Chapter 199 The Legacy of Jiuli Tribe

“Bang— Bang— Bang—”

The crazy Taoist lashes her several times. The saintess has nowhere to hide and she can only watch the whip falling on her.

Lin Luoran notices the sound of the Whip now is different from the sound of before when it was used to lash the Kui Cattle. Therefore, the saintess is not shrinking. She is only a little panic.

When the final lash falls on the saintess, a light comes out of Baojia’s forehead and rushes into the underground. As the light disappears, the lava around disappears with it.

The crazy Taoist goes after it and Lin Luoran catches Baojia’s body.

With her eyes closed, Baojia looks peaceful. When Lin Luoran touches her wrist, she feels her pulse. Luckily, Baojia is still alive.

As long as she is alive, there is hope. Lin Luoran feels released.

The sand hides the trace of the lava. If it is not the scattered jade and dispirited Kui Cattle, Lin Luoran will feel that everything that happened before is a dream.

Think about it carefully, what happened tonight?

Some “saintess” who might be “Ba”, the daughter of the Yellow Emperor, took Baojia’s body with some magic like “Possession”. After taking the body, she built jade stairs and tried to leave… The earth?

Lin Luoran turns to the scattered jade, which is still lying in the desert and is mostly covered by the sand. It is still a huge pile, but compared with when it was standing in the desert, it looks much smaller.

Obviously, the jade used here has been refined. Lin Luoran doesn’t know how the crazy Taoist managed to destroy it. After all, she has worked at Liu’s and she knows about jade better than normal people. However, this jade in front of her doesn’t match any kind of jade she knows and she cannot find anything useful from the materials White Fairy gave her.

It is creamy white outside with cyan light shining from inside. This cyan color is familiar to her. Lin Luoran looks at the cyan fox but it just plays cute, pretending to know nothing. Lin Luoran knows that even if it knows something, this cunning fox will not tell her. She has to give up what she is thinking about.

She puts her hands on the jade to feel it. To her surprise, the scattered jade moves on its own. What happened? She looks at the Kui Cattle with alert, but it is still in low spirits innocently.

The scattered jade moves on its own and forms a shape of jade stairs. Lin Luoran steps back and sees it shrinks and becomes a model of jade stairs. The model flies towards Lin Luoran.

Lin Luoran opens her hand and the model lands on it. It shines softly and looks like crystal, although the cracks on it break the beauty a little bit. The model only has nine levels. When it grows big, it is very huge and tall. Lin Luoran wonders who made it with great power.

She cannot help observing it and finds some small light dots behind the stairs. The dots are like stars in the sky, sparkling.

Several small dots are around one big dot. Lin Luoran gets obsessed.

The longer she looks at it, the more familiar she finds it.

If the light dots can circle along the orbit… Lin Luoran raises her head and looks at the stars. Suddenly, she knows — the solar system? The light dots construct a solar system!

Something in the stairs wants to absorb Lin Luoran’s spiritual mind. In the endless vacancy, a beautiful starry night occurs in front of her.

Some big stars, some small stars. The one that is closest to her is a blue planet. It is extremely eye-catching in the dark vacancy. 70% of the blue planet is covered by water. Lin Luoran knows instantly that this one is the earth.

Other than this, she finds another planet that is close to her. She just comes up with this idea and finds it enlarging in front of her as if it is pulled to her… The surface is bumpy. Although she cannot touch it, Lin Luoran feels the trace of time flowing over it. Is this the moon?

What about other planets — countless stars are sparkling at the sky. The stars are making her willing to explore more. The starry sky is truly beautiful.

As Lin Luoran wants to see the next star, she hears a loud shout next to her ears.

“Wake up!”

Alongside with this shout, there is the thunder-like moo of the Kui Cattle.

Lin Luoran regains consciousness. Her eyes are blank for a moment and after a while, she sees the crazy Taoist standing in front of her. Recalling what happened a moment ago, she feels greatly scared.

The crazy Taoist looks tired. Lin Luoran wonders what happened after he traced the light of the saintess. Seeing that Lin Luoran gets sober, the Taoist says, “How dare you check the star atlas? You have just laid foundation! If I came out a moment later, you will be lost in the stars and never make it back!”

Is what she saw the star atlas? These are just the stars on the first level. If she checked stars on the second level first, she would have no time to wait for the crazy Taoist and something bad would happen.

Lin Luoran is scared. She can make it through tonight thanks to the crazy Taoist. She doesn’t dare to keep such a treasure with her, so she hands the jade stairs to him.

The crazy Taoist looks at it. He actually wants to keep it, but eventually, he refused because of his steady mind.

“You can keep it. See it as a thank-you gift for helping her enter the cultivation world.”

