Chapter 176 If You Were Deceived By Life

I can’t give up!

Lin Luodong grits his teeth. His backpack is so heavy that he is having a hard time breathing.

It rained just now, and the iron chain by the stairs is slippery. Though Luodong is wearing gloves specially made for climbing, he feels that he may fall any second.

He is so tired. He can’t even lift his legs and his hands are definitely swollen. He is struggling every step he takes. The stairs on Mount Hua seem to be endless.

Lin Luoran walks slowly and easily a few steps in front of Luodong. Luodong feels like that a string is connecting himself with his sister, which makes it impossible for him to give up.

“Kid, is your bag heavy? Do you need my help?”

The sudden rain has sent away most of the tourists. Lin Luoran and Luodong almost reach the peak, so there are not many people around them. They actually walk quite fast. At this speed, Luodong is physically tired. His pale little face arises the pity of some women. There are already five “sisters” and three “aunts” who have offered their help to Luodong.

Of course, every time someone volunteers to carry Luodong’s bag for him, Lin Luoran will suffer a disdainful glance at him.

Lin Luoran looks back to check on Luodong’s condition. Noticing that, Luodong feels that he suddenly regains his self-esteem. His strength is back again. The sky is getting brighter and the peak is just around the corner. Luodong has persisted for too long to give up now.

“Thank you, aunt. I’m ok!”

Lin Luoran shakes the sweat off her forehead. She doesn’t realize that no elder woman can resist Luodong’s cute and stubborn little face.

Walking in the front, Lin Luoran is actually laughing.

Having conversations with strangers, buying food by himself, sharing grapes with the tourists, and saying thank you politely… Luodong wasn’t able to say a word when they first met. He was so shy and dull back when they went on the trip together. As she expected, the beautiful scenery would be the best cure for Luodong.

Her younger brother is making so much progress. She is so happy.

“We’ll get to the peak soon. Come on.” Lin Luoran turns around and whispers. Luodong forgets about the pain in his hands immediately.

One step, two steps, three steps… Lin Luodong can’t remember how long he has been walking. It’s 3 o’clock in the morning. Few people have reached the east peak. Luodong and his sister are in the first group of tourists who climb on the peak.

The east peak of Mount Hua is the best spot to watch the sunrise. There is a hotel on the peak, but the rooms are too expensive. Most tourists choose to stay at hotels at the foot of the mountain and start to climb in the middle of the night. They reach the peak around 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, which is the perfect time to see the sunrise.

Some of the tourist gave up when it rained earlier. Lin Luoran and Luodong walked fast and they barely took any rest. Therefore, the two of them reach the top of the mountain before most of the others do.

It is delightful with few tourists on the peak.

Lin Luoran picks a spot and takes out the tent and other outdoor gears out of Luodong’s backpack. She lays a mat on the ground, pitches the tent, and puts her tea set on the mat.

She takes out some Dahongpao tea leaves she received from Master Mu. The entire tea set is also a gift from Mu.

Lin Luoran doesn’t make tea first. She and Luodong haven’t eaten anything since they got off the train. Climbing to the peak of Mount Hua is tiring. It’s time to have something nice to replenish their energy.

Lin Luoran takes out the small foldaway table she bought at the outdoor gear shop. She lets her brother rest by the side and goes into her space to find the salmon she bought in Nerway. Thanks to the space, the salmon is still fresh like it is just caught from the sea. Its fragrance is elegant and classy.

After all, Lin is in a public place. Though there are few tourists around, Lin is just too low-pitched to use spells. She chooses to cut the salmon with a knife.

Grapes, apples, and peaches are laid on the mat. However, this is not enough as lunch for two.

“Wait here.”

Lin Luodong nods. The next second, Luodong sees that his sister has jumped up onto the tall pine tree over their head. Lin Luoran jumps down after a few seconds. Some bird eggs are in her palm, covered by dew drops.

They have a brand new pan. Lin Luoran secretly uses a spell to cook an egg. The golden brown color of the fried egg is not evident in the dark, but the smell is just so attractive.

Without anyone noticing, Lin Luoran is preparing a hearty breakfast on the top of the mountain. Light starts to shine at the horizon.

The sun is rising.

