Chapter 160 I’m back

Pei Yuan is a junior student at Jinling University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He comes from a well-off family and doesn’t need to do part-time jobs. However, he works as a tour guide every holiday and has already had taken several tours to Southeast Asian countries on his own.

This summer vacation, he chooses to guide tours in Jinling.

Traveling to Jinling City becomes very popular as everyone wants to see the “mysterious hawk of the State of Huaxia”. Zhongshan Mausoleum has become a popular destination. For example, the tourists Pei Yuan guides this time are a dozen young people from Korea.

Young people are easy to get along with each other and they can always come up with new ideas. This time, their request is simple: they want to observe the golden hawk alone in the Zhongshan Mausoleum at night.

This idea may be strange, but Pei Yuan has met more tourists with even stranger ideas. Compared with those ideas, this request is just a little bit difficult to meet. Definitely, they cannot stay in the scenery spot. Therefore, Pei Yuan provides tents for them to stay at night. They encamp on a hill near to observe the hawk after all the tourists have gone.

Finally, all the tourists have left and the moon rises. The Koreans are very much interested. Some of them take out high-power binoculars and looks at the golden hawk sitting on the archway of Zhongshan Mausoleum.

Seen through the high-power binocular, moonlight covers the feathers of the golden hawk, adding a touch of softness to it. The leader of the Korean group is a man with whiskers. He is, at the moment, full of joy looking through the binocular.

Goldie is very sensitive. It looks at the direction of this small hill and there is dignity in its eyes.

The man with whiskers mutters something in Korean. He speaks very fast and Pei Yuan, who can only understand simple daily communication in Korean, cannot catch him.

“What a beautiful golden hawk. It should belong to the Republic of Korea!” A Korean woman in her twenties sighs deeply. Her eyes are beautiful and they are now covered with greed.

“It is hard to tell if her double-fold eyelid is a result of a surgery.” Pei Yuan says to himself unkindly. He feels a little regret taking this job. Korean people have become more and more outrageous. They applied the Dragon Boat Festival for world heritage and claimed that Confucius was a Korean. It seems that the world belongs to them. Pei Yuan feels sick.

Pei Yuan feels repulsive at her yelling. Luckily the golden hawk sets its home at Zhongshan Mausoleum and doesn’t leave no matter what happens. Otherwise, if it flew past the territorial sky of Korea, it would be Korean now.

Just as this idea comes up to Pei Yuan, he suddenly finds something wrong.

Why is no one talking?

Finding them set tripods for their cameras and takes out phones to take pictures, Pei Yuan lets out a sigh of relief.

The explanation is not necessary, so Pei Yuan takes out his new phone and prepares to take a few pictures of the golden hawk standing under the moon as a memory for this tour. After taking the photos, Pei Yuan looks at the Korean people around and he is surprised —

It seems to Pei Yuan that the tripods they set look like a gun after assembling!

Holy crap! These Koreans are up to no good!

Pei Yuan makes judgments inside his head. Pretend to know nothing? Or risk his life? His intellect tells him the best choice is to pretend to know nothing and to call the police when he can. For a college student, however, it’s almost impossible to stay reasonable at this very moment!

When he is hesitating, however, the Korean woman turns back with a faint smile on her face: “Mr. Pei, sometimes it’s better to see nothing.”

Pei Yuan fakes a smile. It’s true that they come after the golden hawk!

Then… Will they kill it? Or do they want it alive?

How will they take it back if it is alive?

They must have an inside man at the Customs, otherwise, they cannot take such a big hawk out — damn it! What should I do? Pei Yuan now realizes that it is a terrible mistake for him not to learn any self-defense skills.

What a pity. It’s too late.

The man with whiskers has aimed at the golden hawk with the gun, which looks like an anesthetic gun rather than a lethal weapon. Pei Yuan takes a step forward and the Korean woman stands next to him, ready to stop any movement of his.

Pei Yuan has no choice other than helplessly watching the anesthetic needle, which is thicker and longer than an embroidery needle, released from the gun and shot towards the golden hawk. Move! Pei Yuan’s breath is accelerating. Studying in Jinling, he has heard a lot about this extremely powerful golden hawk and he believes that it can avoid the attack.

Why is it not moving?

Pei Yuan feels baffled. For Goldie, actually, this so-called “anesthetic needle” is less harmful than a bite of a mosquito. It was not afraid of the “Golden Blade Spell” of gold nature back then. Why should it care about a needle made of ordinary iron?

However, they are, after all, provoking it!

Lin Luoran once told it not to harm people, but she never told it not to fight back when being provoked. Goldie moves its wings and is about to teach these people who dare to provoke it a lesson. At this moment, a familiar smell appears and Goldie hesitates.

Is that…? Goldie is lost. It has been waiting for this moment for three years, or maybe, it’s just a delusion?

Pei Yuan is shocked. The Koreans are holding their guns and they all feel very nervous — why is there a person?

A white, slim hand catches the needle and throws it onto the ground.

Under the moonlight, Goldie cannot see clearly the face of the person, but it can feel clearly their deep connection now that the barrier of the isolated dungeon is gone. Goldie will never mistake someone else for her — it is the owner! She is really back! It turns back into the silly, baby-like Goldie at once. Goldie freezes and waits for Lin Luoran to come to it.

A hill away, the Koreans cannot see Lin Luoran’s movement of catching the needle, so they think someone comes out to “rob” the golden hawk from them and they become furious. They take out long-range guns and aim at the person. When they are about to shoot the hindrance, they find that the person of whom they can only see the shape jumping up in the sky with no help!

