Chapter 197 Reaching the Sky on Dead Bodies (Part 2)

Lin Luoran feels that something is tied on her waist. She feels pain all over her so she can only lower her head a little and take a look. It is a dirty rag. With the help of the rag, Lin Luoran is put on the sand and she barely dodges a bullet.

She has never known that there will be fog in the desert. The rag slips back. It is dark and foggy. Lin Luoran cannot see clearly, nor can she figure out the one that saved her.

She hears Wen Guanjing’s grunt from the air. Wen Guanjing wanted to save Lin Luoran but he was late and was attacked by the injured Fire-hoof Beast. He is about to fall on the light wall and the rag appears again and catches him. The rag puts Wen Guanjing near Lin Luoran and disappears again.

This sudden attack has hurt Wen Guanjing badly. There is blood at the corner of his mouth and he passes out. The cyan fox shakes him and gets furious: Why is this male cultivator always passing out?

After saving people twice, the rag finally catches the saintess’ attention.

The light walls stop shrinking for now. Some of the animals get to narrowly escape death. However, those who have already dead cannot come to life again. Their flesh and blood have painted the eight light walls and becomes energy that Lin Luoran doesn’t understand. The energy is being delivered to the jade stairs.

“Stop hiding, you coward…” The saintess stops and looks at Lin Luoran’s direction. The dirty rag comes from the fog.

A burst of laughter comes from the fog as well. It is a man’s voice,

“Reaching the sky on dead bodies… After all these years, you haven’t changed at all, my saintess.”

Lin Luoran checks Wen Guanjing. She is at ease after she makes sure that Wen Guanjing only passed out because his vital energy and blood was quaked. Now she knows that the mysterious people who saved them is a man. However, why does his laughter sounds crazy?

Different from her, the saintess looks very unhappy.

“After all these years… So which one of my old fellows is joking with me?”

Thinking that this one may be a people from her past, the saintess is unhappy. In her memory, she has no “old friend” at all, only enemies.

The man stops hiding and comes out of the fog.

The one who saved Lin Luoran is not “Prince Charming” for sure. It is a Taoist in a dirty rob. There is dirt all over his face and he ties his hair with a little stick. He seems to be fifty years old, but he looks older than he actually is because he looks very untidy.

Lin Luoran feels this outlook is familiar, but she is sure that she has never seen someone likes him.

The saintess feels the same way. She doesn’t know this untidy man at all, so how can he be an old fellow… However, how does he know that she is reaching the sky?

“The longer I live, the less brave I am…” The saintess talks to herself and turns around.

The Taoist seems to be mad. He ignores Lin Luoran and claps his hands, laughing, “Who is the most miserable one in the world? The Yellow Emperor is the most miserable one. He doesn’t know that his daughter is not his daughter. Who is the most miserable one in the world? Chiyou is the most miserable one… The so-called saintess of the Jiuli Tribe is fake. That is so hilarious.”

Lin Luoran cannot understand his words at all. She only knows about “The Yellow Emperor”, “Chiyou” and “the Jiuli Tribe” from legends.

Many people may not know about “the Jiuli Tribe”, but they know about the Battle of Zhuolu and Chiyou was the leader of the Jiuli Tribe. Lin Luoran thinks about the legend stories of Huaxia and she assumes that the saintess has something to do with all those characters from the legend stories. However, Lin Luoran only knows that the daughter of the Yellow Emperor is called “Ba” and she has no idea about the “saintess of the Jiuli Tribe”.

What is it? Is this crazy Taoist talking nonsense, or are the legend stories changed how they really are during all those years?

Hearing his words, the saintess is shocked. Suspicions and coldness appear in her beautiful eyes.

“Whoever you are, you are going to die today.”

She flies down on her Fire-hoof Beast. Being provoked by the crazy Taoist, the saintess comes down from the jade stairs that she has been going up for a long time and lands on the desert.

She looks extremely glamorous as she is not far from Lin Luoran at the moment. If Lin Luoran ignores her cold eyes, she is identical to Baojia… Thinking about Baojia, something strikes Lin Luoran. She looks at the crazy and untidy Taoist and finally she knows why he is familiar.

The crazy Taoist. She has heard about him so many times from Commander Qin. How can she not know him?

Indeed, no one other than this crazy Taoist who is a blood kin to Baojia will come to save them!

He is still alive…

Lin Luoran suddenly realizes that this person is elder than Commander Qin’s grandmother. Cultivators at the level of Laying Foundation can live up to 200 years old. Therefore, this one is at least at the level of Bearing Essence.

There are really cultivators at the level of Bearing Essence on the earth!

Lin Luoran’s pupils constrict. If the saintess has something to do with legend stories, it is not strange at all that there are cultivators at the level of Bearing Essence in this world.

