Chapter 190 The Space Is Growing

Lin Luoran can’t go in her space right now, and she has no idea what to do with this. She casts a “Wind-riding Spell” and flies out of the cave. The cyan little fox throws itself into Lin’ arms. Its eyes are still filled with confusion. This place was so hot. Why did it cool off all of a sudden?

Lin holds the fox in her arms and walks back to its home. The fox’s cave is quiet. The white fox is lying on a round stone, resting. Wen Guanjing is on the ground and his body temperature is still rising.

It’s a make-it-or-break-it situation for Wen. If he is able to refine the Strange Fire inside him, his strength may leap forward. Even if it doesn’t, the Strange Fire will be helpful in the future.

However, Wen is unconscious now. He is only in the level of Training Qi. His Sea of Reiki has not been open yet so the Reiki inside him can’t automatically be transformed into Wakan. By the way, there are three Nebulas inside Lin Luoran. She doesn’t know whether this is common or not. Every time the three Nebulas circles together, Reiki inside her body will be quickly refined.

Lin shakes her head and focuses her attention back on Wen Guanjing.

There is only one option left. She will have to use her Wakan and guide Wen through the refining process. Lin knows that saving Wen is important. She is hesitating about the fact that her Wakan will have to flow through Wen’s crucial meridians!

There are many kinds of meridians in the human body. Cultivators from different schools all have their secret method of cultivation. As such a talent, Wen definitely has practiced his family’s exclusive spells.

Exclusive spells… Lin Luoran wonders whether Wen will be thankful or blame her for looking at his exclusive spells after she manages to save him. Wen is a conservative person! Anyway, she should just save his life first.

Lin uses fire Wakan to probe into Wen’s body. The second time when the fire Wakan is in, fire Reiki tainted by the Strange Fire all rush out. At first, Lin thinks that they are out for a fight. Then she realizes that they are just curious about her Wakan… Is there a chance that because she was also tainted by the Strange Fire before, these Reiki molecules believe that she is one of them?

It is possible! Lin Luoran is thrilled and she feels relaxed. Lin carefully directs her Wakan to circle around the molecules of the Strange Fire and find the fire Reiki of Wen’s own.

Wen has refined these fire Reiki to be much more obedient. No wonder they are just hiding when the molecules of the Strange Fire are running around in Wen’s meridians. Lin uses her Wakan to poke them—

“Boom…” All of these quiet fire Reiki are waked up by Lin’s Wakan.

These Reiki molecules weigh themselves with Lin’s Wakan and run away immediately!

— All of them are gone!

This is not Wen Guanjing’s style… Lin Luoran is embarrassed. Meanwhile, the molecules of the Strange Fire obviously think that this is a game. They join the fleeting fire Reiki. Looking at these Reiki molecules running like thieves, Lin Luoran smiles. The molecules have become more and more harmonious with each other. Lin has found the way to blend these Reiki.

It turns out that she doesn’t even have to guide them. The easiest way is to play the bad guy who is invading and follows these running fire Reiki. The Reiki have their intrinsic meridians. Fire Reiki of the Strange Fire are mixed with Wen’s obedient Reiki. As they run together, the two kinds of Reiki will become one… This is so much easier than guiding her own Reiki before. Wakan is indeed much more useful.

At the same time, Lin feels lucky that she has passed the level of Training Qi safely when other high-level cultivators like Huizhu were paying close attention to her. Though she has the bead, she wouldn’t be able to beat any of those in the level of Laying Foundation back then.

A great show is on in Wen’s body. In the cyan little fox’s view, Lin is only putting her hand on Wen’s and she is “in a daze”. The cyan fox is anxious and the white fox comforts it. The cyan fox is lying in the arms of the white one and staring at the two humans in front of it. Something is going on in its head.

People may be shocked when they hear that foxes can think, but the fact is the fact. The cyan little fox can understand human language and think.

