Chapter 163: Home, sweet home

As was frightened last night, Mrs. Lin doesn’t wake up until eight o’clock in the morning, which is not her habit. After waking up, she thinks about a strange dream last night. In the dream, a gun robbery happens at home.

At the end of the dream, however, her daughter comes down from the sky unexpectedly. Thinking about this, Mrs. Lin bursts into tears again: being abducted is not a big deal, if she can really meet her daughter who has been missing for three years, she will accept any nightmare!

Mrs. Lin sighs. She looks at the clock and her husband who is sleeping in bed and she gets up to make breakfast. Unexpectedly, she smells breakfast as soon as she opens the bedroom door. Mrs. Lin doesn’t pay attention as she assumes that Baojia has woken up and made breakfast.

However, when she passes by Baojia’s bedroom, she finds that Baojia is still sleeping. It is obvious that she has not woken up yet.

Who made breakfast then? Li Xi’er, who leaves last night? Mrs. Lin rejects the assumption. Even though Li Xi’er is fast in learning, she has no gift in cooking and what she cooks tastes terrible. If Li Xi’er makes breakfast, there will never be such a good smell.

Mrs. Lin holds the handrail and the dream suddenly occurs to her.

Could it be…?

Mrs. Lin hesitates. She expects that the dream is true, but she is afraid of bigger disappointment as well. She holds the handrail and walks downstairs. On the table, there is a plate of steamed buns, several bowls of congee with minced pork and preserved egg and some side dishes. The fragrance that she smells comes exactly from the table.

There is still the sound of cooking in the kitchen. A few minutes later, Lin Luoran walks out of the kitchen with a plate of shredded cucumber. She calls, “Mom”, and chocks with sobs.

Mrs. Lin pinches her hand and realizes that it’s not a dream… She takes a few steps forward and hugs Lin Luoran, crying. It takes Lin Luoran some effort to comfort her mother. A few minutes later, her father and Baojia wake up as well, followed by Luodong. When everyone calms down and is ready to have breakfast, half an hour already passes.

Looking at the cooled breakfast, Mrs. Lin is a little embarrassing. She wipes her tears and says, “I’ll heat the breakfast.”

Lin Luoran stops her. As a cultivator in the level of Laying Foundation, it is so easy for her to heat things up. She reaches out her hand, covers it with red light and stops above the congee and steamed buns. They are now at a perfect temperature, hot, but not too hot to eat.

In the Lin family, there is no such rule as “forbidding talking while eating”, so they talk about what has happened in the past three years. They are tacit and none of them talk about what happened last night or asks what happened to Zou Yaowei.

Commander Qin retired from office because of “illness”?

Sister Wang has a baby daughter and her family mostly live in No.17 villa, very close to Lin’s villa?

Qu Yi went back and Li Xi’er who has been staying here disappeared last night… There are good news and bad news. Lin Luoran sensitively feels that in the past three years when she is not here, her family has been living cautiously.

It will never happen again! She makes up her mind secretly.

However, she cannot guard her home forever and never leaves the house. The best solution is to help her father and Baojia make progress as fast as possible. She did not come up with the idea on the spur of the moment last night when she told those cultivators that she would sell elixirs and boluses. Actually, she laid foundation at the end of the second year in the blood pool, but at that time she did not fully convert Reiki in her body and she was not in a stable condition, so she could not move, let alone getting out.

What could she do in the year of lying? Apart from revising the knowledge of cultivation, she thought mostly about the cultivation of her father and Baojia. This is the cultivation world in reality, not in games or novels. With the help of boluses, they can certainly make progress quickly, but if their foundation is not solid, it will actually be a lot harder for them to make progress in their future cultivation. Therefore, Lin Luoran wants to exchange her low-level boluses for something that is helpful to her father, Baojia and even herself.

After breakfast, Lin Luoran check her father’s condition again. His wounds already crust and his vital energy and blood are restoring. She stops worrying about him. Lin Luoran has already become the backbone of the Lin family. As long as she is here, everyone feels at ease.

Mrs. Lin is very satisfied as long as her daughter is home. The only one she is worried about is Li Xi’er, who disappeared last night.

Thinking of the cultivators here last night, Lin Luoran believes that Li Xi’er was taken away by her school, so she is not worried about her safety.

After comforting her mother, Lin Luoran feels emotional. Time is the best way to test everything. When everyone thinks that she is dead, apart from Baojia, who has been like family already, the only people that can still treat the Lin family with all their heart are Wang Miao’e and her husband, and Li Xi’er, who has experienced a lot with her in the secret land. With the appreciation of what they have done to the Lin family, Lin Luoran now has the thought of being friends with them forever.

To those who treat the Lin family wholeheartedly, she will never let them down!

Looking at the flowers blossoming in the yard, the fruitful peach trees and the iron thorns on the fence, she feels that she can only relax in the coziest and most comfortable way at home.

