Chapter 196 Reaching the Sky on Dead Bodies (Part 1)

The light wall that appears suddenly cuts Wen Guanjing’s sleeves. They just land on the soft sand. Thousands of vacant animals, who do not dare to move, are surrounded by the light walls.

Eight extremely huge and magnificent inhibitions!

If the saintess didn’t slap Wen Guanjing towards the lava, Lin Luoran would not go to save him. They might still be in the animals and they would not escape quickly at the edge of the plain.

The animals start to get anxious. Even though the saintess and her Fire-hoof beast is threatening, they want to run away.

Lin Luoran, Wen Guanjing and the “ungrateful” cyan fox do not have time to feel rejoice. They see those animals running about anxiously. Some of them hit on the inhibition, but they are not bounced off in a way that Lin Luoran knows. They are, without mercy, killed!

Yes. They are killed instantly without any mercy.

One mammoth is shoved by an elephant and it hits on the light wall. The next moment, it becomes a pile of dead meat. Its two coveting ivories are broken as well.

The animals are crying loudly. As they are getting more and more afraid of the light wall, the animals become more and more disorderly. Lin Luoran cannot tell how many animals have died because the eight huge light walls are now painted red by flesh and blood from inside. She cannot see clearly from the outside.

At this bloody moment, Lin Luoran feels relieved ridiculously — the inhibition in her space is like a jelly and it is so soft and gentle. She doesn’t feel angry about not being able to enter the cabin at all!

The saintess knows that they have escaped but she doesn’t care about them at all. To her, Lin Luoran and Wen Guanjing are just two Qi-trainers and they mean nothing. As a result, she doesn’t capture them back.

Lin Luoran notices that she called them “Qi-trainers”. She has only heard this appellation once. It came from the Venerable that almost killed her and put White Fairy’s soul in rest under the mountain in the secret land.

White Fairy told her that it was the primitive monster.

She is not strange to “the primitive world”. When she passed out after saving Baojia, she saw the back of the man in a robe. The man seemed to be in the primitive world where powerful monster existed.

Monsters are not terrifying. Goldie, the Scorpion King, the cyan fox can all be named as “monsters”. However, it is truly terrifying if it was called “primitive monster” by White Fairy in fear. After all, she was at the later stage of Gathering Vitality.

After the primitive time, no one calls Huaxia cultivators “Qi-trainers” anymore. If this saintess is a cultivator, she would not have called them “Qi-trainers”.

It seems that she has lived a very long time.

However, she behaves like she knows the cyan fox, which is a paradox.

“Do you know her?” Lin Luoran lowers her head and comforts the little fox, who is still in shock. The cyan fox shakes its head as a response.

If it doesn’t know her — the saintess who has a mysterious history must have a connection with the cyan fox, or with its ancestors.

However, that’s not the point now as she wants to let off these two Qi-trainers. To Lin Luoran, what matters now is that she has Baojia’s face!

She is not Baojia, but her body may belong to Baojia.

Thinking about this possibility, Lin Luoran cannot just leave here.

The saintess said that this was a sacrifice… People will only hold sacrificial ceremonies when they want to pursue the power that they don’t have.

If all those thousands of animals are sacrificed, where does the jade stairs lead to?

Lin Luoran raises her head and looks at the starry sky. Somehow, she thinks about the murals that they come after this time. Colorful halo, desert, cultivators disappearing in the halo… It is possible that one thousand years ago the cultivators left the earth with the sacrifices of thousands of animals.

Lin Luoran hears it clearly that the saintess said she wanted to take the cyan fox away with her. When the cyan fox refused, she turned angry from embarrassment. It seems that she has offered a great chance to the cyan fox and the fox refuses. She got rarely kind but was “slapped in the face”.

Away… Where can be the “great chance”? A place like the secret land, which is like a blessed spot for cultivators? Or just out of this planet?

However, those cultivators at the level of Gathering Vitality have never appeared again. This means that they took a one-way journey. Lin Luoran clenches her fists tightly. If the saintess is taking that journey as well, she cannot let her go with Baojia’s body…

“You stop there right now!”

Seeing that the saintess is going further and further on the jade stairs and that the eight inhibitions are killing more and more animals, Lin Luoran cannot bear it anymore.

As a cultivator at the level of Laying Foundation, Lin Luoran is greatly respected in the cultivation world, but she is nothing to the saintess. Even so, she still summons the Sword of Bright.

