Chapter 154 Self-inflicted

It takes Lin Luoran a lot of effort to move her fingers, but she never thinks about giving up. The path of cultivation is endless. Only she knows that she doesn’t have a powerful master. She is the backbone of her family. She can’t die here.

Will a prince come and save her like what is written in fairy tales?

Even she is dizzy, Lin Luoran despises this idea.

She tried to help Huizhu, who stopped her without any explanation. Later, she was caught off guard and taken away by the woman in black — all of these make Lin draw a new conclusion about the reason why Huizhu helped protect her family before.

She should rely on no one else but herself!

The woman in black gets happier when she sees that Lin’s face is becoming paler,“They say that you have a master who helped cleanse your bone marrow. Do you think he will come and save you?”

Lin Luoran ignores the woman yet she continues to speak,“You only have lost some blood. How much can it hurt?… That winter, I was kicked out of the school by my master. I took the train lonely and came to the Zhongshan Mausoleum. I stayed at the foot of the mountain for days. The ticket seller pitied me and gave me a piece of bread…”

Lin Luoran rolls her eyes. The Zhongshan Mausoleum! The woman used the word “came” instead of “went” when she mentioned the Zhongshan Mausoleum. The beauty of the Huaxia language is marvelous. People only use the word “come” when they are at the exact place they talk about — they are at the Zhongshan Mausoleum in Jinling City?

Lin Luoran begins to understand what the woman meant by saying that this is the one and best place in the State of Huaxia.

For the woman in black, this is the best place for demonization. For the other citizens of Huaxia, this place stands for the tragic past of the nation. The blood here may not all belong to the people the woman in black has killed.

“The blood pool is more fantastic than you think… Who can imagine that the blood of the civilians who died before will converge into this palace under Mount Zhong? This is originally a land of treasure, which is the reason why the lotus grows here. Now, the entire blood pool is filled with the hostility of thousands of people. Do you think that anyone can survive from here?”

The woman in black gets more complacent. Lin Luoran is not the exception here. Every person will have to listen to the story of the woman’s past and the origin of the blood pool before they are made into “elixirs”.

She enjoys watching them lose blood slowly and she is pleased with the powerlessness of these people who can do nothing to get away with death.

She loves watching their shivering lips and eyelids — this is the only way to relieve the pain and hate in her heart back when her flesh was consumed by the blood pool and when she reborn again and again!

Lin Luoran is looking at the woman in black who is laughing into the air. This is not the best timing. However, Lin has already lost too much blood. If she doesn’t take the chance now, she will fall into a coma because of excessive bleeding—

The Universal Sack moves and a colorful little bead falls out of the sack and onto the dirty blood on the ground. Lin Luoran is glad. She should continue to keep a low key.

The woman in black is still talking and Lin Luoran feels even dizzier. Under the control of her spiritual mind, the colorful bead floats slowly towards the lotus seedpod the woman in black is sitting on.

Twelve feet, ten feet, eight feet, three feet… The bead is almost under the lotus seedpod!

Lin moves her right hand. The woman in black doesn’t seem to notice anything, but the next second, the bead is in her hand.

“Is this what keeps you alive?” The woman in black sneers at the bead covered in blood. These so-called gifted cultivators are indeed stupid. Do they really believe that she will not notice everything that is happening?

Lin Luoran forces herself to smile. In fact, she is really happy that the bead is in the woman’s hand. Thus her smile is actually heartful—

“Explode— ” Lin Luoran says, using her last strength to connect the bead with her spiritual mind.


With a loud noise, the entire dungeon shakes!

The shock wave almost knocks down the dungeon. Lying on the ground, Lin Luoran is not spared. Her thighs, arms, and face are covered by wounds.

The blood pool is rolling. This colorful bead made of all five kinds of Reiki is highly explosive. When all the quaking stops, Lin Luoran opens her eyes and looks at the lotus seedpod.

This dungeon can inhibit all magic weapons and spells. The truth is, Lin Luoran doesn’t even have to control the bead. Forcing the agitated Reiki of the five natures to be together is dangerous in the first place… The woman in black didn’t expect that the bead would explode so powerfully in her palm. Therefore, Lin Luoran now sees a woman beyond recognition with a broken arm lying on the seedpod.

Also covered by wounds, Lin Luoran smiles.

No one can survive this kind of injuries, right?

On the lotus seedpod, Lin Luoran can’t figure out whether the woman in black is dead or not. She tries again to reach out to her bead. Lin has not a single stream of Reiki inside her right now. She will not be able to get out of the dungeon if she doesn’t replenish some.

A quarter of an hour passes…

The bead makes no response. Suddenly, laughter comes from the seedpod.

The woman in black has stood up though she is covered by wounds and her right hand is gone. No one can not be afraid when a woman covered in blood walks to them like the scenes in horror movies.

To be more specific, the woman in black has jumped into the blood pool and she is swimming right to Lin Luoran. What surprises Lin Luoran is that the longer the woman swims in the blood pool, the more her skin is healed. By the time the woman gets out of the pool, except for her right hand, all the other injuries have healed!

The woman in black looks at her right hand. She grinds her teeth and calls Lin Luoran a bitch, then kicks Lin into the blood pool! The woman watches Lin rolling in the pool and quickly drown in the blood and hostility. She wipes off the bloodstain on her face, puts away the black lotus, and disappears.

The blood in the pool is rolling. Lin Luoran keeps sinking as if the pool is endless. She is in so much pain. With her eyes closed, Lin can feel the twisted souls around her and the erosion of their hostility.


So much pain.

Is her flesh being consumed? Are the bones under her skin showing…? This is so painful and tiring—

If she could relive her life, she would choose to step on the path of cultivation. However, she would never put herself in such a dangerous place in order to help others.

Can she relive her life?