Chapter 158 Ready

“I told you I didn’t want to go back! I won’t go back! No!”

In Lin’s villa, Li Xi’er hangs up the phone. What makes her angry is her master who always urges her to return to the school.

“What happened? Who is annoying you?” Seeing that Li Xi’er is pouting, Baojia asks with a smile.

Baojia doesn’t look older after three years. Instead, she becomes much more mature. She no longer talks like that arrogant girl whose idol is Wang Miao’e. During these years, the Lin family suffers from a lot of stress, so does the Qin family.

The Zou family seems to be sure that Lin Luoran is dead. They never do anything to Lin’s parents but they vent their anger to the Qin family. The military and the political system are not the same, however, the two systems are able to trip each other. The Zou family is not strong enough to threat Commander Qin so it puts its hand to Commander Qin’s former acquaintances. Everyone who is connected to the Qin family has a hard time because of the Zou family.

You are in the military system? That’s ok. Do you have families and friends? They have to keep a foothold in society, right? How many companies can survive the pressure coming from the Zou family?

This has been elevated from a political game to the matter of life and death. Commander Qin doesn’t care much about himself, but he can’t stand watching his old acquaintances suffer from the hardship. The second year, Commander Qin asks for a retirement “due to illness”.

Baojia is no longer the only grandchild of the commander of the military district and she is not the daughter-in-law of the wealthy Liu family. She is just an ordinary jewelry designer who cultivates — she lives in the Lin family but she never takes everything for granted.

Not as usual, Li Xi’er asks seriously: “Sister Baojia, do you ever notice anything unusual at night recently?”

Baojia shakes her head and looks at Li Xi’er with confusion. Li Xi’er yawns and switches the topic to cultivation. Li has the single Taoist root of gold, and she is qualified to be the teacher of Baojia and Mr. Lin in terms of cultivation.

After Baojia leaves, Li Xi’er touches the “Bundling Rope” on her wrist and she is absorbed in thought.

Her master has been urging her more anxiously in recent days. Also, Li Xi’er always senses that something always sneaks around the villa at night.

… Are these people planning to attack the Lin family?

Li Xi’er feels hopeless. She has been working hard on her cultivation during the past three years. Back in the secret land, she was not as powerful as Sister Lin was. Nevertheless, she has kept trying for three years. She will not give up until the last second.

Though death is horrifying, Li Xi’er resents herself for being a coward.

Also, her master will not watch her die, right?

What about everyone else of the Lin family?

The weather changes fast in the mountain area in summer. One minute ago, the sun is shining; and the next minute, dark clouds may cover the sunshine. Strong wind is blowing. A shower is coming.

Li Xi’er, who was agitated, is lost in her mind. Out of no reason, she thinks of the rainy night three years ago. A weird woman in black came to Lin’s villa and Sister Lin went out at night. Then she never came back… Li’s eyes become wet.

— Sister Lin, I’m so tired. Where are you?


A few miles away from Lin’s villa, there is the Qingcheng Taoist Temple.

If Li Xi’er had a higher level of cultivation, she would know that her master is sitting on one of the old-fashioned armchairs in the temple.

Master Mu is sitting on the left side, looking displeased.

Master Guo is still coughing, and he seems to be in a worse mood.

Huizhu, the superior of the Qingcheng Taoist Temple, is sitting in the middle. An is standing by his side. Though An is young, his demeanor is more and more like the successor of the Superior.

All the people of standing in the world of cultivation have gathered in the Qingcheng Taoist Temple. To put it nicely, this is a regular meeting of the world of cultivation. As a matter of fact, these people are discussing in public about how to carve up the Lin family.

Only Master Mu and Guo support Lin Luoran. However, Master Mu never wants to offend anybody and Master Guo is still injured, which means that he is not able to fight.

Chen Yun, the minister of the special department of Huaxia, is a nice guy who is wearing a tunic suit. He is not even in the level of Laying Foundation, yet he has the power of discourse because of his complicated background.

