Chapter 162 Carrot and stick

Zou Yaowei is now a piece of rotten meat.

It is so sanguinary that Mrs. Lin almost throws up.

Lin Luoran controls other people of Zou Yaowei. She checks her father’s condition first and then takes out the bullets and casts a Healing Spell. This Spell is hard to cast in the later stage of Training Qi, but now it is easy to cast with the help of Wanka, which is more powerful than Reiki.

Mr. Lin stops bleeding and his wounds are healing slowly. Spells are not magic and it cannot grow flesh on bones. It can heal but it needs time. Mr. Lin’s wounds seem to be serious, but they are actually traumatic injuries and he may get well soon.

After treating her father and comforting her mother and Baojia, Lin Luoran sends them to their bedrooms and she finally has time to deal with Zou Yaowei and his people.

The rain has already stopped. The moon jumps out of clouds again and the freshly-washed Mount Qingcheng is full of moonlight.

Seeing that those people, the ones caught by Baojia and Mr. Lin and the ones caught by Lin Luoran, kicked out of the yard, the remaining cultivators cannot keep pretending to know nothing and they come to greet Lin Luoran.

“Congratulations to Lin co-cultivator for entering the level of Laying Foundation.”

It is Minister Chen Yun of the special department. After Lin Luoran successfully laid foundation, they can no longer call her “girl” again. Chen Yun is being ashamed to call her “co-cultivator”, in fact, they should call her “sister” according to the gap between them.

Lin Luoran doesn’t care about how they call her. She just smiles in reply. The appellation is not a big problem. She will make progress in the future and doesn’t need them to call her “sister” at all!

As Chen Yun sets an example, master of the Wen family calls her “co-cultivator” as well and he invites her to visit the Wen family of the Zu Mountain — what’s more, he mentions that Wen Guanjing, the only one Lin Luoran is familiar with in the Wen family, is on a mission right now in Egypt and that he has nothing to do with what happens today.

Chen Yun blinks and cooperates with him. He is a friend and teacher of Wen Guanjing and is close to the Wen family. If he can ease the relationship with the help of the Wen family, why doesn’t he use it?

Whatever they say to her, Lin Luoran just smiles and nods in response. She seems nice, but actually, she is being unapproachable.

Huizhu says nothing more than a “congratulations” to Lin Luoran. The distance between them in terms of cultivation makes Lin Luoran unable to kill them even though she is not happy about what they have done. She can do nothing but bear patiently. Besides, she wants to charge some interest from them.

“Friends, I have just arrived home tonight and I still have something to do. It’s a pity that I cannot discuss Tao with you under the moon… However, I have been retreating for three years and I have got some insights on alchemy. I will sell some elixirs and boluses these days and I will post what I want them to be exchanged for on the BBS.”

Lin Luoran says with a smile on her face. Even Huizhu’s attention is caught by her words.

Elixirs and boluses! Cultivators are human beings as well and they face problems like getting injured, instability and normal illness like ordinary people. It’s easy to tell how much they are craving for elixirs and boluses. After all these years, ever since the Alchemy School disappeared, they cannot replenish the boluses at hand and they have run out of them already.

Even Huizhu, who is not holding high expectations to Lin Luoran’s ability of refining boluses, hopes that she can refine the elixir that can help him make it to the next level. Of course, he is feeding himself on illusions. Even if Lin Luoran can actually make it, why would she help him? Why would she set a barrier that she can never overcome?

Lin Luoran asks them to leave and tells them the great news of her selling elixirs and boluses. Even though they are “forced” to leave, none of them feel unhappy.

As the cultivators leave Lin’s villa, Lin Luoran turns to Zou Yaowei, who is ignored for a while. It’s interesting that he is still alive with three of his limbs shot and bleeding. Indeed, his vitality is as good as a cockroach.

“You can’t kill me… Or my master will come after you…” Zou Yaowei threatens her weakly, with his face twisted.

