Chapter 159 A Furious Storm

“Rumble— ”

When a bolt of lightning flashes in the sky, heavy rain starts to fall at dusk.

The entire R City, as well as the surrounding counties and mountains, are enveloped in the rain. Thunder and lightning keep striking, making the entire area quake.

The weather is so bad that some communities have to cut off internet access. Without the internet, people are at loss.

A black MPV is running on the expressway from R City to Mount Qingcheng. Zou Yaowei, who is still a little bit of stiff, says “action” with a smile. The ferocity makes his handsome face twisted.

The woman in black titles her head and reminds him, “A cultivator in the middle stage of Training Qi lives with the Lin family. Don’t take things so lightly.”

Zou Yaowei answers carelessly, “That girl is barely a threat. She has cultivation but she is stupid.”

In Lin’s villa, Li Xi’er, who is in her room on the second floor, hears a man’s voice. The man says, “I know the whereabouts of Lin Luoran. Little girl, what do you like to trade with me for the information?”

Li Xi’er thinks that this may be a lure, however, the “whereabouts” of Lin Luoran is just such a huge temptation. The reason why Li Xi’er finally decides to go out is that the man who talked to her has no cultivation — Li has the confidence to deal with an ordinary person.

Li believes that she can catch the man in five minutes!

Li Xi’er is now able to use her Gravity Defying Kung Fu to sneak out of the villa without anyone noticing.

Why is the man running towards the Qingcheng Taoist Temple?

While Li is wondering whether this is the trick of the Superior, she sees that the man in black falls down in front of her.

Li Xi’er is stunned. Walking out from behind a tree, it is her master, Xi Heng.

“Master, You…” Are you kidding me?

Xi Heng makes a hand gesture carelessly and the “Bundling Rope” on Li’s wrist twines onto herself and straps her.

Seeing that Li Xi’er is about to scream, Xi Heng makes a gesture of mouth-zipping which makes Li not able to talk. Xi Heng’s spells are so mysterious and powerful.

Li Xi’er looks at her master with pleading eyes. Though Xi can’t differentiate raindrops from tears, he assumes that Li is crying. However, he can do nothing to change Huizhu’s decision. He bursts out a dry cough and says, “Moral is degenerating day by day. There are even thieves around the Qingcheng Taoist Temple.”

Dragging Li Xi’er with the Bundling Rope, Xi Heng goes to check on the man in black.

Meanwhile, after Li Xi’er is gone, men hired by the Zou family sneak into Lin’s villa.

Looking at the wall covered by vines and little flowers, the leader is happy — this remote villa with no surveillance camera makes their job much easier!

After a run-up, one of the men in black climbs over the wall and lands on the other side of the iron barriers. He waves his hand and the rest three men follow.

The other four of them do not go directly inside the house. They make a detour to the back, climb onto a tall tree and land in the backyard.

The leader signals for the attack to start but receives no response. He feels that something is wrong. The leader turns around after he backs off to a safer spot — god, what is this thing?!

The guy is astonished. Under the cover of the sound of the rain, the beautiful vines on the wall are waving like octopus tentacles. The vines twine over the other three guys without making any sound and they become tighter and tighter as the guys struggle. Surprised and scared, the leader instantly makes the choice between finishing the job and saving these guys.

He must take down the Lin family quickly!

Meanwhile, behind the curtains of a room on the second floor, Mr. Lin and Baojia look at each other helplessly… Their levels of cultivation are not high enough and they are not able to direct too much Reiki. They even had to work together to control the iron thorn to attack these men.

Fortunately, these men in black are mortals. Though Li Xi’er is not here, Baojia and Mr. Lin should be able to take them down since they are not going to fight face to face.

In fact, Baojia is not so confident — unlike Lin Luoran, she and Mr. Lin never learn any Kung Fu during the past three years.

In the next couple of minutes, Baojia and Mr. Lin take advantage of the complicated structure of the villa and fool the men around.

The second a man gets to the window, the curtain twines around his neck. This seems to be magical, in fact, Mr. Lin only does this by controlling the metal decorations on the curtain.

Three of the five men who are in the villa are put down by Mr. Lin and Baojia’s tricks. Yet, Mr. Lin and Baojia have mixed feelings about this situation. They are glad that there are only two men left, meanwhile, the Reiki inside of them are almost used up. Both of them will only be able to control small objects once. If they can’t make precise strikes, they may…

Baojia looks at the swimming pool in the yard. She has the Taoist root of water and wood so the swimming pool, as well as the iron thorns, are the best weapons she can use — however, how can she lure the men there?


After a muffled sound, Baojia and Mr. Lin immediately drop to the ground. A bullet flies over their heads, leaving a hole in the window—

These men have silenced pistols! Damn!

Baojia bites her lips. These men must be hired by the Zou family. They break in the private property of the civilians, carrying guns. The Zou family is just too shameless!

Baojia is angry and she feels that she is drowning in desperation.

Luodong starts to cry after the gunshot… Luodong and Mrs. Lin are hiding in the secret basement. Are they found by the men in black?

Mr. Lin clenches his fists. This matter involves his wife and his foster son. How can he stay calm!

Baojia drags Mr. Lin back and asks with a husky voice,

“Just tell me what you want!”

The man on the outside answers contemptuously, “Miss Qin is smart as we heard of. We are nobodies. Please wait for a while. Our master is on his way here.”

Zou Yaowei!!!

Baojia’s nails are almost stuck into her palm. After all, it is she who has brought the trouble to the Lin family. If someone dies tonight, how can she live up to her missing friend?

While people in Lin’s villa are in deep water, some men are waiting nearby.

“Why can’t they beat these mortal men?” Head of the Wen family sighs.

Master Guo sneers, “Isn’t this the best opportunity for you guys to pretend to be nice?!” This is Huizhu’s usual trick. He always acts so decently and he never kills with his own hands. These people are waiting for the situation inside Lin’s villa to get worse so they can show up and save the Lin family. The Lin family will definitely believe that they are good people. This is such a degrading plan — Master Guo thinks that he and Old Mu shouldn’t have sent this villa to Lin Luoran as a gift! Huizhu is their old acquaintance, yet they fail to imagine what Huizhu is willing to do in order to break through the bottleneck of the later stage of Laying Foundation…

A bolt of lightning strikes. Heavy rain is still pouring. The internet in R City is not restored. If the internet is not cut off, everybody with his plan about the Lin family should be alerted.

A picture is going viral on the internet.

The picture is even more shocking than the thunder tonight!