For some reasons, Wen Guanjing, the capable assistance of Chen Yun, is not present.

Huizhu, Master Mu, Master Guo, and Xi Heng who is the master of Li Xi’er, four of the five Huaxia cultivators in the level of Laying Foundation are here. Though this is a discussion, Huizhu’s opinion actually matters the most since he is in the later stage of Laying Foundation, which is the highest in the State of Huaxia.

The Wen family of Zu Mountain is not absent though Wen Guanjing doesn’t come. Everybody has his own plan. After a few rounds of tea, Xi Heng breaks the silence,

“Is it wrong that we take advantage of a mortal family…?” Though Xi is never a serious person, he cares about his decency. Thinking of the fact that Li Xi’er has been living with the Lin family for years, Xi Heng is embarrassed.

Head of the Wen family smiles, stroking his beard: “Old Xi, I heard that your apprentice is quite stubborn.”

He stops talking, smiling mysteriously.

Before Xi Heng says anything, Huizhu opens his eyes and says: “Old Xi, you must have heard the story of ‘precious stone lands its innocent possessor in jail’. We are not going to kill them. After getting what we want, we can also help take care of the Lin family… Also, their foster son is a talent with a single Taoist root. It will be a waste if we don’t train him.”

Since Huizhu has made the decision, Master Guo stands up and starts to cough.

Master Mu sighs. He has to support his family. All these years, the Mu family becomes richer and more powerful. During the past three years, he has been coordinating with the others, which he believes is already enough — Lin Luoran is such a decent girl. Why doesn’t she have more luck?

Head of the Wen family rubs his hands and smiles: “How about letting my family train their foster son?”

Every school wants this talent who has a single Taoist root. Xi Heng sneers in his heart and wonders why the Wen family, which is the family of swordsmen, wants a cultivator with earth Taoist root!

Earth Taoist root is mild and peaceful. It is nothing like the Wen’s sharp swordplay…


At a nursing home in the capital.

After three years of rehabilitation and with the help of his master’s “elixirs”, the young master of the Zou family finally can stand up.

If this happened to a good guy, it would be really encouraging. But it is Zou Yaowei, who will ruin everything.

He is thrilled, but his enchanting master seems to be unsatisfied.

The power of the blood pool is able to help her heal fast. However, with her current level of cultivation, her broken arm can’t just grow back. The woman in black is too arrogant to go out in public with one hand.

Therefore, she has been receiving transplant surgeries in the capital during the last six months — she asks for the pretties hand with exactly the same bones with her old one. After the transplant surgeries, she uses spells to coordinate her new hand with her body. She is actually not able to do all of these without her rich apprentice.

She has been through a dozen surgeries and finally finds a satisfying one. Where does she get all of these arms? The woman in black moves her new hand. With the power of the Zou family, there will always be a qualified “donator”.

Are they all volunteers? The woman in black sneers. She doesn’t give a shit about this.

“You said you would revenge on the Qin and Lin family. How is that going on?”

These days have been so boring. The woman in black hopes to gossip a little bit to kill time. She really wants to know what those righteous men who are decent on the outside and disgusting on the inside will do when the Lin family is in danger. Will they offer help, or take advantage?

“Master, don’t worry. I have sent a message to my people that they won’t take actions until we arrive at R City.”

The woman in black checks on her red nails and smiles charmingly: “Very good.”


The Zhongshan Mausoleum is crowded with tourist.

Underneath, there is the bloody and dark dungeon with a pool of blood.

After thousands of times of gnawing, the lost souls lose their patience in this person who just doesn’t die. Blood rolls in the pool. The souls throw Lin Luoran onto the surface — this person is never going to demonize. They should just throw her away!

Light floats. On the surface of the blood pool, Lin Luoran opens her eyes.

Before enjoying the dazzling light, Lin first checks on herself. A faint smile crawls on her face—

Every stream of Reiki inside her has been refined into Wakan.

It is worthwhile.