Chapter 171 Night Attack

Zou Guojun is the only direct descent alive of the Zou family. A few of his distant relatives work as high-level officials in the government, but they only get their job with the help of the Zou family. These people are actually powerless.

Lin Luoran reviews the information on the Zou family in her head. After hearing that she has come to the capital, Chen Yun went through a lot of troubles and sent her this information. Chen Yun clearly wants to show his goodwill. This is such a bureaucratic move. No wonder he can’t enter the level of Laying Foundation… Lin burns the materials into ashes and looks at Mr. and Mrs. Zou through the window.

Grass will grow again if you don’t dig up the roots.

No close relative. Good. Though she must revenge, Lin Luoran doesn’t want to kill innocent people. God observes everything everyone is doing. Lin may vent her anger through a massacre. However, if she does so, what is her difference from Zou Yaowei, a bully, and Mrs. Zou, who has no mercy in her heart?

Stop killing by killing may seem simple, yet it is not Lin’s way of handling things.

A crystal chandelier is hanging in the study of Zou’s house. It is not so luxury, but it does show the owners’ taste. After all, this is the house of an upper-class family of Huaxia.

The study is on the second floor and there are armed bodyguards walking on the balcony. At least a dozen guards are standing by in the house, and they all have guns in their pockets!

Even a fly will have trouble flying into Zou’s house.

If the enemy of the Zou family were an ordinary person — Lin Luoran sneers. Too bad that she is not! In the darkness, Lin stands on the roof. None of the bodyguards notices her presence. With her good hearing, Lin has heard every word Mr. and Mrs. Zou just said.

This explains why Mrs. Zou acted so arrogantly in the hospital before. Turns out Commander Qin and Zou Guojun’s father were old acquaintances. In fact, Zou Guojun is quite sober at last. No matter how close his father was with Commander Qin, his family asked too many favors and his son hit Qin Baojia with a car. No friendship can survive this.

However, Zou Guojun is also truly powerful. He actually hires enough men who are able to take down any ordinary person.

This is a starless night. The capital is lighted up by millions of streetlamps. In the Zou’s house which locates in the suburban area, the only sound is Mrs. Zou’s cry.

“It is already too late to cry.” Lin Luoran jumps down from the roof and lands on the balcony. Mrs. Zou becomes stiff. She looks up.

The bodyguards draw out the guns immediately. They react quite quickly, but Lin Luoran is faster!

Before any of the bodyguards pulls the trigger, they are thrown down the balcony by an invisible force.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

They keep shooting at the balcony and they are not going to stop until Lin Luoran is dead on the ground.

The bullets can’t break the window. Lin Luoran raises her eyebrow.

Bullet-proof glass? The Zou family surely doesn’t give up on hope. They are putting up a life-or-death struggle!

Though Lin is in the level of Laying Foundation, her body is made of flesh and blood. She is bothered by these bullets coming right at her — only a little bit.

While dodging the bullets, Lin Luoran gathers gold light on her fingertip. It is the “Sting Tip Spell”, the spell Lin used to carve the jade pendant as a gift for little Tess. With her current level of cultivation, the spell is much more powerful than a bee’s sting!

Lots of shiny “bee stings” rush out the second Lin finishes making the hand gestures. The bee stings collide with the bullets. One by one, the bullets fall on the ground.

The fight is intense. Mrs. Zou nervously holds Zou Guojun’s hand. Zou Guojun gives his wife an assuring look.

The Zou family always prepares for everything.

If Zou Guojun were able to see the bullets on the ground clearly, he would not have so much confidence. Lin’s bee’s stings thoroughly go into the heads of these bullets and go out from the bottom. They change the trace of the bullet completely!

There is something more. The bee stings are not only sharp, they also follow Lin Luoran’s order and hit both hands of all the armed bodyguards. In an instance, the guards kneel on the ground and wail.

Lin turns around and looks at Zou Guowei and his wife with a smile. Mrs. Zou gets even more nervous.

“Hello again, Mrs. Zou.”

Behind the glass, Mrs. Zou can see that Lin’s lips are moving but she can’t hear Lin’s voice. What she does understand is that Lin is sneering.

While being afraid, Mrs. Zou gets angry for no reason.

Last time, they met each other in the hospital, Mrs. Zou fled. She hated Lin Luoran since then. Later, Zou Yaowei was beaten up, which was traced back to Lin Luoran again. Mrs. Zou wanted to slaughter the entire Lin family to revenge her son!

However, Zou Yaowei’s master said that the Lin family was protected. They had to be patient… They waited for three years and everything they got was a dead son!

Thinking of this, Mrs. Zou’s eyes are filled with hatred.

Lin Luoran draws a circle with her fingertip on the bullet-proof glass — the glass is not broken!