The crazy Taoist is willing to give such a precious gift to her. It seems that he values Baojia, his descendant very much. Thinking about her dear friend’s condition, Lin Luoran gets worried. She takes Baojia’s body here.

“Sir, Baojia…” Lin Luoran almost burst into tears. She has done something bad with good intentions. If she didn’t take Baojia to Africa, Baojia would not be like this.

The crazy Taoist checks Baojia and he lets out a sigh of relief,

“Don’t worry, she will not die.”

Lin Luoran smiles through tears, “Really? When will she wake up?”

“I only said that she would not die. I didn’t mean she would wake up… She has the blood that can make sure the fake saintess cannot actually hurt her. However, she is not strong enough and her ocean of consciousness has just formed. It is scattered after being attacked. If we wake her up now, she will be like a new-born and there will be nothing left in her brain…”

The Taoist says it in a casual way, but Lin Luoran is deeply shocked and sad,

“What do you mean by ‘nothing left in her brain’?”

The crazy Taoist rolls his eyes to hide his tiredness, “I mean that if we wake her up now, she will be like a fool who knows nothing!”

A fool… Lin Luoran pinches on her hand and she wants to cry. Baojia, who is smart and proud, will never let herself become a fool, won’t she?

She feels regret. Anger is taking up her mind and she wants to tears the fake saintess in parts.

“Do you want to find the fake saintess and revenge?” The crazy Taoist knows what she is thinking at the moment.


“Don’t bother. I have sealed her again. She will not come out until another thousand years later.”

Seal? The crazy Taoist is just in the level of Bearing Essence. Even though he has the Lashing Whip with him, is it possible that he can seal someone like “Ba”? Lin Luoran is not doubting him, but she is very curious.

“It is a long story. Since you have saved her once and taken her into the cultivation world, I can tell you part of the story.”


The crazy Taoist is not a talkative person. It seems that he is not faking his madness as he cannot tell the story smoothly. Lin Luoran wonders what kind of accident can make a cultivator in the level of Bearing Essence mad.

Lin Luoran takes a while to finally understand what he is talking about.

The story traces back to ancient times. In the beginning, there was no war between tribes of the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou. Later, the Yellow Emperor got a daughter called “Ba” and she was gifted as she could control fire. Even though back then everyone had some special ability, it was still a rare ability to control fire. Therefore, the Yellow Emperor adored her very much.

As Ba grew up, she was in a good relationship with Chiyou of the Jiuli tribe. She was kind and helpful to the tribe, so she was made a saintess even though she was not from the tribe. Lin Luoran feels that there might be something romantic between Ba and Chiyou.

Marrying the daughter to the leader of the Jiuli tribe was beneficial to both tribes, just like the business alliances today. Therefore, the Yellow Emperor was happy about the marriage.

One day, however, something changed. Ba came back from the mountains and she was behaving like a different person. She didn’t want to marry Chiyou anymore and she started the war between the two tribes. The war spread and finally stopped until a lot of resources were consumed.

Later on, they started to think about why they started the war and found there was something wrong with the ruthless Ba. However, no one could stop the war until Chiyou died.

Lin Luoran doesn’t know what happened between Ba and Chiyou. The crazy Taoist doesn’t explain much other than that this giant underground world was built by Chiyou for Ba. This was the fake Ba’s preparation for returning to where she came from.

Of course, neither the Yellow Emperor nor Chiyou was the final winner of the war, Ba was. Lin Luoran doesn’t understand and the Taoist explains,

“She was the saintess of the Jiuli tribe, Ba. She was the favorite concubine of Emperor You of the Zhou Dynasty, Baosi. She was Daji… She has participated in the whole history of Huaxia and she was behind every alternation between dynasties.

What’s her purpose? The crazy Taoist believes that she is part of the reason why cultivation culture decays.

One person can influence the civilization of a planet… If she hasn’t seen the sacrifice and the road to the sky in person, Lin Luoran would never believe that.

The Taoist is still not sure where the fake saintess came from.

However, he is sure about one thing: she was not from earth.

Lin Luoran feels like she is listening to a sci-fi story. However, the reason why she has to trust the crazy Taoist and the reason why he can seal the fake saintess as a cultivator in the level of Bearing Essence is who he is.

He is the final legacy of the Jiuli tribe.

Qi-trainers got to thrive again in the Han Dynasty because the fake saintess was not messing up with history. She was sealed in the Kalahari Desert at the expense of the whole Jiuli tribe in this underground built by them.

At the expense of the whole tribe? Lin Luoran is shocked. What kind of hatred needs to be handled by a decision like this?

The crazy Taoist is the only direct legacy. Baojia has the blood to protect her from death.

However, even though the blood is powerful, it cannot do more for Baojia at present.

Her ocean of consciousness was destroyed. If she cannot gather together her scattered spiritual mind, it is possible that Baojia will stay in sleep until she dies.