Volume Six The Wind Rises AgainChapter 200 After Story

“Gap” is a word that exists because people actually need it.

For example, a one-grade child can never discuss quantum mechanics with scholars no matter how smart he is.

For another example, the crazy Taoist can tell Lin Luoran secret stories about ancient times and he is both the legacy of Jiuli tribe and a cultivator on the level of Bearing Essence, he cannot understand what signal transmission between galaxies is.

The use of spirit power is a gap for both the crazy Taoist and Lin Luoran. Cultivators have been trying to enlarge their oceans of consciousness for a long time and they gradually forget its initial function.

Therefore, under the starry sky, a short spiritual fluctuation is sent from the model of jade stairs and the two present don’t know that.

The Lashing Whip trembles a little, but the fluctuation is so inconspicuous that the Whip doesn’t make further movements.

If the magic weapon is not in a proper hand, it cannot fully function. The Sword of Bright cannot fully function in Lin Luoran’s hands; likewise, the Lashing Whip cannot fully function in the hands of a cultivator on the level of Bearing Essence.

After they all leave the desert, one star blinks in the sky like a naughty child. After that, everything is attributed to calm.


The wind and sand don’t damage Lin Luoran’s skin.

Despite nothing changes on her outside, what happens on the inside really matters. Of course, Lin Luoran will not tell her parents what happened to Baojia. She just tells them that Baojia has met a skilled cultivator from her family so she will cultivate with him.

Mr. Lin says this is a chance, trying to comfort his wife, who doesn’t want Baojia to leave.

Only Lin Luoran knows what condition Baojia is in after she is taken away by the crazy Taoist. Before them apart, the crazy Taoist talked about several methods to save Baojia. What he needs, however, are all rare things that Lin Luoran cannot get even though she has the space.

For example, he needs the Soul Wood. It is said that the last one appeared in the Tang dynasty, right before cultivators on the level of Gathering Vitality disappeared. After that, the cultivation world has been on the decline, so that kind of treasure will never appear again.

Lin Luoran hoped to figure out the reason for the disappearance of those cultivators, but the crazy Taoist doesn’t know about it, even though he knows about the secret stories about ancient times.

He doesn’t know if it was the conspiracy set by the fake saintess many years ago. Years later, the last masters of Huaxia disappeared mysteriously.

Or, is it possible that the masters felt that Reiki was not enough on the earth? Therefore, they went somewhere new to find a new place for cultivation… If so, why is no one back today? Are they not able to come back? Are they not willing to come back? It is hard to tell.

Lin Luoran touches the ears of the cyan fox and stops contemplating.

“Sister… Your master showed up?”

Although he has heard the story several times, Wen Guanjing is still skeptical. If the story-teller is not Lin Luoran, he will leave immediately.

Lin Luoran has told him about what happened that night. She emphasizes on beasts like the Kui Cattle and distracts Wen Guanjing’s attention.

She has told him everything she has to and said nothing about what she cannot tell him, even though Wen Guanjing is a friend.

The news that there is still a cultivator on the level of Bearing Essence in Huaxia will shock Huizhu and others for a long time. With Lin Luoran’s intentional misleading, the message that Wen Guanjing tells other people becomes “that master is the master of Lin Luoran”.

Lin Luoran feels guilty. She sees Wen Guanjing as a friend, but she cannot tell him everything. Maybe she has changed. She only knew to be tough before, but now she knows to be flexible. When can she cultivate freely as she wishes?

The entrance to the underground world has been closed. Whether they believe it or not, Lin Luoran has made it clear how dangerous that place might be. Even if they find the entrance, without the control of the fake saintess, there are no rules for the lava’s movement. Those who want to “go treasure hunting” can only pray for good luck.

Baojia is taken away by the crazy Taoist to some secret place that Lin Luoran doesn’t know. The crazy Taoist has given her three paper cranes. He told Lin Luoran that if he knew something about the Soul Wood, he would contact her.

The trip to the desert doesn’t reveal the secret of the disappearance of the cultivators on the level of Gathering Vitality. It does, however, give Wen Guanjing the feeling of entering the next level and losing what he has gained in a short period of time. Luckily, he is a man with a steady mind. Many of the ordinary people cannot take this.

The good news is that, after what happened, Wen Guanjing decides to drop his work at the special department temporarily and stays in his home to continue cultivation. He will not come out until he completes the level of Training Qi.

Lin Luoran is glad about this and she doesn’t care about how Minister Chen Yun of the special department feels.

As for herself, although she is worried about Baojia, she still has gained something.

After Wen Guanjing leaves, there is no “outsider” in the Lin family. The cyan fox is enjoying the sun and Lin Luoran summons the jade stairs. She stares at it blankly for a moment. There are a lot of stars carved in its back but she almost got lost when she was exploring the first level with her spiritual mind… The crazy Taoist said that it was the star atlas!