Lin Luoran is a little surprised. The sound of machine comes from over her head. A huge bell suddenly falls from the roof and caps Lin Luoran. The bell is so heavy that the entire balcony shakes when it hits the floor. Fortunately, the house is solid, or else it may collapse.

Seeing that Lin Luoran is capped in the bell, Mrs. Zou is thrilled. Zou Guojun doesn’t show any emotion.

“Crack.” The sound of machine comes again. Like all the rich and powerful families in the world, the Zou family also has a “backroom” in its study. Now, the door of the secret room is open. A middle-aged man in Taoist robe comes out.

“Master, your plan is perfect. The enemy is captured. Should we move on with the plan?” Zou Guojun makes a bow. He seems to respect the Taoist a lot.

Who said that the Zou family must rely on others?

The acquaintances of Old Mr. Zou are reliable! — This middle-aged Taoist is the “master living in seclusion” whom Zou Guojun took so much trouble to invite here. The master has made a perfect plan which actually works out!

Zou Guojun gloats and Mrs. Zou feels happy for the first time in a while. None of them notices that the hands of the “master” are shaking.

God! If he knew that the enemy of the Zou family was a cultivator in the level of Laying Foundation, he would never step out his secluded house no matter what Zou Guojun offers!

What should he do…? The middle-aged Taoist is thinking fast. He thinks that maybe the bell and the glass he strengthened with spells can withstand the attack of a cultivator in the level of Laying Foundation. The next second, the bell shakes.

“Hiss— ” The bell shakes. However, the sound doesn’t even sound like the clash of metal. It sounds more like someone rips a piece of paper with a sharp knife.

That’s right. The strengthened bronze bell is like a thin piece of brown paper. The person trapped inside waves a sword.

With a flash of light, the bell is broken into halves.

In front of the stunned couple of the Zou family, Lin Luoran stands with a sword in her right hand. Lin is unscathed. Through the bullet-proof window, she stares at the “master” Zou invited here.

The middle-aged Taoist’s eyes are wide open. This is the first time he sees the cultivator in the level of Laying Foundation clearly.

A girl in her twenties?

He has only spent a decade on the mountain. How can the world of cultivation change so fast? When did this young person enter the level of Laying Foundation — a female one? The Taoist’s fingers are numb. Everybody knows that female cultivators are mean and unreasonable. What should he do?

The middle-aged Taoist is desperate. He overlooks the distress signal of the Zou couple. After all, he doesn’t even know how to save himself from this situation!

Lin Luoran sneers. She slashes the bullet-proof glass with the Bright Sword. The glass, strengthened by some mysterious spells, doesn’t have a chance of resisting the attack of a Grade Five magic weapon. The glass is shattered.

With his good eyesight, the middle-aged Taoist sees that the pieces of glass on the ground have become white frost. He shivers.

The psychological line of defense of the Zou couple breaks like the shattered glass.

As soon as Lin Luoran steps into the study, Mrs. Zou rushes at Lin hysterically. She is kicked away before she touches Lin’s clothes.

Zou Guojun collapses. He doesn’t fake this. He is really hopeless. No matter how powerful he is in the government, nothing can save his life now.

The middle-aged Taoist makes a bow and says “senior”. Lin Luoran answers indifferently: “You are quite capable in some ways.” Lin’s words make him even more embarrassed.

Lin Luoran is not flattering him. This middle-aged Taoist is only in the middle stage of Training Qi. She didn’t realize that he was here. The man is indeed capable of hiding his presence.

Lin has thought so many times about how to deal with Zou Yaowei’s parents. She has to build her authority and vent the anger in her heart.

Zou Guojun looks frustrated and his wife, who always acts arrogantly, is lying on the ground by the table with messy hair. Looking at them, Lin feels that revenge is pointless.

Nevertheless, she will definitely not let them go now. The Zou family has lost their only son and all of their respects. Sooner or later, they will come and look for vengeance. However, Lin Luoran is not interested in torturing them.

Therefore, Lin Luoran throws two fireballs at Zou Guojun and his wife. The middle-aged Taoist watches aside. In a few seconds, Zou and his wife die in the same way their son did.

Listening to the screams of the Zou couple, the Taoist is soaked in sweat. Lin Luoran fulfills her purpose today and turns around to stare at the man. The Taoist can’t help being afraid.

Who said that cultivators aren’t afraid of death?

One who owns a fortune fears poverty the most.

In a similar way, cultivators, who pursue long life, fear death even more than the mortals!

At this tense moment, the middle-aged Taoist suddenly thinks of something Lin Luoran just said — you are quite capable in some ways. He certainly knows that there is one thing that the cultivator in the level of Laying Foundation may be interested in.

“Senior, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that the Zou family was against you. He fooled me to come here. I’m glad to offer you the “Breath-holding Spell”. Could you please forgive me…?”

The man says with reverence and awe. In fact, Lin Luoran is even more surprised.

What? Do I look like a robber?