Chapter 188 Sparkling Diamond of Fire

“Sorry that I mistook you…” It’s easy to realize the mistake, but Lin feels awkward to apologize to the foxes.

Lin Luoran knows now that she is not always right, and she is embarrassed. The white fox just looks at Lin quietly. The cyan fox is too young to understand why Lin is saying sorry. It is only happy that Lin is here.

Lin looks at the cyan little fox with regret. Humans are strange. To be frank, the cyan fox was wrong for stealing the sealwort even though it tried to help a man. However, when the man it tried to save is Lin’s friend, Lin can’t help feeling thankful.

She squats down and checks on Wen. Lin is worried because he seems to be in a bad condition.

He is burning up!

No wonder he looks lifeless. Covered with mud, his face is burning up like a furnace. He looks pale. Lin touches Wen’s forehead and her hand is almost burned. Wen is a cultivator in the level of Training Qi. There is no way that he just has a favor. The wounds on his body are scary, but most of the wounds have stopped bleeding thanks to the foxes — something must be wrong inside his body!

Lin infuses a stream of Reiki into Wen from his wrist. As soon as the Reiki goes in, Lin is startled by the agitated fire Reiki inside of Wen. How can these fire Reiki be so strong? If Lin weren’t in the level of Laying Foundation, she would be backfired by these fire Reiki!

She has to know how Wen ends up like this before save him. Wen may lose his cultivation if the strong fire Reiki stay too long inside of his body.

“Where did you find him?”

From the wounds on Wen’s body, Lin assumes that the foxes have been helping him for days. Maybe they were the ones who first found him.

The white fox is short of energy and it lives on the wood Reiki Lin gave to it. Therefore, the cyan fox must be the one to show Lin the way. The two of them walk out of the cave. The inhibition ripples. Lin wonders what the harmless inhibition is able to do.

The cyan fox is familiar with the tunnels. It leads Lin to a place. The fox stops at a distance and doesn’t dare to go ahead. Lin feels the strong fire Reiki — the same as those in Wen’s body.

Lin tells the fox to stay outside and walks into the cave alone.

Out of her expectation, there is no flame. The cave is lighted up and the temperature is extremely high. Lin, who normally doesn’t sweat very much, is soaked. This is a cave that extends downwards. The entire cave is so bright that Lin thinks there must be a big fire at the bottom. She looks into it and only sees a peaceful little flame.

The Bright Sword in Lin’s hand becomes agitated.

The Bright Sword has the nature of water. As a Grade Five magical weapon, it has the ability to grow. It’s normal that the flying sword has spirit. But this is the first time the Bright Sword has ever acted so anxiously.

What on earth is the flame?

The nature of water and fire mutually restrains each other. This little flame gets on the Bright Sword’s nerve…

Out of no reason, the word “Strange Fire” appears in Lin’s mind. The word is mentioned in Weapon Introduction that Strange Fire is the driving force of alchemy furnace… Lin suddenly understands. Just now, she checked the inside of Wen. There were no Reiki in other natures but the restless fire ones. Does Wen have the single Taoist root of fire?

In the back alley of Blue Bird club and during the trip to the secret land, Wen Guanjing only has cast fire spells except for the magic figures. His Taoist root must be pure fire.

No wonder he could reach the later stage of Training Qi in his thirties. He is really a talent in the world of cultivation.

Lin looks around again. The wall is full of stones sharp like spikes. The wounds on Wen’s body must be caused by these stones. What about his internal injuries? Wen Guanjing should be aware of the value of Strange Fire. Maybe something went wrong when he tried to catch the fire?

This is only Lin’s guesses. Clearly, Wen failed to catch it.

Also, he was backfired. Now, she has to calm down the fire Reiki inside of him or take the Strange Fire out.

Suddenly, something comes to Lin’s mind. She raises her right hand and casts a glance at the bead. The bead is doing nothing unusual. Since she laid foundation in the blood pool at the dungeon, the bead has become much more obedient. It used to absorb crazily whenever there is Reiki. It even acted like a starving man when it absorbed the Reiki in Fatty Cui’s jade.

Before, the bead was reluctant to refine a jade. However, recently, it refined all the Reiki in the jades Lin traded by boluses and it didn’t even save a bit for itself.

Is this because the bead already has plentiful Reiki, or is the bead becoming more and more obedient?

Lin Luoran decides to try — she jumps into the cave!

Her face is red because of the heat. She even smells that her hair is burning. Lin walks closer to the Strange Fire, but the bead makes no response.

Lin is confused. She looks down on the ground around the flame and something shiny attracts her attention.

She can’t catch the Strange Fire. What about these shiny crystals? Lin touches the crystals with her finger. As soon as her finger is on the crystals, Lin starts to regret. Out of her imagination, she is not burnt. These crystals are ice-cold even when they are around the Strange Fire!

The first thing Lin thinks of is the ice grass which grew in the hot lake at the North Pole. Magical restoratives always grow together. These crystals must be valuable!

Lin digs one out with the Bright Sword. Lying in her palm, the coldness of the crystal spreads to her entire arm. The coldness doesn’t hurt at all. This is a red diamond-shaped crystal, like a perfectly polished “diamond of fire”. It is sparkling. Even if the crystal has no spirit, girls would be crazy for it.

Lin probes into the crystal with Wakan. Her expression changes and she hurries to draw back the Wakan.

There is a huge amount of fire Reiki inside the cold crystal. It must have absorbed them from the Strange Fire.

Though Strange Fire is not showing its real power and Lin’s Wakan can serve as her protection, Lin Luoran feels stressful only being around it. She doesn’t want to take the risk and catch the Strange Fire, so she puts her focus on these diamonds of fire.

Lin Luoran uses the Bright Sword as a hoe and keeps digging out more crystals. Looking at the handful of diamonds of fire in front of her, Lin is slightly happy. She feels that she is luckier than the others. She can always find valuable things in unexpected places. Of course, she also has been through a lot of dangerous situations…

Lin is not greedy. Wen Guanjing has the single Taoist root of fire and he is unconscious because of the Strange Fire. Before she has a perfect plan, Lin is not going to try and catch it — she is certainly attracted. Strange Fire can help her in bolus-making, and more importantly, she will be able to refine weapons.

Lin puts the diamonds of fire into her space and stands up to check if there is more.

What she doesn’t notice is that when she puts the diamonds of fire into the space, a red light flashes over the inhibition around the log cabin. The arrogant fire phoenix shows up for a second.

So does the silver fish. Staring at the diamonds of fire on the ground, the fire phoenix is tempted. The silverfish clumsily holds the phoenix back with its fins and shakes its head.

The fire phoenix seems to be regretful, yet it stands still and does nothing.

After Lin Luoran laid foundation in the blood pool, the phoenix and the silverfish were moved and they have restrained themselves since then. They have stopped controlling the bead to absorb Reiki for them. Lin knows nothing about all of these.

Who will believe that two cold creatures will be moved by a person’s toughness and therefore start to respect her?

The phoenix is so attracted by the diamonds of fire yet it holds the desire back.

Out of the space, Lin Luoran has found the last “diamond of fire”. It is huge and it is right by the side of the Strange Fire.

I’ll go back and help Wen after digging this one out. Lin speaks to herself. The Bright Sword touches the ground. The fire phoenix feels something. It turns to look at the mist in the space with gladness and worry… This space is its home and prison. It can never get out.

“Wow, this one is much bigger!” Lin is happy. She will never get enough of this valuable resources.

Immersed in the happiness of finding the big crystal, Lin fails to notice that the Strange Fire is waving faster and faster… The fire phoenix is tempted and threatened!