Chapter 192 We Are Also Refugees

The gophers are not the only ones who are fleeting. There are ants in the size of eggs and insects which look like longicorn… All of these animals and insects are running out of their caves. This is like an evacuation.

Lin Luoran is desperate to go and find Baojia. However, she can’t understand a single bit of what the gestures of the cyan fox mean. Besides, the cyan little fox drags Lin by her trousers and leads her to follow the running animals — In fact, fleeting is the better word to describe them.

The situation is indeed not right. Along the way, Lin has seen gophers and ants fighting against each other a lot of times. The gophers may step on the ants and carry their bodies back to eat, and the ants may surround a gopher who is left alone and eat it clean.

The gophers and the ants are dead enemies. Now, they are running side by side toward the same direction. There is no conflict in the tunnels. All of them are just fleeting quietly.

Under the cyan little fox’s lead, Lin decides to follow the gophers. Baojia is an adult and she is not stupid. If Baojia is in these tunnels, she will definitely follow the animals either.

Most likely, Lin may find Baojia at the destination of these fleet animals!

Lin stops hesitating. She holds the cyan little fox in her arms and joins the fleeting team along with Wen Guanjing. As expected, these gophers and insects don’t even try to attack the humans. Under the dim light in the tunnels, Lin and Wen run quietly.

These animals and insects have their ways to find the right direction in the complex tunnels. They keep running and barely stop to eat or rest. Along the way, more animals run out of other branches and join the fleeting team.

The ants in the behind sometimes buzz anxiously. It’s like that they believe falling behind means more danger. Therefore, Lin Luoran keeps running in the middle of the team.

As a matter of fact, Wen and Lin are not capable of running as fast as the animals. Especially, Wen hasn’t laid foundation so he can’t use the “Wind-riding Spell”. The tunnels are narrow, which makes it impossible for him to ride on the sword. Lin thinks that maybe she should help Wen. The next second, Wen takes out a piece of yellow paper and sticks it to his feet while murmuring to himself.

Yellow light flashes. Wen immediately becomes much faster.

Noticing Lin’s curiosity, Wen explains, “This is the Teleport Figure… The Qingcheng Taoist Temple custom-made them for my family.”

Lin Luoran is suddenly enlightened.

It turns out that magic figures are the special products of the Qingcheng Taoist Temple. It’s the same as the fact that cultivators of the Zu Mountain School are all swordsmen. Schools and families with their specialties can last longer… Should the Lin family focus on making boluses in the future?

Lin puts these thoughts behind her head and focuses on running.

The cyan little fox holds Lin’s neck tightly. It is wondering whether the white fox has started its cultivation and will it be safe from this chaos.

Though the tunnels are complex, Lin knows that they are going upwards. She has no idea how deep the tunnels are. They have been running for so long and the environment still looks the same.

How can these animals breathe underground? Lin has a feeling that the tunnels must be connected with the outside world — The scorpion king was most likely from the underground world. However, Lin hasn’t seen large animals like the scorpion king yet. The size of some gophers and ants is not normal, which also confuses Lin.

Along the way, Lin sometimes digs out some fluorescent things out of the ground and throws them into her space while keeping up with the team. This underground world under the Kalahari Desert is clearly unknown to humans. Though Lin is not going to tell about it to the world after she gets out, she plans to study it by herself.

Intelligent little fox which can find medicine, gophers in the size of cats, and ants as big as eggs… The food chain here is clearly abnormal.

Lin also finds a kind of mushroom on the wet walls along the tunnels. The black mushrooms stink. All the animals will steer clear of it.

Lin secretly puts some of the mushrooms in a jade box. The cyan little fox is bothered by the smell of the mushroom on Lin’s fingers. Wen knows that Lin is from the Alchemy School and she is curious about every kind of plants and minerals. Therefore, Wen doesn’t feel strange about Lin’s behavior.

The tunnels are getting wider. They have reached an open area. Let alone Lin Luoran who is always curious, Wen is also attracted by the view.

There is a lawn of forage grass. That’s right. Though these grass are black, they are really fragrant.

Some animals with grey hair are in the size of hounds. They hurry up and take a mouth full of grass and reluctantly join the fleeting team. From their long ears and big front teeth, Wen and Lin know that they are rabbits.

Wen Guanjing points at the rabbits and laughs, “We may as well hunt some rabbit to fill our stomach.” These rabbits are fat and clumsy and they can’t run so fast. In fact, Lin is not interested in having rabbit meat. However, the hair of the rabbits seem to be much silkier than marten hair… It can be made into perfect gifts.

Among all the people Lin knows, only her mother and Wang Miao’e are old enough to wear furs. Baojia would never wear grey rabbit furs. There are some white rabbits among the grey ones, also in the size of hounds. When Lin hesitates about whether to kill some rabbits, the cyan little fox pulls her hair.

The little fox has been thrilled since it heard Wen and Lin talked about eating rabbit meat. Rabbit meat is so delicious but the little fox is never able to kill a rabbit by itself. Then the white fox “got sick”, rabbit meat were pulled off their menu. Hearing about eating rabbit meat, the cyan little fox even forgets about running for its life. It starts to droop.

“Do you want some rabbit meat?”

Seeing that the cyan little fox is nodding hard, Lin laughs. She forgot before that foxes are not vegetarians! In this case, she would have to catch a few rabbits, or else the little fox may starve.

Wen reaches out and catches a grey rabbit. The rabbit, which seems to be so meek before, turns around and tries to bite Wen’s hand. Wen might actually be hurt if he didn’t react fast enough.

The rabbit gets away. It doesn’t run away. Instead, it rushes right to Wen Guanjing. While making the attack, the rabbit is not clumsy at all.

Wen is going to throw a fire ball at the rabbit. Lin Luoran, who wants the fur more than the meat, hurries to remind Wen, “Don’t mess its fur up!”

Wen listens to Lin and sticks out a finger. He touches the head of the grey rabbit and the rabbit is knocked down by his fire Reiki. With the Teleport Figure on his feet, Wen’s move is fast. He knocks down a few more rabbits in the same way. He can’t fit all of the rabbits in his Universal Sack so he kills them and hands them out to Lin.

Lin is thinking whether she should kill some white rabbits. After Lin takes the grey rabbits from Wen, the entire tunnel starts to shake.

The expressions on the cyan little fox’s face change.

Lin looks around. There are only a few rabbits in the tunnels. All the other gophers and insects are gone.

They have fallen behind when catching the rabbits!

The tunnels start to shake again. Glowing golden dust falls down. Lin, Wen, and the cyan little fox are covered by the golden dust — The cyan little fox jumps down on the ground and asks Lin to follow.