Chapter 161 Sorry to disappoint you.

The black car is galloping on the highway in the thunderstorm and it arrives at the gate of the resort in no time. The woman in black, who has a smiley face, has suddenly changed her expression.

“Master…” Zou Yaowei notices her expression and assumes that she is experiencing transplant rejection to her new arm again.

She calms down very quickly: “I’m not going. You go and solve the problem on your own. If anything goes wrong, just play it by ear.”

Why are those so-called moral cultivators around Lin’s Villa? She feels uneasy. Although her power can help her get the upper hand in battles, she is not that arrogant to believe that she can use the Blood Escape to leave safely from the joint attack of four cultivators at the level of Laying Foundation — besides, she really doesn’t want to meet some of them.

Zou Yaowei nods and doesn’t think more as his master is good to him. As for what can go wrong, the fury inside him doesn’t allow him to calm down and think about it — unlike Zou Yaowei, who is self- righteous, the woman in black is truly powerful.

Zou Yaowei gets off the car and walks into the gate casually.

His visit is reasonable — to meet a friend.

Who’s his friend? Miss Elly of the Fortune House, the tenant of No.7 Villa. The Zou family gets acquainted with the Ai family through the woman in black. Elly takes advantage of her connection with the Zou family to take control of Fortune House after her grandfather passed away and she is now the new CEO.

Elly has only met the only son of the Zou family twice. She has no idea of Zou Yaowei’s action towards the Lin family so she is waiting for him at home with joy in her heart. However, Zou Yaowei has walked towards the Lin family through the mountain path.

The mountain path is hard for Zou Yaowei to walk on as he just recovered from his sickness. Only a few steps will cost a lot of strength. The more tired he gets, the more he hates Lin Luoran, the one who made him disabled.

Although the woman in black has promised him to help him regain his cultivation, he has already lost four precious years when he is young. Zou Yaowei is cursing Lin Luoran, full of hatred. He will never know that Lin Luoran would never touch him if he didn’t act viciously in the first place.

Zou Yaowei goes across the pool and enters Lin’s villa.

The cultivators around are looking at each other, puzzled. The woman in black can sense that they are around, likewise, they can feel the presence of this demonized cultivator.

Kill her? No, that’s not an option now that Superior Huizhu is here. They cannot kill her, so the best choice is to wait to become a savior of the Lin Family.

The rain is becoming heavier and heavier. Raindrops hit the window of the villa and make a big sound.

Zou Yaowei doesn’t care about his people who are seriously hurt by the iron thorns. He goes straightly into the villa.

Baojia and other people of the Lin family are gathered together, pointed at by two guns. Reiki in Mount Qingcheng is more abundant than it is in the city, so Baojia hopes that she can restore some Reiki and fight back.

When she is thinking about how to fight back, she sees Zou Yaowei coming in.

Baojia’s face turns pale as Zou Yaowei will never give her a chance to fight back.

“Baojia, my little sister, nice to meet you again.” With a smile on his face, Zou Yaowei still calls her “little sister”, just like what he did before his true self was revealed.

However, it is this kindly-looked Zou Yaowei, who drove a car at her!

What did she do wrong? She did nothing more than turn him down…

It is the Zou family who forced her grandfather to retire!

Baojia is the one who hates Zou Yaowei most. Now he wants to hurt the Lin family! Hearing the word “sister” coming out of his mouth, Baojia looks at him with great hatred in her eyes.

Zou Yaowei sits on the sofa swaggeringly. Looking at the hatred in Baojia’s eyes, he feels the joy of a cat playing with a mouse.

“I heard that my little sister is also a cultivator. No wonder you look prettier than before… Pity. You have to be under me, a bucket case…” There seems to be nothing wrong with his words, but how he says it in a filthy way. Baojia is furious. At one moment, she really wants to desperately kill him with one shot.

It is true that besides your friends, your enemy is the one who understands you most.

Looking at Baojia’s expression, Zou Yaowei takes a dim view. He points at Luodong, who is hidden behind the three, saying: “Little sister, I suggest you behave well.”

Lust in his eyes becomes stronger, but he is not being lecherous. Facing a woman that he sought but failed to get, he suddenly gains predominance and the only way to satisfy him is to revenge all the humiliation given by the woman in the most direct and brutal way!

After insulting her, is it better to refine her into a bolus? Or to make her into a vessel?

That is a question.

The more Zou Yaowei thinks, the more pleased he becomes. He touches Baojia’s face frivolously and he is very satisfied with the touch. Mr. Lin has been forbearing himself, however, when he sees Baojia, who has been living with them for three years and who has already been seen as a second daughter, being taken liberties with, he cannot bear anymore. Just as he makes a slight move, with a “bang”, his arm is shot by one of Zou Yaowei’s people —

“Mr. Lin!”

“My husband!”


The three of them cry out together. Mrs. Lin bursts into tears. Luodong is frightened as what happens now reminds him of his life being abused before Lin Luoran and Baojia saved him.

The bullet not only ruptures Mr. Lin’s arm, but it also shot directly at his tendon. If he cannot get treatment in time, his right arm will be crippled.

“You just don’t appreciate it, do you?” Zou Yaowei takes out another gun and shoots Mr. Lin several times.

“Don’t…” Baojia cannot stop crying.

Blood is everywhere. Mr. Lin rolls up on the ground, trembling. Zou Yaowei only aims at his limbs. Therefore, it looks scary with blood everywhere, but the wound is not lethal right now.