The beautiful flying sword with a phoenix as a decoration is breathing light in Lin Luoran’s hand. The Sword of Bright Snow is a five-grade flying sword and it is extremely beautiful and powerful. However, contrasted by the inhibitions, its light is dim. Under the mysterious jade stairs, Lin Luoran and her Sword of Bright are like the ant trying to shake the big tree.

The saint on the stairs turns around. There is no emotion in her narrow eyes, but she smiles scornfully.

Rabbles today are so ridiculous.

The owner of the body is a rabble, too. What’s her name? Ah yes, Baojia. How dare this Baojia threatened her that if she hurt her friends, she would break this body down.

The saintess feels it funny. How can a rookie who just entered the level of Training Qi bargain with her? The saintess didn’t even finish hearing her words and cracked that poor spiritual mind of this body — rabbles never know how to use spirit power properly. It is pathetic that they own a spiritual mind but don’t know how to use it.

However, this low-level rabble brought trouble to the saintess.

These two Qi-trainers are the so-called “friends”. When the saintess tried to attack the male Qi-trainer, she felt something preventing her. She thought that she was not adopting to this new body, so she was not worrying at all.

As for the female Qi-trainer, the saintess found her body more powerful than the one she is now using. She feels regret. The way she expresses her regret is: If she cannot get it, she destroys it.

When she attacked Lin Luoran, she wanted more than just hurting her right hand.

That was a casual but lethal attack.

However, when she launched the attack, she felt a strong opposition against her as if the body didn’t want to attack her friend instinctively… The saintess almost felt that she lost control of the body for a moment! As a result, the saintess compromised for now and she just hurt Lin Luoran’s right hand.

Now, the Qi-trainer that was forgiven by her is clamoring under the stairs. The saintess narrows her eyes: Why is she playing with fire?

Lin Luoran is sweating heavily. She feels pain in her spiritual mind and pressure on her from one glance of the saintess.

Just one glance has made her so pressured… It seems that the saintess is the one who has been suppressing their spiritual mind.

Lin Luoran grinds her teeth. She knows how powerful the saintess is. She has the feeling that she cannot even defeat her Fire-hoof beast whose feet are burning, let alone the saintess herself.

If she is a huge tree, Lin Luoran is the small ant.

Generally, people will laugh at this ant who wants to shake the huge tree, but Lin Luoran is not afraid of being laughed at. She is not gifted, but she is brave.

She is normally sane and calm. However, when the ones she cares about are hurt, she becomes impetuous and that means that someone will get hurt, but she doesn’t care.

The saintess is sneering at her. Wen Guanjing is worrying about her. The cyan fox doesn’t believe what it is looking at. Lin Luoran flies on a sword towards the jade stairs. She is very fast, just like an arrow shot from the bow.

She flies between the light walls at a high speed. The Sword of Bright is shining. It is the third spell, “Auspicious Snow”.

Auspicious snow promises a good harvest. The name of the spell is beautiful. Just like “Frost’s Decent”, spells with beautiful names are extremely powerful.

The saintess doesn’t care about Lin Luoran’s attack at all. Even though this sword spell is powerful, the gap between their strength is large. Just like a child and an adult. No matter how hard the child tries to attack the adult by playing every movement of an Ultraman, the adult will not care about the child at all.

The Fire-hoof beast comes down to confront Lin Luoran. It stops this overconfident Qi-trainer. When it is about to kill her, the beast finds itself frozen and it cannot even move its neck.

Most of its body is covered by snow and it slows down its movements. Only the four feet of the beast are still burning and the rest of its body is frozen.

They are in the middle of the hot Kalahari Desert. Where does the snow come from?

This is “Auspicious Snow”, the sword spell with a beautiful name and a powerful strength!

Seeing that the ice on the beast’s neck is chapping, Lin Luoran chops her sword on the horn of the beast and she hears a loud sound of clank. The horn is so hard that the Sword of Bright doesn’t crack it. It only cuts a little skin of the beast’s neck. Blood comes out and it sprays on Lin Luoran’s face.

Seeing that her beloved beast is hurt, the saintess gets furious. She ignores the instinct of her body and covers Lin Luoran with her spirit power. Lin Luoran doesn’t have time to feel happy as she cannot move at all. The saintess throws her down — to the killing light.

“Sister Lin!” Wen Guanjing gets worried and flies to her on his flying sword — but the flying sword is not fast enough.

What to do… The cyan fox seems to know what will happen to Lin Luoran and it covers its eyes.

Just as Lin Luoran was about to hit on the light wall, a rag suddenly stretches out and catches her.

The saintess is shocked, “Who’s there?”