Volume Five It turns Out to be a Bigger World.

Chapter 164 A little plan

Lin Luoran gets her jade boxes from Fatty Cui the next day.

However, there is a problem: the century-year-old fleece flowers she prepared for the exchange are not century-year-old anymore. While she was lying in the blood pool, the fleece flowers have already become over 1,200 years old.

Century-year-old fleece flowers can be used as invigorator and spirit medicine. People will say that Lin Luoran is lucky to find a batch of century-year-old wild fleece flowers, but they will not think more as century-year-old fleece flowers are not that hard to find. Besides, she just got out of the secret land, so no one will suspect anything if she sells a large number of fleece flowers.

However, Lin Luoran is hard to imagine what will happen if she sells a batch of millennium-year-old fleece flowers… No one in today’s world owns that large amount of spirit medicine. Actually, she doesn’t even need to let others see the fleece flowers. If she lets out any information that she has a large amount of millennium-year-old fleece flowers, those cultivators who left before will come back. They will be controlled by their greed and hurt everyone in the Lin family no matter what price they will pay!

She is just a cultivator at the level between the early and middle stage of Laying Foundation. Even with the help of her cleared eyes, she still cannot know clearly Huizhu’s true power. Therefore, she is pretty sure that Huizhu is at least at the later stage of Laying Foundation. She cannot tell if he has completed the level of Laying Foundation.

Never underestimate any of your enemies. The experience in the blood pool has taught Lin Luoran a lot. She would like to see Huizhu as a difficult challenge which “has completed the level of Laying Foundation”. It is always right to make full preparation.

As for the woman in black, Lin Luoran chuckles.

She is good at demonized magic, but she may not be at the level beyond the middle stage of Laying Foundation. That night, it seemed that Huizhu only wanted to capture her, not killing her and that’s why he was restrained and the result was a tie.

There is an unspeakable tie between Huizhu and the woman in black.

With a smile on her face, Lin Luoran is slowly figuring out the relationship between those people she knows, their actual strength and their relationship with herself.

If they don’t fight in the blood pool, where the woman in black owns a home advantage, Lin Luoran believes she can take her down — it’s just that, she needs a more detailed plan for this fight.

One step at a time… Lin Luoran thinks for a while and comes up with an idea. She doesn’t know if it will work, but at least she should try it.

Lin Luoran takes a deep breath and stops the “dark” planning. She doesn’t feel guilty about everything she has done. There is nothing wrong with the revenge or protecting her family, but keeping herself in the mood is bad for cultivation.

Lin Luoran comes up with the idea of selling spirit medicine thanks to the change of fleece flowers.

The rich people break up the whole into parts in order to hide their wealth. Purchasing things with big gold bullion will draw jealousy, but if they separate it into small pieces, fewer people will notice them.

Millennium-year-old fleece flowers are conspicuous, but if she refines them into boluses, it will be different. If she refines boluses for her family and sells the rest, no one will know how precious the ingredient she used for the boluses.

It is commonly known that the effect of one millennium-year-old fleece flower equals to that of ten century-year-old fleece flowers. That is to say, if one century-year-old fleece flower can be used to refine 10 Fostering Qi Boluses, then one millennium-year-old fleece flower can be used to refine 100 Fostering Qi Boluses. Of course, there are not so many people like Lin Luoran who would like to refine low-level boluses like Fostering Qi Boluses out of millennium-year-old fleece flowers — the reason is easy to understand. It is easy to refine ten of the blouses with one millennium-year-old spirit medicine that can be refined by century-year-old spirit medicine. However, when you refine high-level boluses, century-year-old spirit medicine will never replace millennium-year-old spirit medicine in the effect no matter how many of them are used.

Lin Luoran thinks for a while and smiles.

After knowing what kind of people those cultivators really are, she will not be deceived on account of her generosity. If they want to buy her boluses, they’ll have to exchange what she wants for them.

What exactly does she want?

Jade! Rough jade only!