Lin Luoran lies down under the flower vines, looking at Luodong, who has been standing next to her for a long time.

Little Luodong, or should she say, teenager Luodong at the age of twelve, is turning from a little boy with a round face to a young spark as he is now growing taller and losing baby fat.

Our baby boy is growing up, Lin Luoran thinks, missing the old days when she can play with his round face.

Earth Reiki is gentle and kind. With the influence of earth Reiki, although Luodong has changed a lot in his appearance, he was still the shy boy. Her mother has told Lin Luoran that Luodong studies very well and he will jump to grade six. Finally, he catches up with other children at the same age.

“How’s your school life?” Lin Luoran finds herself an irresponsible adopter and asks Luodong about his feelings at school.

Luodong hesitates for a second and realizes that she is asking him, “Ah… Pretty good.” It is indeed pretty good as he will not be beaten or starving and he can eat his fill and study with children at his age in a big classroom. More importantly, he now has a family.

With all those above, he will not care about the unhappiness happened at school.

Lin Luoran sees the hesitation in his eyes and sighs. After everything Luodong has gone through, he is shy but more sensible than most kids at his age. He is young so his acting of being happy doesn’t fool Lin Luoran. It seems that she needs to find time to visit his school in secret. She still owes Luodong a trip! After three years, she has a lot to do after coming home.

“Sister, can I study the magical spells?”

They didn’t mention anything about last night, but Luodong doesn’t forget about it. He’s a little great guy and he cannot wait to be protected by Sister Baojia and Sister Luoran every time.

Ah! So that’s why he has been following her all day today! Lin Luoran finds it very funny as she thought he is “obsessed with her”. Luodong is curious about cultivation and he has Taoist root of earth nature. It will be a huge waste if she doesn’t lead him into the cultivation world.

However, right now, facing Luodong’s expectation, Lin Luoran shakes her head.

Lin Luodong feels disappointed. Not surprisingly, an adopted kid like himself cannot study the magical spells.

Looking at his expression, Lin Luoran knows that this sensitive kid is overthinking. She explains, “You can’t study it now, but you can make the decision when you are eighteen.”

His eyes light up and Lin Luoran smiles.

She is not playing with him. She knows that the trip of cultivation is not easy and even she is testing each step before taking it. It is a road covered with thorns. If someone doesn’t have great willpower, great determination, and great chances, he cannot make it.

Being adopted by the Lin family is Luodong’s chance. However, Lin Luoran hopes that he can make the decision of being a cultivator or not when he grows up and when he can be responsible for the choice he makes.

Maybe it will be several years late, but Lin Luoran doesn’t want Luodong, her brother, regrets his choice when he knows the difficulty of cultivation.

Life is short. If Luodong doesn’t choose cultivation in the future, Lin Luoran can still provide him with a wealthy and happy life. Isn’t that a good life as well?

As for the problem of her mother’s Taoist root, Lin Luoran feels worried every time she thinks about it.

Unlike Luodong, she has no choice. In a family, the father is a cultivator, the daughter is a cultivator but the mother is not. Such a situation cannot be accepted by the father or the daughter.

Lin Luoran is still in her world when she hears pleasing and cheerful laughter from the door.

She was too dedicated to notice that there were people coming.

A little girl in a pink dress is joyfully laughing and she throws herself on Lin Luoran as if she is not afraid of strangers — actually, she throws herself on Luodong. Luodong glimpses at Lin Luoran and touches the girl’s face.

There are two more people at the door, looking at Lin Luoran in surprise. It is Wang Miao’e and her husband! Mrs. Lin invited them to dinner, but she didn’t tell them about Lin Luoran as she wants to give them a surprise.

Fatty Cui rubs his eyes, “Darling, am I still asleep?”

With tears in her eyes, Wang Miao’e pinches Fatty Cui on the arm and takes a few steps forward. She chokes and doesn’t know what to say other than “It’s good to finally have you back.”

All their friendship turns into this simple greeting.

The little girl looks at the pretty stranger and looks back at Fatty Cui curiously. Fatty Cui feels honored to be asked by his daughter and cradles her from Luodong’s arms — he is very jealous of Luodong as his daughter likes Luodong so much although she is only two years old. It must be Luodong’s fault! He just knows how to play cute to attract his innocent daughter!

“Baby, this is… Aunty Lin.” Fatty Cui feels pressured to teach his daughter to call Lin Luoran “aunty” as she grows younger and younger and she looks like a little girl who has just entered her twenties.

Seeing Fatty Cui’s expression, Lin Luoran smiles and eases his embarrassment, “Brother Cui, the jade boxes I ordered three years ago should be ready, right?”

Finally! After three years, she finally hastens delivery. Wang Miao’e smiles through tears and Fatty Cui promises that Cui’s Jade is always credible.

Looking at everyone smiling — even the solemn Luodong is smiling, the little girl giggles with them.