“Zou Yaowei, you will come to a sticky end!” Baojia is so angry that she even bites her lip and makes it bleed. Zou Yaowei will certainly not be that kind. He will only be satisfied until he tortures everyone in the Lin family and Baojia.

She would rather die than satisfy him… Baojia thinks desperately. If she dies, he must die with her! She cannot think about what will happen to the Lin family if Zou Yaowei dies here. Anyway, Zou Yaowei will never leave them alone!

A small ball of Reiki is summoned inside Baojia. If she is able to push Zou Yaowei into the water, she is 100% sure that she can drown him before his bodyguards shoot her to death.

Just as Mr. Lin is suddenly shot, Master Guo wants to help, but he is stopped by Master Mu.

“Guo, I’ll save him!” These so-called cultivators have lost their basic conscience as a human being. Even though they get Tao of nature, how can these people become successful in cultivation?

Master Mu cannot look coldly from the sideline even if he will ruin Superior Huizhu’s plan. The good name? Screw it!

A ball of fire appears in his hands. Just a simple point will turn the scumbag who is hurting people into ashes.

Huizhu looks at him with disappointment but Master Mu ignores him. He moves his fingers slightly and he is ready to set the man on fire. At that moment, a chirp comes from the thunderstorm.

Master Mu’s movement stops.

He is not the only one who hears that chirp. The cultivators put the Lin family aside and look up to the sky — the chirp is not the only thing that catches their attention, they feel a momentum that only belongs to a cultivator in the level of Laying Foundation.

The hawk flies freely in the thunderstorm and it reaches the above of the villa soon. Because of the rain, the person sitting on the hawk is covered by light and the cover blocks the rain.

The hawk is that golden hawk!

The person… There is no doubt…

A bolt of lightning illuminates the sky. As the golden hawk approaches, they can see the person sitting on it clearly.

Her face looks more beautiful. Her momentum becomes more powerful. Her eyes become more confident. It is Lin Luoran, who has successfully laid foundation!

Sitting on Goldie’s back, Lin Luoran nods to Master Mu. Her spiritual mind is more powerful than cultivators at her level so she feels the presence of the woman in black from afar. Lin Luoran gets nervous and gets to the above of the villa soon.

The rain doesn’t conceal the smell of blood. Besides, there are so many cultivators looking on. Lin Luoran knows that something is wrong with her home. She sees the “Fire Ball Spell” that Master Mu is about to cast. She can distinguish good from bad so she will never blame him for being too late — whoever helps the Lin family will be acknowledged by her!

Especially today, after three years, maybe they all think that she was already dead.

Lin Luoran jumps down from Goldie’s back and floats into the room.

Superior Huizhu is silent, so are others — isn’t she dead already? After three years, she does not die; rather, she has laid foundation successfully. Those who want to take advantage of her family feel scared.

The return of Lin Luoran makes them scared, but the greedy is still there! Is her master really that powerful? Or does she own any precious treasure?

Fortunately, no matter which one is true, they haven’t done anything to the Lin family, so maybe it is still possible for them to cover their intention and fix the relationship with Lin Luoran. These self-righteous cultivators think. Master Mu and Master Guo stop worrying as Lin Luoran comes back, so they leave the place.

Superior Huizhu is the only one that understands everything. It seems that he can no longer hide everything and that the peaceful days of giving presents to each other have gone forever. However, Huizhu is firmer than other cultivators; otherwise, he cannot be the only cultivator at the later stage of laying Foundation in the poor condition on earth.

He is not wrong for wanting to go to the next level!

Lin Luoran doesn’t have time to care about how those people think. She floats into the room and sees her father lying in blood, her mother crying, Luodong being frightened… and the determined expression of Baojia.

The momentum of Lin Luoran shuts people down before they can see her clearly. They become quiet and turns at her:

— Such a beautiful woman… Zou Yaowei’s people get attracted by her and they even forget to distinguish friend from foe.

— Is that Luoran?

After three years, it takes Luodong a while to recognize his sister in shock. Lin Luoran’s mother and Baojia both burst into tears already.

They are not weak. All the pressure, waiting, disappointment, missing and the fear that she may be dead are now dissolving in their tears…

Zou Yaowei takes a few steps back and almost falls on the ground.

“No way! You are already dead!”

Seeing the condition at home, Lin Luoran knows what’s happening. With such a special “welcoming party”, the great joy of reunion becomes the evil air that needs to be led off.

She hugs Luodong slightly, infuses some warm wood Reiki and puts him to sleep soon. What will happen next is sanguinary and she doesn’t want him to see it.

Zou Yaowei shoots several bullets at Lin Luoran but they all drop onto the ground before approaching her. As Zou Yaowei turns around and wants to run, a gust of wind closes the door and takes his gun away.

Zou Yaowei is frightened. Lin Luoran smiles, but with coldness in her eyes.

“Zou Yaowei, you think I’m dead, so you can do whatever you want…” Lin Luoran moves her right hand slightly and a gust of Reiki shoots at his arm, faster than a bullet.

“Bang!” Zou Yaowei’s arm blasts and his forearm bone droops.

“You think I’m dead, so you can hurt my family…”

“Bang! Bang!” Two Reiki bullets! This time, they aim at his left arm and thigh!

Zou Yaowei is lying on the ground. The sharp pain twists his face. Shooting at other people’s limbs make him feel a distorted pleasure, but he never knows that when it happens to himself, it is extremely painful!

Lin Luoran walks towards him and looks at this Mr. Zou, who is like a piece of rotten meat. She smiles in a charming but lethal way:

“However, whoops! I come back!”

— To those who are expecting Lin Luoran to be dead, sorry to disappoint you!