It’s actually better for him not to mention the woman in black. Lin Luoran will only be angrier after hearing her name.

Those three years in the blood pool is a terrible experience even though she has laid foundation. She can actually do that in a faster and safer way if she manages to refine the Foundation-laying Bolus… The random success of laying foundation can never compensate for the pain of being gnawed and the regret of almost losing her family.

There is a simple spell called “Message-passing Spell” in the level of Laying Foundation. It is used to make another person got the message within the range of five kilometers. Lin Luoran makes hand gestures with her right hand and a conch made by Reiki appears in her hand. She finds the direction with her spiritual mind and says,

“Your apprentice wants you to save him, are you coming or not?”

The laughter of the woman in black comes through, “Apprentice like him… I can have as many as I want… Trash does not deserve to be saved. Kill him if you want!”

After saying this, she cut this conversation off like hanging up the phone. Lin Luoran knows that her car has left, but she doesn’t chase it.

It will be good if the revenge can be carried out successfully as fast as possible, but Lin Luoran won’t do it as she is not 100% sure — she knows how important she is to the Lin family right now and her life is not just about herself.

If she cannot kill her once and for all, she will not expose her true power at this moment!

Hearing his master’s words, Zou Yaowei looks deadly pale. He pretends to be composed and tries to move with his broken limbs: “The Zou family… will never forgive you…”

The Zou family?

The first thing Lin Luoran thinks about the Zou family is the bossy Mrs. Zou in a red outfit at the corridor of the hospital when Baojia was seriously injured. At that time, Lin Luoran did not like the way the Zou family works. Now that he has mentioned, it’s not bad to “take care of” his parents as well — it’s true that she is venting her anger on someone else, but actually, it is more than that. It makes sense when people say that “If you don’t teach your kid to behave, you will eventually pay for it”. Zou Yaowei’s parents must be aware of his attack on the Lin family today.

Lin Luoran makes another Reiki bullets and shoots at his final complete foot. She lowers her head and whispers: “Don’t worry, the Zou family will accompany you soon.”

A ball of fire appears in Lin Luoran’s hand. Zou Yaowei looks at the fire and his final thought of is — how come that the playboy from a rich family in the capital ends up like this?

This question will never be answered. It takes only a few seconds for the fire to cover him. Being weak already, Zou Yaowei just has the chance of shouting once and he is turned into ashes, surrounded by the fire.

The cultivators who have not gone far hear the shout and frown: Lin Luoran seems to have changed a lot after coming back. She is a little vicious now… It’s not good news to them as nice people are easy to bully!

Lin Luoran looks at the direction of the cultivators and sneers at them: true villains like Zou Yaowei and his master are detestable, but hypocrites like them are not anything better. Just see what happens in the future!

Zou Yaowei’s people cannot move, but they can see and hear what has happened. Knowing is one thing, but seeing all these supernatural things happening is another. Seeing that their young boss is killed, they are very strong in composure not to wet their pants.

Lin Luoran is not in the mood of frightening them. She sets fire on the go-to guys. Seeing all his fellows killed, the leader closes his eyes desperately. However, the fire doesn’t burn him. He opens his eyes and sees the female evil walking to the door,

“Tell Zou Yaowei’s parents to wait for me!”

A gust of wind blows and the leader is blown out of the door. He stops before falling into the lake. The sudden survival almost makes him cry of joy. Although he may be dead at the Zou family as well, it is still better that he doesn’t die here and leaves nothing.

The leader stands up and runs quickly as if he is chased by a dog. He leaves the mountain, stumbling.

Lin Luoran casts a “Cleaning Spell” to clean up the blood in the room as well as the ashes of Zou Yaowei and his people. The villa becomes the clean and tidy Lin’s villa again.

Why did she inform the Zou family?

Sometimes killing people is not the most painful way to hurt them. Letting them live in fear before killing them is the more satisfying choice for Lin Luoran.

Am I a bad guy now?

Well… That is a question.