Chapter 165 The Wine

“You want to find a Buddhist eminent monk?”

Lin Luoran’s request is simple, but Master Mu is curious. Buddhists are rare in today’s world and they don’t engage in the affairs of the cultivation world. Why does Lin Luoran want to find them?

Besides, cultivation today is getting harder and harder. In the modern world where everyone is impetuous, there are not so many people who are still dedicated to Buddhism… Practicing Buddhism is more difficult than practicing Taoism.

Even though he thinks about all the above problems, Master Mu still tells Lin Luoran several places where Buddhists remain as this is the first time she asks for his help.

Getting the information from Master Mu, Lin Luoran comes up with a conclusion. She thanks Master Mu and tells him that she will visit him when she is in the capital.

Hanging up the phone, Master Mu sighs.

Stories about Lin Luoran has already been widely spread. Perhaps the Zou couple is now regretting having their only son. He recalls what young cultivators told him about a picture of a woman flying on the back of a hawk. It seems that the boundary between the cultivation world and the secular world has been broken a little.

Master Mu has lived for over 100 years. He has witnessed the fall of the feudal dynasty, the difficulty of the foundation of Huaxia and the rapid change in the world for decades. Even so, he cannot tell whether it is good or bad to break the boundary between the cultivation world and the secular world… Master Mu looks at his phone with a wry smile. Even he, a cultivator, thinks that the technology in the secular world is very convenient. Maybe the decline of spells is the finality.

What is the chance for the struggling cultivators just like himself?

Will Lin Luoran be the chance?

Master Mu is lost in thought.


Lin Luoran has no idea of what Master Mu is thinking about. What she wants right now is neither refining boluses nor revenge. She even puts aside her little plan. At the moment, the peaches in her space are harvested. Besides, monkey fruit wine is good for cultivation but it was given by the old monkey and it cannot be replenished. Therefore, Lin Luoran decides to make some wine on her own.

She has come back for several days. Although she sits in meditation for cultivation every night, the Reiki that she absorbs is not as adequate as before. She hasn’t started the exchange so there is not enough jade for her to use. Moreover, if she uses up all the Reiki around, her father and Baojia will have nothing to absorb.

Therefore, Lin Luoran feels a little bored and wants to make wine.

She has enough ingredients for the fruit wine. She not only grows peaches in the space but apples and grapes as well — apple seeds were taken from the fruits they eat at home and grapevines were easy to find as well. A few days later, she has red and crisp apples and sweet and sour grapes that are pretty big. It is actually a lovely surprise as the grapevine was taken from the wild.

Mrs. Lin is very happy with the new fruits brought by her daughter. She doesn’t care at all about their origin.

Lin Luoran doesn’t have wine jugs, so the first thing to do is to find clay soil in the mountain. She takes Luodong and the little daughter of Wang Miao’e to the mountain. Actually, she wanted to make jugs out of the soil in her space, considering that it will be helpful to hold Reiki. However, she changes her mind because they are now close to Qingcheng Taoist Temple. In order to avoid being spotted by Huizhu, Lin Luoran is now cautious to enter the space.

Is it better to move back to the city?

She decides to move back to the city after Luodong’s school starts. At that time, she will have the jade, so her father and Baojia don’t have to practice cultivation in the mountain.

Goldie is now in a bad temper. Lin Luoran decides not to make it carry other people. She can fly without riding the sword now that she is in the level of Laying Foundation. Therefore, she leaves Goldie at home as a protection.

The three of them are walking in the mountain. The little one is too young to walk on her own so Luodong carries her all the way through. Soon, they find a shallow puddle. It will be dirty if they take the clay soil back home so she sculpts the soil and makes the jugs that are easy to take back.

The little girl makes a lot of clay figures and says that they are “Uncle Luodong”. Lin Luoran laughs happily seeing Luodong’s flush face.

Lin Luoran is now good at sculpting with earth Reiki. In order to save Luodong from embarrassment, she makes two lifelike clay figures which look exactly like Luodong and the little girl. She takes some plants to color the clay figures and they look very good after being burnt.

Luodong keeps staring at them and the little girl claps her hands and smiles happily.

The little girl has a lot of fun and takes a lot of dirt with her. It is already dusk when Lin Luoran brings her and the wine jugs back home.

Making fruit wine is simple. Step one: wash the fruits and mash them. Step two: filtrate the residue, put in some water from the space and some tonic spirit herbs. Step three: seal the jug and wait for them to ferment.

Everyone in the Lin family comes to help. There are several dozen kilograms of peaches, hundreds of kilograms of apples and fewer grapes at one harvest. Lin Luoran’s jugs are big and finally they fill a dozen jugs with her fruit wine.

Lin Luoran meditates Reiki in the wine, puts in spirit herbs that do not affect the taste and seals the jugs. Others help to move the jugs into their basement. Mr. Lin is the happiest of all — before he was seriously hurt, he would like to drink some wine every day. Now that he can drink wine, he is looking forward to the fruit wine made by his daughter.

After making the wine, Lin Luoran’s work is not done yet.

One day in the space equals one year outside. However, for a peach tree, if it is harvested for ten years, it will be hard for the tree to grow peaches anymore and Lin Luoran has to plant the tree once again. Ordinary plants like vegetables and fruits can be modified by the space, but cannot be totally changed.

After cutting down the peach trees and growing new trees, Lin Luoran has no idea of how to deal with the branches or what they can do. She just piles them up in the backyard, under the tree.

It is quiet at Lin’s villa at night. Lin Luoran has prepared some ingredients and comes into the basement on her own.

That alchemy furnace she got three years ago is kept there and there is dust all over it. It’s lucky that the inside is still clean. Lin Luoran wipes off the dust and takes out the ingredients. She remembers the prescription once again to make sure that she doesn’t miss anything and takes a deep breath.

She “refined” boluses when she just entered the cultivation world, but back then she just processed the drug with the method of traditional medicine. Thinking about it now, Lin Luoran believes that the effect of her Skin Beauty Bolus should be attributed more to the prescription rather than the medicine itself.

The prescription comes from the shabby medicine book of the Lin family. It’s a pity that the last part of the book is missing… It seems that she needs to read the book carefully. It contains more information than how to cure ordinary disease

Lin Luoran stops thinking about that and rechecks the spirit medicine. One millennial-year-old fleece flower, ten jade grass, ten Fulings, ten cassia seeds and dozens kind of supplementary spirit herbs, all of which are dozens of years old.

Making a Gathering Qi Bolus at the top-range of first grade alone requires dozens of ingredients. If she didn’t have this powerful space and grow them on her own, it would be nearly impossible for her to learn to refine boluses — perhaps this is why the Alchemy School disappeared.

Lin Luoran touches the head of Kyuuki with her right hand and infuses fire Reiki slowly. Once the alchemy furnace opens completely, she quickly puts the ingredients in the grids separately.

Technically speaking, this is the first time for “Uncle Lin” to actually refine boluses, but how can the exciting low-level cultivators with great expectations know about it…