The star atlas exits and that means there were people exploring the huge starry sky above us.

Are they from the out space? Or are they extremely skilled masters?

No matter who they are, Lin Luoran feels excited.

Lin Luoran sighs and takes back the jade stairs into her space. She needs to be restrained to control herself not to explore the star atlas immediately.

There is another gain from this trip, that is, she knows that there are intelligent creatures like the fire phoenix and the silver fish in the space other than herself. Although she cannot communicate with them for now, she is now more confident that she will enter the cabin one day.

Of course, now that the space has absorbed Strange Fire, there is wind circulation in the space now. There is wind or rain from time to time and the space now looks like an independent little world.

Lin Luoran takes out a peach from the space and feeds the cyan fox. It almost eats everything and it is good at playing cute. Compared with Goldie, who is always cool and proud, the cyan fox becomes more and more loved by Mrs. Lin.

After eating the peach, the fox is not satisfied as it wants to eat the goldfish in the fish tank. Lin Luoran takes it back immediately and holds it in her arms.

The cyan fox cannot slip from her, so it quiets down.

After Wen Guanjing leaves, many people call the Lin family.

Master Mu asks is it true that they cannot develop the Kalahari Desert? Lin Luoran feels wry. She can only repeat what she has told Wen Guanjing. Even if they can develop the Desert, she doesn’t want them to do so. If the seal is opened after many people get in, the crazy Taoist has worked in vain.

Therefore, Lin Luoran stresses how much the cultivator on the level of Bearing Essence values the Desert. Master Mu sighs and stops thinking about it.

Chen Yun from the special department is more troublesome. Although he is polite, he continues asking about everything and he implies that he will definitely go and develop the Kalahari Desert. Lin Luoran sneers. If someone really wants to die, she will never stop him.

This is the after story of the trip to the Kalahari Desert.

Lin Luoran assumes that the appearance of a cultivator on the level of Bearing Essence will shock Huizhu most as he is in the later stage of Laying Foundation. However, she has decided not to return to the Villa at Mount Qingcheng. Huizhu is proud and they have already conflicted once. Therefore, Lin Luoran guesses that people in the Qingcheng Taoist Temple will not visit her in R City.

As Luodong will go back to school, the Lin family will live in the city for a long time. Lin Luoran doesn’t want Goldie to stay in the mountain alone, so she lets it play freely in the day and return to their home in the city at night. She doesn’t care whether it will be seen by ordinary people. Suddenly, the cyan fox raises its head and looks at the sky with alert.

Goldie’s big wings appear above their home, Lin Luoran smiles.

There are many annoying things in life, but if you can feel happy most of the time, you need to be satisfied.


Lin Luoran’s guess is correct. Superior Huizhu of the Qingcheng Taoist Temple has wasted eight Teleport Figures after he knew that there is one cultivator on the level of Bearing Essence left in Huaxia.

Actually, young Master An can draw figure papers like Teleport Figure on his own. He is slow, but his production is enough for other powers to purchase. Since he entered the middle stage of Training Qi, he has taken over the job of drawing a lot of figure papers and there is no negative feedback. An is actually good at it.

Today, however, Superior Huizhu, who has not drawn low-level figure papers for a long time, draws Teleport Figure in person.

Drawing figure papers requires concentration. The person should be combined with the pen, the environment and the magic figures to successfully finish the figure paper smoothly. Training magic figures is actually the most effective way to make cultivators calm down.

Perhaps Huizhu draws Teleport Figures to concentrate, but the effect is not satisfactory.

He has wasted eight figure papers. Today, Reiki is not enough in the world and the materials for drawing figure papers are becoming more and more expensive. Even for Huizhu, it is inappropriate to continue wasting. Therefore, he stops.

Seeing that An is holding back his words, Huizhu puts down the pen and asks,

“Do you think that I want to ask her about that cultivator on the level of Bearing Essence?”

An doesn’t dare to answer and he lowers his head. He just remembers that his master has been in the later stage of Laying Foundation as long as he can remember. It is not wrong that his master wants to enter the next level… Thinking about this, An nerves himself,

“I would like to visit the Lin family in person… To regain our friendship.”

Huizhu laughs, “You are indeed fit for cooking. You know nothing about interpersonal communication.”

An is a little shy and Huizhu continues,

“Regain friendship… I don’t need to ask her for help. I do want to know if the road to the sky in the desert really exists.”

Cultivation in the earth today is really hard. If he cannot find a way out, entering the level of Bearing Essence means nothing. An understands it as well, but he is only interested in cooking, so he doesn’t know that his master’s ambition is bigger than what people think.