Chapter 169 Under the Blue Sky

Lin Luoran leaves some refined jades at home and stores most of them in her space. After all, the jades are no longer trashes in those cultivators’ eyes. They become spirited, which means that Lin has to store them safely. Wealth always brings about disaster. It is always good to keep a low key.

Luodong has been excited these days because Lin Luoran has promised to take him to the capital!

In fact, going to the capital is not what makes Luodong so excited. Though he is interested in the trip, he looks forward to being with Lin Luoran. Luodong is sentimentally attached to Lin Luoran. Baby birds always regard the first creature they see as their mother. Luodong almost has the same feeling for Lin Luoran.

Luodong is thrilled that Lin Luoran has arranged the trip especially for him.

Days go by in Luodong’s expectation. Their day of departure finally arrives.

Mrs. Lin hates to part with her daughter. Mrs. Lin feels blue that her daughter has just come back after three years of missing, and she is going to leave again. Mr. Lin comforts Mrs. Lin that their daughter has to go outside in order to grow stronger. Even if Lin Luoran were not a cultivator, she would have to go to work every day, which is nothing better!

Mrs. Lin figures things out and sees Lin Luoran and Luodong out with an easy mind.

Goldie is quite dignified nowadays so Lin Luoran tells it to stay at home and serve as the guard. She and Luodong booked air tickets of that day.

Baojia drives Lin Luoran and Luodong to the airport. Now, Commander Qin retired and he lives in the military compound. Baojia barely goes out recently. She sometimes takes jewelry-design orders and spends most of her time on cultivation. The old casual Baojia becomes hard-working. Lin Luoran is not sure whether this is a good thing. However, Lin knows that Baojia is still guilty of causing the Zou family to attack both of the Qin and the Lin family. Baojia needs time to heal.

Putting Baojia’s hidden scar away, she will definitely grow from the cultivation. After all, if she can enter the level of Laying Foundation, she will be able to live more than 200 years. Baojia can do things she loves with her long life. Efforts made at young ages will always pay off.

Lin Luoran and Luodong pass the security check and board on the plane smoothly. However, something is bothering Lin Luoran. Why do so many people keep staring at her? Her level of cultivation is advanced and she doesn’t look sharp and aggressive. She fits perfectly in the environment. Though her appearance is outstanding as usual, nobody may notice her after she blends in the crowd.

Lin Luoran doesn’t know that the picture of her riding on the back of the golden hawk is going viral on the internet. Most of the netizens, interested or not, have seen the picture. The picture was taken from afar and it only captured Lin’s side face. Therefore, everybody who stared at Lin thought that the woman looked familiar but they weren’t sure of who she was.

Lin puts on a pair of sunglasses to avoid the attention of others.

Lin Luoran always wants to help her younger brother to open his heart to the world and to blend in the crowd. For this reason, she ordered seats for both of them in the economy class instead of the first class.

Noticing that Luodong is nervous, Lin Luoran whispers: “Are you afraid of the flying? Haven’t you already done that on the back of Goldie?”

Luodong’s face turns pale. He answers: “That’s different…” Flying on Goldie’s back feels so safe. His ears didn’t ring when Goldie took off. Now that his sister asks, he doesn’t want to be a coward. Luodong forces himself to sit straight and look out through the window.

Luodong calms down gradually and he doesn’t panic anymore when there is turbulence.

There are two beautiful things in the world which are the most impressive. Nobody will be able to resist the beauty.

One is the sea. Its vast and waving beauty is grand and magnificent.

The other is the sky. The swirling clouds are ethereal. Looking at the clouds which are taking various shapes, let alone Luodong, even Lin Luoran can’t help thinking about those mysterious legends — is there really a splendid palace hidden above the clouds?

Luodong is falling asleep. Looking at his cute little face, Lin Luoran smiles. The man sitting next to them has been checking on Lin Luoran and Luodong. He is stunned.

The young boy is wearing a summer suit in the English style. He seems to be shy, yet his restraint is noble. The woman next to the boy should be in her early twenties. She is calm and cool… They are really outstanding in terms of appearance and temperament.

Are they brothers and sisters?

If someone asks Luodong this question, he will definitely nod gladly — if Lin Luoran didn’t save him before, where would he be right now?

