Chapter 155 Three years

The appearance of Goldie at the Zhongshan Mausoleum is all over the internet thanks to instant sharing apps like “Weibo”.

If the pictures were posted by one person, people might think that the pictures were made by Photoshop. Yet, hundreds of people have posted pictures of Goldie taken from different angles, which makes Goldie’s existence a fact.

Goldie soon becomes popular. People all over the country are talking about the “mysterious hawk of the State of Huaxia”.

The local TV station hears about this and plans to make a documentary. They film Goldie when it circles around the Zhongshan Mausoleum and rests on the roof of buildings. The TV station also invites an expert in zoology and some scholars who study Huaxia legends.

It only takes the TV station two days to shoot, invite the guests and edit the film. However, before the show is going to be broadcasted, the TV station receives a notice that the show must not be played… Why censor a golden hawk?

The journalists are confused, but they can’t do anything but keep the documentary to themselves.

In fact, everybody is thinking about a question— is the hawk the mysterious monster in the Huaxia legends?

The crazy forward of the pictures of Goldie doesn’t stop. People find that Goldie seems to be settled at the Zhongshan Mausoleum. Except for hunting in the nearby mountains, it only circles around the Zhongshan Mausoleum or rests on the buildings. It never leaves this area.

What on earth is it looking for? — everybody who sees Goldie will have this question.

In order to have a look at the mysterious hawk, more and more tourists are coming to the Zhongshan Mausoleum. People realize that the golden hawk doesn’t attack humans and it is not afraid of humans. As time passes, the hawk becomes a view of the Zhongshan Mausoleum.

Some tourists bring raw meat to feed the hawk. However, the golden hawk is nothing like the monkeys on Mount Emei. It doesn’t even cast a second glance at the raw meat! The hawk would rather go hunting by itself than eating one piece of meat or bread the tourists give to it…

The hawk’s feathers look like gold under sunshine. It soon becomes popular again on the internet because it has so much dignity. Goldie is then worshiped by some young people, and the less popular field of Huaxia legends research becomes hot again.

Though the Jinling TV station is not allowed to use Goldie as an advertise, heated discussions are going on in some BBSs.

In Lin’s villa on Mount Qingcheng, Li Xi’er is surfing the internet. News about Goldie is everywhere. Standing by the door, Luodong blinks and asks: “Is it Goldie?”

Li Xi’er immediately covers his mouth, giving him a hint that he should not say this aloud.

Sister Lin has been missing for half a month. Mr. Lin actually knows about what happened the night Lin Luoran disappears, but he keeps it a secret from Mrs. Lin. Li Xi’er has also received some information from her school. Her master asks her to return to the school immediately in case anything bad happens to her. Li Xi’er gives an absolute refusal.

It seems that a devil cultivator has suddenly appeared in the world of cultivation. The devil cultivator especially attacks young cultivators, which makes the world of cultivation panic. It is said that Sister Lin was taken away by the devil cultivator… Li Xi’er silently encourages herself. If she left the Lin family, Sister Lin’s parents would be in so much danger.

The superior of Qingcheng Taoist Temple, who did nothing to save Lin Luoran, has been classified into the “bad guys” by Li Xi’er. Li doesn’t trust the Superior to take care of the Lin family.

Twenty days after Lin Luoran’s disappearance, Baojia moves to Lin’s villa. She also starts to practice the breathing methods Lin Luoran learned from Master Jia and taught her parents. Baojia doesn’t design jewelry anymore and she puts all her heart into cultivation.

Thirty days later, Mrs. Lin happens to read a piece of news about Goldie on the internet. She closes the webpage and cries. Yet she never mentions this to anyone — her daughter once told her that she was the only master of Goldie. Luoran was so thoughtful. How could she disappear in the middle of night? Now, Goldie flies around outside like a wild bird without a home. Mrs. Lin is worried, yet she doesn’t want to prepare herself for the worst.

Three months later, Luodong is enrolled in a public elementary school in R City according to Lin Luoran’s plan. Mr. and Mrs. Lin, as well as Li Xi’er, take turns to live in the downtown to look after Luodong whose autism is not completely cured.

Half a year later, Qu Yi says goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Lin under the pressure of his master. He leaves on the excuse of going back to see his relatives and friends. Li’s expression makes Qu Yi embarrassed — how can Li Xi’er not know the real reason why he wants to leave?

Qu Yi feels that he is running away shamefully. In a rush, he looks back at the fence of Lin’s villa which is covered by iron thorns. Qu Yi feels even more ashamed and he can’t stay calm anymore.

I am a deserter. Qu Yi says to himself. He doesn’t realize now that many years later, his leaving today makes him never be able to step in Lin’s villa.

They are divided into two groups and their differences are like clouds and mud.

Not long after Qu Yi leaves, Wen Guanjing returns from the mission overseas. It has been nine months since he and Lin Luoran were separated in the secret land. Wen thought that he would see Lin when he gets back, but he only received the message that Lin had disappeared again.

Lin’s disappearance this time is much dangerous than the last time…

Seven months after Lin disappeared, Wang Miao’e gives birth to a girl. Thanks to the Skin Beauty Bolus, the baby girl is lovely and smart. Fatty Cui is so happy about this. Wang and Cui gradually get to know about cultivation and the crisis of the Lin family. Some masters of the world of cultivation don’t take the Lin family seriously. Wang and Cui buy the No. 17 villa which is the closest to Lin’s villa and become the neighbor of the Lin family.

Businessmen are cunning, yet they are stubborn.

What is friendship? Wang Miao’e believes that friendship means that friends should not try hard to please each other when things are going well, and they can not abandon each other when things go wrong.

One year after Lin Luoran disappeared, except for Goldie who still circles around the Zhongshan Mausoleum, few people believe that Lin is alive.

This year, Luodong is in the second grade. He does well in school but he is quite solitary. One of the two women who saved him from the bad guys that winter is obsessed with cultivation, and the other has been gone for a long time.

In the same year, two villas in the Qingcheng Resort are sold. The owner seldom shows up. The housekeepers all show a lot of interests in him. It is said that the owner is young and handsome. How can they stop their hearts from racing?

This year, the renter of No.7 villa, Chairman Ai, passes away. Miss Elly takes up the post as the new chairman. Elly acts even more arrogantly, and she doesn’t have time to spend vacations at the resort.

The next year, everything is just like before. Lin Luoran is still missing and nobody knows whether she is alive or not. Her family and friends become hopeless yet they pretend to be strong.

It has been three years. This summer, Luodong comes back to the villa to spend his summer vacation. The peach trees in the villa bear lots of big and red fruit.

The refined seeds planted in the yard produce batches and batches of vegetables. The iron thorns crawl all over the wall. Little purple flowers bloom among the ugly vines. If Lin’s villa were not located in the deep mountain, it would definitely arouse discussions among the public.

Mrs. Lin picks a few tomatoes and plans to make a soup for lunch. Li Xi’er and Baojia come and urge Mrs. Lin to rest under the shade of trees.

Looking at these two girls who are getting closer, Mrs. Lin sometimes has the delusion that God has sent her two more daughters after she lost her biological daughter for now — however, Luoran, where are you?

Do you know that I’m thinking about you?