Chapter 189: The Proud Fire Phoenix

“Boom— ” Fire bursts out. Though Lin has reacted immediately and hides into her space, a stream of Strange Fire gets inside of her body. Lin’s Sea of Reiki starts to burn. The Wakan and Reiki inside are disturbed.

Standing in the space, Lin is stunned. It’s not because of the abnormality inside of her body. Two animals are on the roof of the log cabin. — Wait, are they really just animals?

In fact, the fire phoenix and the silver fish are feeling wronged. Even though the fire phoenix was tempted and worried about the Strange Fire, it didn’t expect that Lin would hide into the space the second the flame touches her!

The two of them didn’t get the chance to hide…

It’s the first time Lin has ever met the fire phoenix. But isn’t the silver fish the guardian of the ice grass? Lin stares at the two creatures floating over the log cabin. The fire phoenix and the silver fish come back to themselves from the shock. The phoenix casts a regretful glance at the diamonds of fire on the ground and disappears with the silver fish in a flash!

Lin feels that her body is burning from inside. However, she has no mood to care about this. Lin rushes to the cabin and knocks on the inhibition. She murmurs, “Get out! You two! Get out…”

Turns out that two creatures she doesn’t even know of are living in her space, and they have access to the log cabin. This is so unfair. If Lin were not such an introverted person, she would grab the fire phoenix and the silver fish and cry. What kind of inheritance is this? She doesn’t even have a spell book nor guidance on cultivation. She used to think that the log cabin was inaccessible, but it is actually not — why the silver fish can get in and out of the cabin? She has done so much to make the space pretty and useful. Why does the fish get preferential treatment?

Lin keeps knocking at the inhibition. The inhibition is slippery and bouncy like jelly. Every time Lin tries to break through it, she is bounced back.

Strange Fire is burning inside of her. Lin suddenly has the doubt that she may be going crazy. How can she act so childishly!

“Let’s make a deal… Can you catch the Strange Fire?” Lin Luoran says. She doesn’t even know what she is talking to.

After a while, nothing makes any response. Lin is disappointed. The fire Reiki running crazily in her body is making her suffer. Lin walks to the pond and sits by the ice grass. She plans to refine these restless yet powerful fire Reiki with the help of the extreme coldness.

The ice grass stretches its leaves. The bud in the center is still the same. When Lin gets closer, the ice grass feels like returning to its previous growing environment. It shakes its long leaves with nostalgia.

The sapling that bears the flame fruit is the happiest. Sensing the fire Reiki around Lin, the sapling starts to absorb quietly but greedily. Streams of red fire Reiki comes out of Lin Luoran and disappears into the root of the sapling. The leaves of the sapling are still green and shiny, but there are red lights flashing in its trunk. The fire phoenix sneaks out and burps.

How long has it been since the last time I ate anything? Thinking of this question, the fire phoenix grieves. It has been too many years. It didn’t eat for so long. Also, the first time the woman showed up in the space, she ate the flame fruit it used to smell in order to kill hunger… The phoenix remembers that it woke up not long after that. That day, it sensed fire Reiki. Compared with eternal sleep, the fire phoenix believed that hunger was not a big problem. This was the reason why it never acted out.

Lin’s eyes are closed. She has no idea what the fire phoenix is doing. She didn’t try to catch the Strange Fire as Wen Guanjing did, so there is only a tiny bit of agitated fire Reiki inside of her. She is able to suppress it for now.

How is Wen doing?

Lin wants to stay in the space and wait for the Strange Fire to calm down, or after she completely refines them. However, Wen is in bad condition. If she stays in the space any longer, he may die… Things would be so much easier if the space could absorb the Reiki!

The second this thought comes into Lin’s mind, the fire phoenix chirps gladly. It opens its mouth and absorbs the agitated fire Reiki from Lin’s body.

It burps!

Lin’s mouth is widely open because of surprise. She is sure that she has heard and watched everything clearly.

The restless fire Reiki is eaten by the fire phoenix!

“How about…you eat up the Strange Fire…?” Lin stutters. The fire phoenix actually understands what Lin said. It ignores the silver fish’s concern and gets out of the log cabin. The phoenix circles around the space and chirps. Its voice is so beautiful and its chirps linger in the space.

After all, the fire phoenix is proud. It is provoked by Lin’s doubt. After showing its beauty, the phoenix bursts out of fire. The fire is nothing like the Strange Fire. It is the innate gift of phoenix — the Fire of Nirvana!

Lin feels that everything that is happening is so familiar, including the chirp of the phoenix… Right! This is the chirp of phoenix she heard when she was unconscious at the underground palace of the dead woman in the secret land. The chirp woke her up and helped her spirit of mind rebirth.

Is the phoenix the one who saved her on that day?

Lin Luoran regrets trying to provoke the phoenix. She wants to take back what she said, but the fire on the phoenix is becoming fiercer. Suddenly, red streams start to fall down from the misty sky in the space and into the mouth of the fire phoenix.

Lin stands up. It’s the Strange Fire!

The fire phoenix is somehow able to absorb the Strange Fire across space… Lin is moved by its courage and she is worried about its safety at the same time.

Lin Luoran is clearly not the only one who is worried. After spending so much time together, the silver fish knows the actual strength of the phoenix — the phoenix was hurt years ago. It seems to be powerful on the outside, but it really doesn’t have the power to absorb all the Strange Fire.

Strange Fire keeps falling down in strings from the sky. The fire on the phoenix is becoming fiercer. Lin Luoran worries that the phoenix may be burnt.

Isn’t fire the area of expertise of phoenix? Why does the phoenix seem to be exhausted? Lin Luoran really has a sharp mind. She has seen through the phoenix.

It’s a pity that she is not able to help.

The silver fish realizes that the phoenix is trying to absorb all the Strange Fire. If the phoenix is backfired, its spirit will be completely destroyed. At the critical moment, the silver fish jumps up and slaps its tail on the fire phoenix!

The silver fish interrupts the absorbing process!

The fire phoenix looks at the silver fish with unwillingness and gratefulness. It is too full and it needs time to digest. The fire phoenix rushes into the inhibition and disappears into the log cabin.

The silver fish follows. Lin Luoran is standing still in surprise — Hey, guys! There is still half amount of the Strange Fire. What am I going to do with it?

Lin stares at the sky helplessly. She should never worry about the stupid phoenix!

The Strange Fire left in the space is running around. Everywhere it goes, the herbs Lin planted are burnt down. Lin really wants to go into the log cabin and beats this irresponsible fire phoenix!

Fire is coming to her. Though being furious, Lin has to run. After chasing her for a while, the Strange Fire stops!

It stops by the diamonds of fire on the ground!

As expected, things which grow together are connected! The Strange Fire stops like it has found home. Lin has been through a lot to collect these diamonds of fire, and she doesn’t want to lose them all. Lin saves a few diamonds of fire from the Strange Fire. Then the strings of fire fall down on the diamonds. The strings return to the form of a quiet little flame. It is not so different from the beginning, only smaller.

The Strange Fire is settling in the space?

Lin is so pleased. The Strange Fire will help her a lot in the future.

Lin is immersed in happiness. The next second, the space starts to quake and the sound of thunder comes—

Is the space going to collapse?

Lin Luoran stumbles. The next second, she is thrown out of the space. Lin rubs her waist. She is at the bottom of the cave. She looks up and sees the cyan little fox. It looks so confused, like it is surprised that this cave suddenly cools down.

Lin is more confused than the fox. What is happening? The space seems to be collapsing but the bead is fine!

I should go back to the space — Shoo! Why am I still in the cave?

Fine. I can’t go to the space for now! Lin is having a headache.