Apart from special kinds of jade such as nephrite or jadeite, most jades possess ample Reiki and can be absorbed by all kinds of Taoist root — jade is indeed a gift to cultivators from God! It’s a pity that nowadays Tao of nature is unstable and this “gift” has become a “bomb”. That’s why cultivators choose the difficult way of cultivation without the help of boluses or spirit stones.

Unstable Reiki… Lin Luoran looks at her bead and confirms that it is not a big problem for her. As long as she has enough rough jade, the “man-made” spirit stone she makes overnight can be used by her father and Baojia for a really long time.

She planned to collect rough jade on her own at first, but now she figures out that she can be the boss. She only needs to pay the cultivators a small price and they will go and find rough jade for her… She will never consider how many people will go into Myanmar or what result she will bring to the world jade market. Considering everything for others doesn’t bring her any good. Being kind will only make others think that she is weak. Why not be an unscrupulous merchant this time?

Another thing that makes Lin Luoran happy is that since she has successfully laid foundation, her space becomes larger and there is more room for her to grow something! Lin Luoran plans to do business on boluses so the enlarged room will be used to grow spirit herbs and spirit medicine.

She cannot waste her resources forever. When new spirit herbs can be used in medicine, they will replace the old ones. She should plan it carefully so that she can stop wasting spirit herbs and use the space to the maximum extent possible.

Speaking of spirit herbs, Lin Luoran recalls the two posts of hers on the BBS. She only has the newly planted fleece flowers and millennium-year-old fleece flowers now and there are no century-year-old ones.

She logs in the BBS and finds her ID and password still functional. However, her two posts are now at the bottom. It is understandable as everyone thinks she’s dead and there is no way she can still trade with them.

However, she still reads the posts. She opens the one to exchange her fleece flowers first. She is not surprised to find that most replies are meaningless. The only few replies asked what she wanted, but they gave up as Lin Luoran never replied to them.

What’s more, several young cultivators that went into the secret land with her asked if she was safe in a worried tone.

It was the year after her accident. Lin Luoran feels very happy to see their greetings already as they were not familiar with each other in the secret land.

Maybe… Young cultivators today are not as cunning as those old ones.

With a light smile, Lin Luoran continues to read the post about Butterflybush Flowers. One inconspicuous reply catches her attention.

“Sister Lin, I know a place where Butterflybush Flowers exist, but how old do you want them to be?” The tone is very careful and nervous. It seems that the Butterflybush Flowers of the place he knows are now old enough.

Lin Luoran doesn’t care about years. She is not sure whether there are still Butterflybush Flowers at the place or not, but she sends a message to this person with the ID of “Tofu”.

She has laid foundation already, but she is not the only cultivator at home. Ingredients for Foundation-lying Boluses are still necessary for her, but she is not in a hurry.

Lin Luoran posts a new post with an astonishing title, “Low-level boluses open to booking! Hurry up!” In the post, she explains her requirement of exchanging rough jade for her boluses and makes it clear that this is an advertisement. The specific way of exchange will be discussed on the quality of the jade.

Jade is easy to find and easier to buy, but boluses are not. Cultivators at low level are all surprised after reading the post.

The cultivation world is different today as communication has become easier. The message that Lin Luoran has come back is known by all, no matter in what ways, from their masters or from the popular picture on the Internet.

It’s just… The post of Sister Lin… No, Uncle Lin, is so astonishing and exciting.

The dumb ones are still replying the post, while the smart ones have already turned off the computer, left their places of cultivation and booked tickets to Myanmar — Uncle Lin is exchanging her boluses with jade, so jade will be so much more expensive and it’s better to buy some immediately!

Lin Luoran, however, doesn’t have time to think about their thoughts or care about the popular picture online. After posting the post, she starts the first step of her little plan. She picks up the phone and calls Master Mu, who is far away in the capital.

“Grandpa Mu, this is Luoran.”

Master Mu is stunned. This is the first time Lin Luoran ever talks to him like that.