That’s not possible!

The man with whiskers grabs the telescope and he assumes that the person must “fly” with the help of something like the grappling hook and that the person wants to rob their hawk!

However, what he sees through the telescope makes him stunned — the person jumps with no help at all! With those flowing clothes, that is a woman!

Lin Luoran doesn’t have time for those “fleas” at the moment. After three years, the first thing she sees after getting out is Goldie, which makes her even more emotional. It’s been three years and she has endured countless ordeals of life and death. She feels the mutability of life, which makes her hardworking and cherishing everything in her life.

Goldie… Lin Luoran jumps up to the archway and Goldie lowers its head. Lin Luoran leans on Goldie’s neck and almost cries.

Goldie moves its neck to rub Lin Luoran’s cheek. The atmosphere of their reunion is very cozy. At that moment, however, several bullets come at them and ruin this moment.

The bullets are shot on Goldie’s wings and they are blocked. Goldie’s feather is tougher than steel and these bullets certainly cannot hurt it.

A homicidal intent appears in Lin Luoran’s eyes. Being gnawed in the blood pool for three years, it is fortunate for her not to degenerate to be a devil. Even so, such experience has given her viciousness.

Lin Luoran jumps on the back of Goldie. Goldie flaps its wings and arrives at the above of the hill instantly. Its speed is so fast that none of the people react to its movement!

Seeing from above, Lin Luoran hears the man with whiskers speak a language she doesn’t understand. She has, however, watched Korean dramas and she recognizes that he is speaking Korean.

They hanker after Goldie and fire randomly. If such people are the good guys, who will be the bad guy? Lin Luoran doesn’t want to know why they come here. She moves a finger of her right hand and a devastating Wakan stabs the man with whiskers. He falls instantly. Other Koreans want to fight back, but whoever makes a movement is brought down by Lin Luoran at once.

Wakan is different from the Reiki infused into Mu Tiannan. It is more powerful and more importantly, despite being weak, it will be kept inside the body and will not vanish on its own, just like the hidden weapon “Live-or-Death Talisman” in Louis Cha’s novel.

There is only a boy left. Lin Luoran turns to him and raises her hand. The boy shouts: “I’m from Huaxia! I’m a student at Jinling University of Aeronautics and Astronautics! I’m not with them!”

Lin Luoran says: “You are from Huaxia, then why do you associate yourself with those foreign fleas?”

Pei Yuan is shocked at this fairy-like, hawk-riding woman. If his life were not at risk, maybe he would be speechless at the moment.

At this very moment, his eloquence trained as a tour guide saves him. Pei Yuan explains everything in a short time. Hearing the story, Lin Luoran says to herself: “Killing them scares this student… Hey! Hand them to the police, will you?”

Pei Yuan nods. Lin Luoran doesn’t care whether they will be released on bail or not. After all, if Wanka inside them initiates, they will wish that they were dead.

Lin Luoran doesn’t want to waste time with this student as she really wants to go home. Having been through life-and-death situations, she is more casual. The problem of setting the world on fire should be solved by the special department and the moral schools. She has nothing to do with it.

Lin Luoran touches Goldie’s neck. It spreads the wings and reaches almost seven to eight meters long, shadowing the moonlight.

Pei Yuan shouts: “Fairy!” Lin Luoran, sitting on Goldie’s back, turns her face. Pei Yuan catches the moment and takes the picture — it is not a big deal to Lin Luoran. Goldie flies as fast as a bolt of lightning and disappears soon.

Pei Yuan looks at the photo carefully. The beautiful golden hawk is very clear. As for the beautiful lady, although the photo just catches a blurry side face, it shows completely her special feature. Ribbons waves around her and she really looks like a fairy.

Pei Yuan feels lost. The moan of a Korean brings him back to earth. He calls the police and while he is waiting for the police, he posts the photo on Weibo after struggling.

“This is the one mysterious hawk of the State of Huaxia is waiting for!”

Pei Yuan has become the butterfly. He doesn’t realize that at that moment, the boundary between ordinary people and cultivators in Huaxia has greatly changed because of his “flap”!

“… Processed by Photoshop?”

The first skeptical reply on Weibo appears very fast. Pei Yuan replies that he welcomes them to verify it.

After being tested by a lot of experts in processing pictures, this picture of Lin Luoran leaving on a hawk’s back becomes popular on the Internet — although many people still believe that the picture is fake, more people see Lin Luoran as Xiaolongnv in Louis Cha’s novel.

In this era, why is someone riding a hawk in an ancient costume?

Is the world we live in turning back to the magic world overnight?

A lot of people are panicking, but they are also expecting it.

In the magic world of Huaxia, there are boundless uncivilized place and mystical creatures, as well as immortals who will never get old or die. Why not expect it?

Lin Luoran has no idea of what has happened.

In the moonlight, Lin Luoran has felt the progress Goldie has made in the past three years. It is now as fast as a plane.

It flies directly to the destination, so maybe it is faster than taking the plane. It will take over one hour for Lin Luoran to see her family and friends that she hasn’t met in three years. Lin Luoran strokes Goldie’s feathers and she is very delighted and expecting the reunion!

Meanwhile at R City, the sky is illuminated by a bolt of lightning and the first thunder blasts!

The thunderstorm is rare in years, it even cut off the Internet for a short period of time.

Full of the expectation of the reunion, Lin Luoran has no idea what kind of danger her family is in at the moment…

No matter what happens, I’m back.