Lin Luodong takes his gloves off. Two blisters on his hands are already popped. He knows for sure that there are more blisters on his shoulders. Still, he says nothing and hides his hands behind his back.

Now, his sister is making breakfast on the top of the mountain, and some other tourists are chatting. Luodong feels that all the hardship he has passed through in order to get here is worthwhile.


Lin Luoran passes a plate of omelet to Luodong. She shushes him and points at the sky, “Look!”

Look…at what?

It’s like that the sky is torn open by light. Dark blue clouds are rolling. Beams of light starts to shine through the clouds. The red glow of the sun gets brighter and brighter, warm and shining— Luodong squints. He has never seen any sunrise as splendid as this.

Suddenly, the clouds float away. The dazzling light of the sun finally pours down from the sky!

Lin Luodong’s eyes are wide open. He is fascinated by the view.

Meanwhile, a strong wind comes. Clouds are gone. The mountain, the pine trees, and stones in strange shapes gleam under the sunlight. The view changes every time he blinks and it keeps getting prettier.

Lin Luodong can’t keep his eyes open in the light. He hears his sister talking by his side,

“You have to walk a long way in the rain in order to enjoy the beautiful sunrise; you have to carry all the materials and equipment up here so as to have the delicious breakfast… In life, there will be no sweet without sweat, and all the sweat will make the sweet memorable. Other people may share your previous hard life, but they are not so lucky as you are. Luodong, life used to treat you badly. But from now on, you will be rewarded for the hardship you’ve been through…”

Though she has prepared for the speech, Lin Luoran feels that she is being inarticulate.

In fact, Luodong is smarter than his peer even he is shy and autistic. He fully understands what his sister is trying to say.

He was homeless and he used to be beaten up. No one could imagine what he had really been through. He weaved a cocoon in his heart to protect himself. No one ever asked about his life before being adopted by the Lin family.

This is his scar. Lin Luoran just opened it gently. Out of his expectation, Luodong doesn’t feel hurtful. Instead, his heart becomes soft.

Later, Lin Luoran hears that Luodong is weeping. She turns around and looks Luodong in the eye. Luodong’s eyes are clear as a spring.

Tears wash the sadness out of Luodong’s eyes. His eyes are shining like crystals.

Will Luodong be different? — Lin Luoran is looking forward to his change. She has done everything she can to help him.

Light pours down on her face through the branches of the pine tree. On the top of Mount Hua and under the old pine tree, Lin Luoran looks like a fairy who has just come here from heaven—

Some tourists notice the beauty under the pine tree. They keep looking at her.

Several students, who have been arguing along the way, finally reach the peak. The boy walking in the front says gently but he can’t hide his dissatisfaction, “Pei Yuan, I told you that everything would be fine. You see? The rain has stopped… All of us actually missed the sunrise because of you…”

Zhang Shuming holds his anger inside in order to maintain his image. Xia Bingyan’s roommates are being much meaner,

“Pei Yuan, have you become paranoid because of the fairy? How could we miss the sunrise if you hadn’t held us back when it rained? It’s such a shame! Maybe I don’t have another chance to be here in my life!”

One of Zhang’s followers laughs, “Pei Yuan, did you draw that picture or photoshop it?”

“Ha-ha, stop making fun of Pei Yuan!”

The man who is telling everyone to stop is also laughing. Xia Bingyan frowns. Why is Pei Yuan so stubborn? Whatever. He lied in the first place. There is no point of feeling sorry for him… Suddenly, Xia notices that Pei Yuan is looking at the other way.

Xia looks at the same direction as Pei. There is a stone which seems to be the best spot to watch the sunrise. An old and tall pine tree grows by the cliff. Under the tree, there is a tent. Gentle light of the sun is shining on a woman under the tree.

Though the woman is not in ancient costume and there is no golden hawk around, she looks exactly like the woman in the picture that Pei Yuan posted…

Xia Bingyan squints. Her friends all look to the same direction and see the woman like a fairy—

She looks so familiar!

Pei Yuan, who is bullied during the trip, has tears in his eyes. At this moment, the boy who works as a director during holidays and is glib-tongued in Xia Bingyan’s eyes, thinks of a famous poem of Pushkin,

If by life you were deceived,

Don’t be dismal, don’t be wild!

In the day of grief, be mild:

Merry days will come, believe.