Chapter 193 Disaster

The cyan little fox is running very fast in the glowing tunnels. Lin and Wen follow closely behind.

Along the way, they walk ahead of many animals. There are huge rabbits and dear smaller than the rabbits. The dear are so thin that they can run very fast.

The cyan little fox is running nonstop. Lin and Wen don’t take any rest either.

They are having a feeling about what the incoming disaster is.

The entire tunnels are heating up. Lin Luoran feels that she is having a sauna. Her face is red and her body is covered with her sticky sweat.

It’s lava!

Lin doesn’t know how often the lava will burst out in this underground world. These complex tunnels may just be the remains of the lava. Lin blames herself for ignoring this before. Why can a cave contain the Strange Fire? This kind of magical fire must live on a huge amount of fire Reiki.

She should have thought about this… She shouldn’t be so careless before.

Lin casts a glance at Wen Guanjing. Wen is also sweating. His mouth is tightly closed. Most importantly, the glow of the “Teleport Figure” on his feet is getting dimmer. It seems that the figure will soon lose its effect.

The tunnels keep getting wider and hotter. The roof of the tunnels is over three meters high. Lin figures that maybe she will be able to call out the Bright Sword and ride on it with Wen. Suddenly, she hears the screams of animals coming from behind.

Red and hot lava is right behind. A rabbit is drowned. It is immediately melted by the lava.

All the other animals drowned in the lava are screaming. Their skin and hair are all gone. Lin Luoran shivers on the sight of these scary white bones.


Lin shouts. The Bright Sword expands. Lin picks the cyan little fox up and Wen jumps on. The lava seems to be thick, but it is moving very quickly.

Lin casts the “Sword-riding Spell”. The flying sword can go at a high speed, but there are some sharp stalagmites on the roof. Lin controls the flying sword to dodge the stalagmites. This is a dangerous situation.

As a result, the flying sword can’t go too fast. The lava is right behind them. For now, Lin is able to go faster than the lava because the tunnels are high enough.

But the situation is not optimistic!

If the tunnels suddenly become narrower and lower, Lin, Wen, and the little fox will all be drowned in the lava… In fact, Lin doesn’t know how long she can survive the power of nature.

More animals and insects are drowned in the lava. The cyan little fox gets scared and it holds Lin’s neck tightly. It is not able to show Lin the right way anymore. They are lucky that these animals are heading in the same direction even when they are panicking.

A gopher sprains its ankle and a rabbit steps on the gopher. The rabbit gets away and the gopher is killed by the lava… Things like this have happened a lot during the last few minutes. Everybody is fighting for their lives. Lin Luoran even saw a dear runs while carrying a younger dear on its back.

The lava has reached to its feet. The dear keeps running though its back feet are already covered in blood. The dear doesn’t want to abandon its child.

A wave of lava comes and the dear jumps up… Because of the young dear on its back, the dear can’t jump as high as it usually does. The minute its front feet are off the ground, its body and the young dear on its back are instantly melted by the lava.

They are both dead… Lin’s eyes are filled with tears. She wanted to help the dear when she noticed that it was carrying a younger dear, but they were dead before she could reach out.

The cyan little fox, which has always been positive, becomes sad. This reminds it of Whitey.

If Whitey were here, it would definitely carry me on its back.

Wen is also nervous. His flying sword had long since been repaired, but it is too big to use in the tunnels. Also, his flying sword can’t go very fast. On the Bright Sword, Wen pays close attention to the lava and reminds Lin to go faster. Sometimes, he even controls the Bright Sword to go higher.

Wen is making some hand gestures and preparing to cast the “Fire-proof Dome”. This is one of the secret spells of his family and cultivators with different Taoist root can all learn to cast the spell. The dome will be able to protect all of them from the lava — however, all the Reiki inside of Wen will be used up. Wen Guanjing is now in an unstable condition. If he casts the spell, he will immediately return to the later stage of Training Qi. It may take him a long time to enter the next level again.

Therefore, Wen is only making preparations. He won’t cast the spell until the last minute. The lava is splashing. Standing on the back of the Bright Sword, there are lots of little holes on Wen’s clothes and his face is burnt by the splashing lava.

This is not a promising situation. As the tunnels get narrower, the lava is getting closer and closer to them.

“Sister Lin!”

Wen Guanjing can’t help shouting when the lava is right behind them.

Lin’s mouth is tightly closed. She is aware that the lava is getting closer. However, the tunnels keep becoming narrower as they go forward. She decides to make a bet.

“Squat down!” Lin holds the cyan little fox tightly in her arms and shouts to Wen. The two of them squat down and they are very close to each other because of the limited space. However, this is not a good time to be shy.

Wen’s “Fire-proof Dome” is out, and lava pours down on the dome.

Lin adds another shield made of Reiki over them. Even so, they are almost hit by the lava.

Lower, lower…

Lin lays down. The sharp stalagmites graze by their scalps. The glow of the flying sword and the dome flashes in the red lava. The tunnel is going to another direction — Right here!

Gold light rushes out of Lin’s finger. The stalagmites are blown into pieces. The pieces fall into the lava and splash.

In the dust, Wen’s Fire-proof Dome break down!

Lin’s shield is almost broken!

At this moment, they rush out of the tunnels. They survive.

Because of the terrain or some magical force, the lava slows down.

Lin and the others are in an open area. This area is arched and it connects many exits of tunnels. On the arched platform, thousands of animals and insects are already resting.

They must have come here from the tunnels. They have survived from the lava and come to this sanctuary.

Some animals are hurt… Lin bends down and coughs.

The last minute, her shield and Wen’s dome were both broken. They are covered with the sulfuric lava dust.

The cyan little fox shakes the dust off its body and sneezes.

The arch is quite large. Lin controls the Bright Sword to land. The other animals all automatically make room for these two strange “creatures”.

Though the lava is spreading and the animals are scared, they feel safe being in the sanctuary.

After cleaning herself up, Lin asks the cyan little fox, “Does the lava explode frequently in this underground world?”

The little fox nods and then shakes its head.

After a few more questions, Lin finally understands that every few years, the lava will explode in this underground world. However, animals that live here always notice the explosion and they will come to this sanctuary before it actually happens.

Because of this, the rabbits Lin saw along the way didn’t even hurry to hit the road. This explosion was unusual and fiercer than before. Most of the animals were unprepared so there were more casualties.

Lin feels guilty after figuring things out.

The only abnormality was that they, a group of humans, happened to come here… Maybe the explosion was also related to the fact that she caught the Strange Fire. “It shouldn’t be that. After all, the Strange Fire was so quiet and small.” Lin tries to comfort herself.

“Sister Lin, don’t worry. The underground world is so large and there must be other sanctuaries.” Wen doesn’t care too much about his lowered level of cultivation. He only feels lucky that they are safe now.

Wen knows how much Lin Luoran cares about Baojia. Clearly, Baojia is not among these animals and insects. Wen assumes that Lin is worrying about Baojia.

Lin comes to herself. The biggest animal here looks like a seal, only much bigger. Thousands of them are lying on the central area of the arched platform.

They are resting. They must have suffered a lot along the way here. Lin Luoran looks around. Baojia is definitely not here.

Baojia is not here.

As a matter of fact, Lin is not worrying about Baojia.

Lava is still rolling a few meters away from them. If it doesn’t retreat soon, the real disaster will happen.

The animals are not prepared for the sudden explosion of lava… The predators will start to kill the weaker animals for food.

Is their trip here right or wrong…? Lin Luoran is not sure.