Chapter 170 Too Bloody for Kids

Lin Luoran brings Luodong to the villa on the Fragrant Hills.

In the cottage room, Lin Luoran lays ten “Circulation boluses” on the table. Master Guo, a straightforward man, gets excited,

“What are you doing…? I don’t want your boluses!”

Lin Luoran nods smilingly but refuses to take back these boluses. After she closed the trade and said that she wouldn’t make any more in the near future, the “Circulation Bolus”, which is able to save a life, has become priceless.

Some people who traded with Lin Luoran before are reselling these boluses in order to make high profit. They say that Lin Luoran lost on the deals, but Lin knows for sure that she didn’t. Of course, she will be able to build connections with the Burmese jade traders, or maybe become the secret owner or shareholder of a mine. In this way, Lin will never be short of jade.

However, business will waste her time of cultivation. Also, she has to sell the boluses so that the world of cultivation can know that she can make boluses… Lin Luoran may be the only cultivator in the level of Laying Foundation who can make boluses.

If she were not in the level of Laying Foundation, she would be caught by other cultivators and be forced to make boluses for them.

As a matter of fact, Lin Luoran is strong enough, and she has given everybody the opportunity to trade for some boluses… This means that there is no need to catch her. If someone does, maybe nobody will get any bolus anymore!

Lin Luoran has thought about all of these matters before. She has tried her best to minimize the possibility of herself getting harmed so that she and her family can cultivate in peace.

She is most willing to give Master Guo these boluses for free because he has been helping out her family when she was missing.

To smooth things over, Master Mu says: “Old Guo, just take the boluses! It’s Luoran’s goodwill.”

Master Guo accepts the gift. Circulation Bolus is a kind of fine Grade Two bolus. It can help cure the injuries of cultivators in the level of Laying Foundation. Though Master Guo’s has suffered from his injuries for so long, these boluses will buy him more time.

As long as there is hope, everyone will want to stay alive.

Luodong is shy but polite, so both Master Mu and Guo like him, especially Master Mu. Mu gets so excited the second he meets Luodong, a kid with single earth Taoist root, that he wants to take Luodong as his apprentice immediately. He would actually bring this up if he weren’t thinking about Lin’s mysterious master.

Master Mu asks tactfully why Lin Luoran doesn’t let Luodong cultivate. Lin Luoran answers that she wants to give him the chance to make the choice after he is eighteen years old. Master Mu and Guo both stare at her with surprise.

“A cultivator’s Taoist root can be identified after he reaches eight years old. Do you know how many people even can’t wait till then? You are the only one who has patience. Giving up in order to gain. Luoran, you do have an open horizon.”

Lin Luoran is stunned. She never heard of the fact that a cultivator’s Taoist root can be identified since eight. It’s actually not a matter of horizon. Lin is just more open on the education of Luodong. She hopes to be the guide and she will wait for him to make his own choice.

Since Lin Luoran, Master Mu and Master Guo are all in the level of Laying Foundation, the three of them can’t stop talking about cultivation.

Lin Luoran has become a cultivator for almost four years, and she is not an amateur anymore. She also has been studying the “encyclopedia on cultivation” which White Fairy gave her. Lin now has her own opinions on the topic Master Mu and Guo are talking about, and her opinions trigger both of the old men to think deeper.

The three of them talk while drinking wine. Lin Luoran has brought some authentic monkey fruit wine here. Though the wine she makes is also effective. it does not taste as good as the authentic one. This is the first time Lin Luoran has ever felt disappointed in her space. Plants will be ripe overnight and fresh food never go bad in the space. The strange thing is that nothing unusual ever happens to the wine.

The monkey fruit wine is made from fruit so it is low-alcohol. Its fragrance attracts some squirrels here. They jump up and down on the tree yet don’t dare to come closer.

Luodong is also listening to the conversation. He is highly focused and sometimes pours wine for the adults.

One has to own a Taoist root in order to learn “magic”?

I have the Taoist root of earth… Luodong doesn’t understand the rarity of people who have single Taoist root, but he is truly glad that he has one.

His sister is the in level of “Laying Foundation”. Cultivators in this level can cast more “magics” — oh, no, these are called “spells”. Also, people who lay foundation have the ability to control things out of the five natures?

Wood makes up forest and forest produces wind. Fire meeting water produces wind. Lin Luodong can’t understand these obscure sentences so he decides to keep them in his mind. However, there is one thing that he does understand. His sister, Lin Luoran, is impressive. She can use a “Wind-Riding Spell” to fly into the sky without Goldie!

It’s getting late. The squirrels lose their patience. Since they are not getting any of the tasty wine, they return home and eat some pine cones instead.

Luodong is asleep…

“Master Mu, can you help me take care of Luodong for a while?” Lin Luoran whispers.

Mu glares, “I’m not a babysitter…!”

“I’ll give you one bottle of monkey fruit wine!” Lin Luoran offers.

“Three bottles!” Master Mu tries to bargain.

“Two bottles or nothing!”

“Alright! Alright!”

The two of them are satisfied with the deal. Lin Luoran was going to send Mu some wine anyway, and she just won herself a favor. Master Mu is proud of himself. His plan was to ask for two bottles, and he successfully made Lin think that they reached a fair deal. Ha-ha!

Seeing that Lin Luoran is going out at night, Master Mu is aware of what she is planning to do. Master Guo asks, “Your brother is asleep. Where are you going?”

Lin smiles mysteriously: “I’ll make a bloody scene. It is not appropriate for a kid to look at. Do you know where I’m heading to now?”

Guo nods and says nothing. In fact, Guo has the personality of a ranger. He will choose happiness and freedom over cultivation!

“How long do you need to take down those gangsters? We’ll just wait for you to go back and drink with us. Come on, drink up!” Master Guo pours a cup of wine down his throat.

Lin Luoran drinks a cup too. She feels a pinch on her heart — she should have brought the wine she made. The authentic monkey fruit wine is just so precious.

No one in the cottage room takes the Zou family seriously.

Meanwhile, in Zou’s house, Zou Guojun hangs on the phone. He clenches his fists.

“What did he say?” Mrs. Zou asks with tears in her eyes.

Zou Guojun shakes his head, “He said that his friendship with my father is gone when Yaowei hit Qin Baojia with a car.”

Mrs. Zou’s desperation changes into anger: “Gone?! Your father carried him out from piles of dead bodies. His words couldn’t mean anything! People from the Qin family are all heartless, just like Qin Baojia. She is such a bitch. Yaowei liked her so much. If she said yes, she would become my daughter-in-law, and Yaowei would not be dead…”

“Enough!” Zou Guojun interrupts. He is so angry that blue veins stand out on his neck. He says: “Aren’t you embarrassed? You are the one who always asks for the favors of the Qin family. Don’t you know why they don’t want Qin Baojia to marry our son? After all, you are the one who got our son killed!”

You are the one who got our son killed—

Like a flash of thunder, this sentence strikes Mrs. Zou.

Her lips are pale and her hands are shaking. Mrs. Zou never wants to admit that she is the one who spoils Zou Yaowei. It seems that there is no other way to make things right anymore.

“By the way, did you find Yaowei’s master?” Though this mysterious master is to be blamed for Zou Yaowei’s death, Zou Guojun wants to get some help from her.

He stares at his wife. Mrs. Zou, who used to be an arrogant lady, shakes her head…

Holding a cigarette, Zou Guojun’s hands shake. He can’t believe that the Zou family will end up in such a situation.

Are these cultivators really powerful like that?

In the dark, Lin Luoran stops in mid-air and looks down at the Zou’s house with cold eyes.