Chapter 174 Altitude Determines the Mind (Part Two)

Sleeping on the train is uncomfortable. Mostly, all the passengers wake up by the noise at six or seven o’clock in the morning. Lin Luoran didn’t sleep all night. She has hoarded so many refined jades in her space. All she has to do is to take one out and hold it in her palm. In this way, Lin can cultivate herself on the train, where there is nothing but turbid air.

Rong Donglin wakes up and sees that the “sister” is lying on the bunk across to his and looking through a magazine. They are on a slow train, and they will arrive at Xi’an at 4 pm. Rong has no more instant noodles — what should he do? Luodong’s sister seems to be so solitary. Even he wants to help them very much, there is nothing that he can do.

When Rong is struggling, Luodong wakes up. After cleaning himself, Luodong starts to talk with Rong Donglin.

During their conversation, Rong obtains more information about Luodong and his sister. They come from R City. They got on this train after having a tour at the capital and they are going to Xi’an to see the scenery… This is so strange. Why can they have the money to go on a trip but can’t afford food?

Rong is confused. It’s almost lunchtime. Luodong’s sister is still reading the magazine. Rong offers food to Luodong again, and Luodong refuses to take — Luodong is a smart boy. He must have figured out that Rong lied last night in order to let him take the instant noodles.

It takes 24 hours to get to Xi’an from the capital by slow train. Rong Donglin only prepared three bowls of instant noodles for himself, and he didn’t expect that he would have to share his food with two more people.

Out of Rong’s expectation, by noon, Luodong’s “sister”, who hasn’t said a word today, takes out some cash and puts them on the table. She says, “Luodong, can you run to the dining carriage and buy us lunch for three?”

Lunch for three? Are we buying lunch for brother Donglin?

Lin Luodong is happy that he is going to buy lunch for his new friend. He takes the money and runs into the crowd, heading to the dinner carriage.

Rong Donglin tries to say something, but Luodong runs so fast. Rong doesn’t get the chance to say what he wants to. He hesitates for a while and says to Lin Luoran embarrassedly, “It’s not safe on the slow train… You shouldn’t have given that much money to a kid.”

As a matter of fact, Rong Donglin now realizes that Luodong and his sister are not poor at all. The sister just gave her younger brother a few hundred yuan to buy lunch, which makes Rong feel that what he did yesterday was nothing. As a student who is short of money, Rong never orders the “expensive and unsavory” meal on the train.

Rong only said that because his heart was struggling. He regrets immediately. He has no right to mind other’s business.

However, Lin Luoran, who has been in silence, smiles and says, “You are a good guy. Good things will happen to nice people.”

What? What good things?

Rong hears Lin Luoran’s words clearly this time. Isn’t his “help” useless? Turns out that Luodong’s sister believes that he is doing good things… Rong Donglin really can’t understand the thoughts and actions of these rich people.

Though the price of commodities has soared in recent years, a few hundred yuan are enough for the three of them to enjoy dishes specially made in a small wok. Since Luodong is so cute, the attendant lady helps him bring the dishes back. The other passengers who are adding boiled water into their instant noodles are so jealous.

After Luodong is back, Rong Donglin discovers sensitively that Lin Luoran who was nice and gentle just now becomes cold immediately. Luodong is the only one who knows nothing about this. He keeps asking “brother Donglin” to eat more.

Also, Rong Donglin notices that Luodong’s sister only takes a few bites of the best dishes the kitchen on the train can make. She even ate more instant noodles last night.

They must eat fancy dishes every day… Rong scratches his head and gets confused. There are a few pimples at the corner of his mouth. After all, he is a simple and young student. He doesn’t think much about anything. Soon, he forgets about his confusion and starts to enjoy the meal.

“Brother Donglin, are you going to Xi’an for a trip?” After lunch, Luodong asks.

“No, I’m heading back home…” Though Rong is not a shy person, he is too embarrassed to admit that he has spent his summer vacation working, and he only has time to go home and be with his parents when the vacation is almost over.

Why is he embarrassed?

Rong Donglin doesn’t know either.

Luodong becomes more articulate during the conversation with Rong. Time passes quickly on the train. They arrive at Chang’an.

Rong Donglin now finds that Luodong and his sister don’t bring any luggage. This is so weird. Xi’an is Rong’s home city. He wanted to ask them whether there is anything he can help. However, he doesn’t dare to speak because Lin Luoran is so cold.

Luodong gives his contact information to Rong and says goodbye. Lin Luoran holds Luodong’s hand and the two of them disappear into the crowd.

It is quite hot in Xi’an. Rong Donglin is soaked in sweat. He fumbles in his pocket for money and finds a piece of paper — it is a note written on a page of a magazine.

“Thank you for talking with Luodong. Call me when you are in need.” A phone number is in the back. Lin Luoran signed her name at the end of the note. Her writing is delicate, which suits her personality.

Rong Donlin scratches his head. He forgets to mention that he is a student of the University of Chuan… Nevertheless, he won’t be shameless to ask for favors from people he has met once.

Rong puts the note in one of his books and goes to a store by the street to buy water.

Rong doesn’t realize that this note will be so precious at some point in the future.

Meanwhile, Lin Luoran is talking to Luodong,

“Luodong, do you want to become a nice person like Rong Donglin?”

Lin Luodong looks at his sister with confusion.

Lin Luoran smiles, “Did you see what Donglin was wearing?”

Luodong frowns and thinks for a while, “He was wearing a red T-shirt. It was nothing strange.” What is the connection between Rong’s clothes and his personality?

“Did you notice his sleeves?”

His sleeves… They were whitish? Lin Luodong is not a kid who never lives a hard life. He realizes instantly. Rong’s T-shirt turned whitish because of too much washing. Does this mean that Rong is actually short of money?

From the look on Luodong’s face, Lin Luoran realizes that he has figured things out. She asks, “We didn’t eat since we got on the train yesterday. Why Rong was the only one who offered us the instant noodles?”

“Because he is a nice person!” Luodong blurts out.

Walking into an outdoor equipment shop, Lin adds, “He has a broad mind. Though he doesn’t have much money, he is willing to give us two bowls of instant noodles… Maybe that was the only food he had.”

Luodong can’t understand everything his sister just said.

Lin Luoran doesn’t push him. She picks two sets of mountain-climbing gears.

Seeing that Luodong is still in a puzzle, Lin Luoran smiles and pats Luodong on his head. Luodong rolls his eyes — he really becomes much more active! Looking at the mountain-climbing gears, Lin Luoran leaves some words unspoken.

She wants Luodong to become a person just like Rong Donglin who is not ashamed of being poor. Rong is also happy to help others. Tough people born in poor families always have more chance of success!

What does the saying go?

— Altitude determines the mind.

Lin Luoran still has time to influence Luodong and give him hope for life, doesn’t she?