Chapter 166 Not Surprisingly, Not Gifted.

The alchemy furnace is not put in the ground fire so it is heated by Lin Luoran’s Reiki alone. She uses the whole night transmuting the spirit herbs in the alchemy furnace.

Others in the Lin family know that she will be refining boluses. Seeing that the basement door is closed, naturally, they leave her alone.

Lin Luoran feels what is happening inside the alchemy furnace with her cleared eyes and keeps infusing Reiki at a steady speed. She is lucky to have the bead to absorb Reiki from at any time. Without the help of the bead, she cannot refine boluses at all as she is only at the early stage of Laying Foundation and she doesn’t have the ground fire or any spirit stone. Dealing with spirit herbs only will be nearly impossible.

Fleece flowers, fuling, jade grass… They are now transmuted into brown liquid in their grids. Although the liquid is full of Reiki, it is still not purified enough for boluses.

Lin Luoran compresses her lips and changes another hand gesture with her right hand. With a light flashing, the liquid drops from the whole and is purified, just like water being distilled.

After nine times of purifying, there is only a little liquid left. Lin Luoran is very much focused and she doesn’t even know the time as she cannot distract her attention.

After transmuting and purifying, the next step is the most essential one: solidifying.

The success rate depends on talent. If two people at the same level use the same spirit medicine and spell, their achievements are still different. People don’t know the reason, so they attribute it to talent.

Actually, the most important point of alchemy is to find the perfect turning point.

How to raise the quality of the boluses? Purify the boluses over and over again, year after year… After all kinds of liquid flowing towards the center and blending together, the perfect time for solidifying is the moment when all kinds of Reiki are harmonious.

At this moment, Lin Luoran is attracted by the beautiful scene of the overflowing Reiki of the brown liquid and she is always thinking that they should blend more. However, she doesn’t take into consideration her power and the quality of the alchemy furnace. Therefore, in the blink of an eye, the blending liquid starts separating.

Lin Luoran hurries to make hand gestures of solidifying — the lid is trembling and a flash of light comes out of the mouth of Kyuuki. The light blends with Lin Luoran’s Reiki and it is the alchemy furnace helping her solidifying!

Lin Luoran knows that she has missed the best time for solidifying. She tries hard to cast the spell for solidifying and feels nervous — there seems to be an invisible hand rotating the liquid inside and slowly making it a little ball.

Lin Luoran is happy and casts the final spell.

It seems that she can get a lot this time…

A smile just appears on her face, when suddenly, a slight sound comes from the inside.

What’s that sound…?

Lin Luoran calms down and opens the basement door which has been closed for two days. Seeing others coming to her with care, Lin Luoran cheers up a little.

“How’s the result?” Baojia is now obsessed with cultivation and she knows that most of the boluses refined by Lin Luoran are made for her and Mr. Lin. Therefore, Baojia wants to know the result badly.

It’s true that no one understands the daughter better than the mother. Seeing the disappointment and exhaustion on Lin Luoran’s face, her mother pulls Baojia’s sleeves. Lin Luoran notices this little movement and feels warm. She cheers up and answers frankly:

“I failed…”

It’s true. Even though she always knows that she is not gifted, she has still dreamt about being an all-rounder. What’s more, she has spent two days infusing Reiki constantly, which makes her very tired. Failing at the final step makes her unwilling to accept the result.

However, when she is upset now, others give her nothing but encouragement. Even Luodong knows to comfort her: “Sister, when I started school, I used to fail in the exams. Now I can get full marks on every subject!” After saying this, Luodong thinks his words contain some sort of showing off, and he feels a little embarrassed.

Lin Luoran slightly pats on his head and smiles: “I’m fine. It’s not a big deal. I will restart after I get some rest.”

Her mother nods: “You’ve been in there for two days. Whatever the result is, come eat something and get some rest first!” She comes and takes Lin Luoran away with Baojia.

Luodong is left behind and he whispers: “I’m not a kid anymore. Stop patting on my head…”

Lin Luoran hasn’t eaten anything for two days, so her mother makes her sparerib soup to replenish nutrition. She doesn’t let Lin Luoran leave until Lin Luoran has had two bowls of rice and one bowl of soup.

Coming back to her room, Lin Luoran sees Goldie reaching its head in and looking at her as if it knows about her failure. However, it doesn’t know what to do to comfort her.

Lin Luoran decides to ride on Goldie’s back and has a pleasant joy ride over Mount Qingcheng. The wind brings away her disappointment and she comes back in a cheerful mood.

Yes, she is never gifted. Everything she has achieved comes from her hard work and good luck that suddenly happened to her. Lin Luoran goes out to enjoy the night wind and comes back home again. This night, she decides to sleep rather than cultivation. Over ten hours later, she wakes up, eats something and goes back to the basement.

Reiki inside her is now in optimum condition and she is in her best condition. With the failing experience, Lin Luoran is more confident this time.

Lin Luoran puts in the same amount of ingredients this time.

She grabs the Kyuuki with her left hand, infuses Reiki constantly and puts the ingredients quickly. Lin Luoran closed the alchemy furnace and starts refining blouses attentively.

The ingredients are transmuted into liquid again and they leave essence after being purified. The rotating and floating liquid with overflowing Reiki makes Lin Luoran obsessed.

The purified liquid is flowing to the center and a small pile of rotating liquid gathers on the round stage. The essence of a dozen of spirit herbs and spirit medicine is blending although they have different properties and different quantities —

This is the moment!

Lin Luoran casts the spell of solidifying steadily. In the blending light, a flash of light comes out of the mouth of Kyuuki. Lin Luoran echoes her power with the power of the alchemy furnace and the lid trembles again — even with her eyes closed, Lin Luoran knows that the cream texture liquid is rotating and forming a shape and that it is becoming rounder and rounder!

Finally, she finishes the final gesture.

She has run out of fire Reiki inside her. The bead is now nourishing her pubic region with fire Reiki. Holding the alchemy furnace that stops moving, Lin Luoran feels exhausted, but she smiles more and more happily.

Although she doesn’t know the success rate, this time, she succeeds.

Whether being gifted or not is actually not a big deal. The one who takes every step steadily is the one who can reach the furthest!