Luodong thinks about this question frequently. Those scary possibilities make him cherish the life he is living.

His life will be happy and wonderful just like the sea and the sky, now that he has his elder sister — Luodong believes.

The plane lands safely at the capital airport. Both Lin Luoran and Luodong are in good mood. Some people are expecting them, and some others may have trouble sleeping because of them…


The sky near the capital is mostly dusty in spring and autumn because of the wind. In sunny days, the sky will be so blue and clear. It is so rare yet fascinating.

People with a clear conscience will always feel easy.

Those who have been up to dirty tricks may be nervous when they hide in a luxury house on a sunny day.

For example, Mrs. Zou.

Recently, Mrs. Zou lost her son. She couldn’t sleep at night because of the scare. She becomes gaunt and gets much older rapidly.

Does she stop going to the beauty salon?

Mrs. Zou barely steps out of the house now. Every time she goes out, a bunch of bodyguards follow. Under this circumstance, how can she still have the mood to do facial care while chatting with other rich ladies?

The henchman of the Zou family chose to return and send the message with the will to die. He was actually quite hopeless. He worked for the Zou family, which meant that the fate of his own family was put in the hands of the Zou’s. This was the only way to gain trust from his masters.

Working for the bad guys didn’t mean that he was a conscienceless person. He had to support his family. If he returned to the Zou family, he would receive a large amount of alimony payment after sending the message. His family might be able to live a good life even he might be killed.

This was the reason why the man went back to send the message.

Unexpectedly, Zou Guojun, man of the Zou family, didn’t lose his mind after hearing the message. Zou just slumped.

However, Mrs. Zou, who always paid attention to her manner, wailed. She screamed about how “poor” her son was and shouted fiercely about tearing the messenger into pieces — the messenger was dragged away. He couldn’t choose the way to die, yet he believed that the future of the Zou family would be worse than his.

“Zou Guojun, Yaowei is your only son. Do you really bear letting him die like that…?” Mrs. Zou’s makeup was a mess. She pulled her husband’s sleeves and gabbled. Zou Guojun slapped his wife. Mrs. Zou’s face swelled up immediately.

Mrs. Zou was in shock. Zou Guojun turned around and stumbled out.

After all, he is a senior official of the government. His family served the country for generations. He doesn’t believe that the country will let his family collapse!

A cultivator… Doesn’t a cultivator have to obey the country?

Zou Guojun was never a coward, yet he chose to lay low for now instead of avenging his son recklessly. He planned to set a trap and make sure everyone who comes to make trouble will be dead.

Though Zou Yaowei was a loser, he was the only child of the Zou family, the only successor of Zou Guojun…

Zou Guojun asked for the help of the country. However, since the case involved cultivators, the file ended up at the desk of Chen Yun.

Minister Chen went through the file and blushed.

In the beginning, the special department invited Zou Yaowei in order to get the help of the demonized cultivator. Nevertheless, Zou brought about his own destruction by messing with Lin Luoran, the most outstanding cultivator in the generation.

Chen Yun blocked something out of his memory. In fact, that night, Zou Yaowei was not the only one who wanted to harm the Lin family. Those leaders of schools weren’t thinking about doing anything good.

Should he show some goodwill and improve his relationship with the Lin family?

As a result, Chen Yun chose to keep things down.

What made the Zou family furious was that people kept turning them down.

When the Zou family forced Commander Qin to retire, so many people in the military system were offended and dissatisfied.

Do you ask for our protection now?

No way!

Ordinary people might just gossip about the picture on the internet. For these powerful and rich people, the picture was a window to another world. As they dug deeper, they got to know that there were cultivators living in the country… Some rich people even took pleasure from the misfortune of the Zou family.

The enemies of the Zou family were cheering.

The friends of the Zou family were planning to drift apart.

The cold reality and the indifferent people gradually make Zou Guojun start to lose sleep at night… Looking at his wife who cries every day, Zou Guojun feels regretful.

Mrs. Zou here is the second wife of Zou Guojun. He divorced his first wife because she couldn’t deliver a boy. After the divorce, Zou Guojun married his mistress who soon gave birth to Zou Yaowei.

Zou Guojun feels that his wife is so annoying…

Wait! Will Commander Qin offer some help for the sake of their old times?

Desperately, Zou Guojun believes that he has found his last straw.