Of course, there are things that the cyan fox doesn’t understand. For example, why did Whitey save that man? Why did Whitey risk its life to stealing medicine in order to cure his injuries? They are so lucky that this nice human lady is here and she has helped getting Whitey back.

Whitey… Whitey is not its mother. But they have been living together as long as the cyan little fox can remember. Whitely is like a mother to it. However, every time it calls Whitey mother by accident, Whitey looks terrified — “Didn’t deserve.” Whitey said that it didn’t deserve to be its mother.

The cyan little fox stares at Lin Luoran and Wen Guanjing. Whitey told it to choose one of the humans and go back on the ground.

On the ground. The cyan little fox thinks of the sand and feels reluctant. The ground is just so-so. There is less fun on the ground than in the tunnels!

However, if it has to choose, it will go with the nice lady. The man is so dumb and he can’t even move. The lady smells like medicines and it likes her.

Whitey starts to urge again.

Right, I should not let the humans know that I’m smart.

Ok, I should not act too stupid either. They say that humans are realistic and they like smart “pets” — No! I’m not a pet!

Fine, I won’t tell them my origin. The cyan little fox wants to roll its eyes. It is not clear of its own origin! How can it tell the humans? Besides, it can’t speak human language… The cyan little fox overlooks the question that why it can understand human language. This is the first time it has ever seen a human.

This is such a thrilling day! The cyan little fox yawns and falls asleep by the white fox. It thinks in its sleep, “Whitey is so talkative! We’re going to stay together forever. Whitey will have so much time to tell me about these later!”

The white fox touches the cyan little fox’s ears. It looks up at Lin Luoran seriously.

This human cultivator is in such low level. Will she be the right one?

It’s such a pity that it doesn’t have more time. It can’t wait any longer.

Anyway, the female cultivator has a good heart. Not many cultivators can treat beast cultivators so nicely.

Thinking about this, the white fox’s expression becomes gentle again.


Lin Luoran opens her eyes and feels tired.

Reiki inside of Wen Guanjing finally start to circle by themselves. She doesn’t have to do anything except waiting. Wen will wake up after the molecules of the Strange Fire are completely refined.

Lin feels that she is being watched. She opens her eyes and only sees two sleeping foxes. Did she have an illusion?

Wen still needs some time to wake up. She can’t rush him. Lin tries to go back to her space because the space was acting so weird by throwing her out.

Lin disappears.

She is in her space. But is this her space?

Standing under an apple tree, Lin is stunned. It is raining. Lin sticks out her tongue and tastes the raindrops. They are sweet. The rain tastes like the spring water in the space, only with less Reiki.

This is not a problem. The problem is, she has never seen rain in the space. Gentle wind is blowing on her face. If the mess caused by the Strange Fire were not here, she would doubt that someone may have replaced her space.

There are two peach trees, one apple tree, some grape vines, and the newly planted tea tree. The spirit wine and some vegetables are neatly arranged under the apple tree. The shells of the scorpions are washed clean by the rain — Wait! Why are the shells in a different location? Did the space grow…?

Lin keeps checking on the space. Everything else is normal.

Nothing changes except for some spirit herbs and vegetables—

Lin looks at the other side. A quiet little flame is burning around the diamonds of fire. The flame seems to be larger than it was when Lin first saw it. The soil around the fire is hard. In the one-meter-deep pit, the Strange Fire looks like a mini volcano.

The Strange Fire has settled in the space?

Lin is figuring this out.

Though she has finished school for years, she remembers some laws of nature.

For example, the reason why wind is generated.

There is no coriolis force nor friction in the space, but there is a difference in air pressure. — When air flows from places with high air pressure to places with low air pressure, wind is generated. The cause of the difference in air pressure is heat.

Before, there is only a pond in the space. Now the mini volcano which contains a huge amount of Reiki has settled here. The cold air meets the hot air which causes the rain and the wind.

Lin can’t help smiling. She never expected the space can have such a big potential. As time passes, will it become a fully-equipped mini world?

The space will grow as Lin does.

There is so much to look forward to.