onto the seedpod and sits cross-legged. Her hostility disappears and she almost looks like a kind “Sura Guanyin”

“This…is the one and best place in the State of Huaxia.”

The woman in black blinks. Her enchantment and hostility instantly become less.

The one and best place in the State of Huaxia. This place has a pool of blood which is full of hostility. Lin Luoran has lost so much blood that she feels dizzy. She havs some guesses but she can’t be sure of them.

The woman in black smiles charmingly and changes the topic: “We should discuss the Tao of Bolus.”

While they are talking, Lin Luoran has checked on the Reiki inside of her. As expected, the Reiki is completely disabled. Her spiritual mind is working, but she can’t reach out to the bead — this place is indeed weird.

The woman in black smiles behind her hands: “You can stop trying to buy time. This place disables all the spells. What’s the point of struggling? Rest assured, I won’t kill you right now. I’ll wait till the last drop of your blood goes into the pool. I’ll put you in my alchemy furnace the second before you breathe your last breath. I heard that you are the last descendant of the Alchemy School. What do you think about what I do? Aren’t making boluses from human body genius?”

Making boluses from human body!

The woman in black uses the blood pool to make boluses… How many people have died here? Though Lin can’t reach out to her bead, she is not completely hopeless. The woman said that this place can disable all the spells. Lin Luoran doubts this. Even a place like that exists, it won’t locate in the secular world. Everything on earth has its balance. Such a place is just more abnormal than her bead — the fact is Lin can still use her spiritual mind, which is the solid disproof that the woman in black is lying.

Lin Luoran is somehow relieved since her spiritual mind is available. Also, the Universal Sack is hanging on her waist…

The woman in black doesn’t get anxious when Lin Luoran doesn’t answer the question. As time passes, Lin Luoran will only become weaker. There is no need to worry.

The woman grabs a jelly-like blood clod out of the blood pool and throws it into her mouth. The blood clod is the medicine to prolong life for Chairman Ai, but it is just a snack for her.

Thinking of the fact that her blood is running into the blood pool and the “elixir” the woman in black ate is mixed with her blood, Lin Luoran gets weaker. She only has one chance. She will actually die here if she can’t seize the opportunity.

When is the best timing…

Lin Luoran clenches her left fist. She only moves a few fingers and her neck starts to sweat.

The woman in black is staring at the lotus leaf while sitting on the seedpod. It seems that she has forgotten about Lin Luoran.

There is only one chance. Should she do it or not?

The ancients worshiped mountains, which were also the spiritual sustenance of people.

The highest mountain in a range used to be called the “ancestor mountain”. Mount Zhong was the landmark of previous Jinling City.

Many years ago, Mount Zhong was called “Mount Jinling”. Yangtse River flows past the west side of the mountain, which made the Jinling City a strategic location of the country. Therefore, King Wei of Kingdom Chu chose Jinling City as his capital in order to rule his kingdom with Yangtze River as the natural barrier.

According to Veritable Records of Jiankang City(the former name of Jinling City), King Wei of Kingdom Chu “used the mountain’s name as the title of his capital”. Nowadays, though Jinling City no longer needs the Yangtse River’s natural moat to protect the citizens, Mount Zhong is important as before.

The center of Mount Zhong scenic zone is located at the northeast of Jinling City, Su Province. The well-known Zhongshan Mausoleum is at the core of the zone. Zhongshan Mausoleum is the tomb and memorial hall of a famous person of foresight in modern time. Let alone holidays, tourists are always coming here from everywhere around the country.

This is a sunny Saturday.

The hot sun can’t stop the passion of the tourists. The stairs in Zhongshan Mausoleum are crowded. This is just a normal day in summer, but the tourists here will never forget what they see today.

First, a family resting by the stairs discovers that a shade suddenly appears on their head like someone is holding an umbrella over them. When the family is wondering, the tourists around start screaming as they are looking at a ghost.

A grandma in her seventies are here with her family. Looking at this, she becomes too nervous to speak.

“Hawk…” The little girl at the age of four or five is still learning to read with the aid of pictures. She claps her hands and giggles at the hawk in front of her which looks so much like the hawks in pictures.

The little girl knows the hawk from pictures she saw, but she has no idea what the normal size of a hawk is. But the little girl’s mother knows. Hearing her daughter’s laugh, the mother covers the little girl’s mouth and drags her back, hoping the hawk didn’t hear what the girl just said — there can’t be such a huge hawk in the world, let alone a hawk with golden and shiny feathers.

“What is it? Is the Condor Heroes filming?

“No way— ”

“Shut up and take pictures!”

The fearless youngsters are the first to make any response. These young men in skinny pants and girls wearing heavy make-ups use their smartphones and take pictures of the golden hawk from every angle.

Other tourists also come back from the shock and start taking pictures.

The golden hawk is standing on a stone railing. It came at such a high speed that everyone thought it just popped up here. Standing straight, the hawk is twice as tall as an ordinary person!

No one has ever seen such a handsome golden hawk!

Is it the beast in the myths of Huaxia?

Now, even the youngsters who love to use emojis want to go to the library and search for some information — who can tell them what on earth the golden hawk is?

Seeing that the hawk is standing there quietly, more people are coming closer to look at it.

Goldie looks down at the crowd. It has no appetite in the human flesh tainted by grey smoke. It’d rather eat the fruit its master used to give it.

However, this place is the end of the smell of its master… Where should it go?

Goldie tilts its head, looking confused.