The saintess attacks the crazy Taoist, not with magic, not with sword spells, but with spirit power. Lin Luoran feels headache. The Fire-hoof Beast comes to Lin Luoran as it wants to bully this “weak one”.

Lin Luoran has been angry about this “superior” saintess. Seeing that the beast is coming to her, she chops the beast with the Sword of Bright without mercy.

As he is moving, the crazy Taoist cannot hide anymore. Lin Luoran feels that he is indeed more than just a cultivator at the level of Laying Foundation. He looks far less mysterious than the saintess, but he is not afraid of the spirit attack from her.

“Who on earth are you!” Failing to attack him, the saintess gets angry.

The crazy Taoist avoids the attack and laughs, “The one who sends you away… However, you have to leave that body here.”

The saintess stops attacking and smiles beautifully,

“It is her privilege to go with me. The earth today is far worse than my destination.”

Her voice is very quiet and her smile looks elegant. At this moment, she looks exactly like a “saintess”. Looking at her, Lin Luoran finds herself agreeing with her. If the body belongs to Baojia, it is a good choice for her to go with the saintess.

Seeing that Lin Luoran is absentminded, the Fire-hoof Beast shouts loudly and wakes Lin Luoran up. However, she is already hurt.

The crazy Taoist shouts, “You treacherous Kui Cattle! She only gave you three feet and you forget where you belong!” The Taoist is very angry. Clearly, he is not puzzled by the saintess. After cursing the Kui Cattle, he turns to the saintess,

“I’m crazy, but I’m not stupid! What better place? This body can only be torn apart by the space crack. This body is useless for you. Give it back. If you give it back to me, I’ll let you go…”

Lin Luoran is confused. All she knows is that the legend stories she knows are all turned upside down tonight.

She knows about the Kui Cattle. It is said that under the instruction of The Goddess of the Empyrean, the Yellow Emperor caught the Kui Cattle from the Liubo Island in the East Sea. The Kui Cattle looks like a cattle but it only has one foot. Once it enters or gets out of the water, there will be wind and rain. Its eyes are like the sun and the moon and its sound is like the sound of thunder. The Yellow Emperor caught it to peel its skin and made the skin into a drum, with which he coped Chiyou.

This one in front of her looks like a cattle. It has a loud sound and one horn. It is extremely powerful but it has four feet. It looks like the one in the legend story, but there are differences as well.

Lin Luoran doesn’t care about “treacherous”, nor does she care about the saintess or the beast. She just knows that the body belongs to Baojia… Is Baojia still alive?

She has no idea.

However, even Baojia is not alive, Lin Luoran cannot let her body torn apart by the space crack. Lin Luoran clenches her fists tightly. She wants to tear this saintess to shreds.

The saintess stares at the crazy Taoist, “The spell is completed. I can give up this body now… However, who do you think you are? How dare you come and ask me to do anything?”

Suddenly, she laughs in a crazy way,

“You stupid rabbles. How dare you all come and command me? The Yellow Emperor, Chiyou, and even you, stupid Qi-trainers, how can you be so arrogant? After all these years, you have already forgotten how powerful I am!”

Lin Luoran doesn’t know why she calls them “rabbles”. However, after the saintess gets mad and waves her hands, Lin Luoran feels that the sand underneath her is becoming hotter.

The sand moves away. Lava comes out of the ground. The crazy Taoist doesn’t move, but Lin Luoran takes the cyan fox and Wen Guanjing with her.

Lin Luoran is familiar with the legend stories of Huaxia. The desert, the lava, the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou… With all the information, she knows for sure who this saintess really is.

However, if she is “Ba”, daughter of the Yellow Emperor, why does she call them “rabbles?”

Lin Luoran looks at the Kui Cattle defensively as it still wants to attack her. Seeing that the lava is coming closer, she has to prepare to go away at any time.

Two people and one beast are standing on the sand. With lava spreading around, the crazy Taoist is not afraid at all. Lin Luoran doesn’t know why he is so emboldened.

Soon, Lin Luoran knows why.

A slight sound of cracking comes from the jade stairs. Lin Luoran is surprised and the saintess is shocked: While the crazy Taoist is clapping his hands, the “hard” jade stairs are shaking. And then—

The jade stairs collapse!

The jade stairs collapse down and the light walls disappear. The alive animals are standing in the blood. They can’t believe that they escape from death just like this.

With a sound of crankshaft moving, the plain sinks. A moment later, there is nothing more than several people, the lava and scattered jade in the desert.

The road that is paved by thousands of dead bodies towards the sky is ruined.

The saintess cannot bear it anymore. She yells to the sky and gets extremely furious. Lava is rolling around.