Chapter 201: Elders are Treasures

Although she just came home, Lin Luoran has a lot to do.

First things first, she can hide what happened to Baojia from her parents, but she has to tell Commander Qin. Therefore, Lin Luoran goes to the military compound to visit Commander Qin, who retired from office because of “illness”. He still lives there. With all his old friends there, no one can hurt him.

Therefore, Lin Luoran enters the compound successfully. When she arrives at Commander Qin’s house, he is playing martial arts. Lin Luoran doesn’t interrupt him. She waits until Commander Qin finishes his morning exercises.

What he is playing seems to be military martial arts. When Lin Luoran participated in military training in her college, she has learned some movements, so she is familiar with it.

However, Commander Qin is playing it differently. Although he is not amuck, every movement he makes is accompanied by wind. It shows how powerful those movements are.

The wind blows the tree leaves, but not the grass. Lin Luoran hasn’t noticed before that Commander Qin seems to be skilled in internal martial arts.

Commander Qin finishes his morning exercises. He takes the towel from Lu Sanchun and wipes sweat.

“Luoran, you are a rare visitor. What brings you here?”

Lin Luoran is not hiding. Naturally, he can find her.

Lin Luoran calls him “Grandpa Qin” sweetly and she says a lot of good words before Commander Qin lets her in.

She has done the math. It’s been a long time since their last meet. After those three years she spent in the underground blood pool, Commander Qin has aged. However, he doesn’t look old to her. Is it the effect of the strange ginseng that the crazy Taoist fed him, or the internal martial arts? Lin Luoran wants to prolong her mother’s life, so she wants to know about this.

Of course, this question has to be asked in private. They enter the house together. Lin Luoran cannot give him presents from the cultivation world, so she gives Commander Qin some Dahongpao tea leaves. Those branches she stole from the seed tree are growing well in the space and she has picked tea leaves several times. The space helps her to store the leaves. After she has got a lot of tea leaves, she wanted to find a master craftsman to process tea. She has found one with the help of Fatty Cui but that craftsman almost called the police — all her tea leaves were still tender and they were obviously picked before Grain Rain. However, it was autumn, how could she find tea leaves like that?

What’s more, even though the master craftsman has never touched Dahongpao tea from the seed tree, he can tell the quality. The tea leaves were first-class, so it is not strange that he felt suspicious.

Luckily, Fatty Cui guarantees for Lin Luoran, but she cannot get the tea now.

The reason why Dahongpao tea is more precious than ordinary Wuyi tea is that it will take 14 steps to process it. Every step is crucial. Now is not the perfect time for processing tea, so Lin Luoran has to wait for a long time.

Therefore, the tea Lin Luoran gives Commander Qin is actually from Master Mu.

“It is indeed very good.” Commander Qin is satisfied.

She doesn’t mention that these tea leaves come from the seed tree. Commander Qin is always observing disciplines and obeying laws. The government has already forbidden to pick leaves from the seed trees. If Lin Luoran tells him about it, maybe he will refuse this gift.

Lin Luoran tells him what happened to Baojia and Commander Qin’s movements stop for a while. He is worried, but what he asks eventually is,

“How is he?”

Well, even though there is a connection between the crazy Taoist and the Qin family, Baojia is the only granddaughter of Commander Qin. Shouldn’t he ask about Baojia first? Lin Luoran is surprised, but she tells him everything she knows about the crazy Taoist. Commander Qin feels relieved. After hearing everything she says, although he is still worried, he looks much happier.

“Luoran, do you want to ask me why didn’t I ask about Baojia?” Commander Qin smiles and winks. He still has the face that Lin Luoran saw when they first met. After all these years and everything he has been through, it seems that he hasn’t grown old at all.

Lin Luoran feels guilty, not only because she took Baojia to Africa, but also because she took Baojia into the cultivation world — Commander Qin wants his granddaughter to do it, she wants her dear friend to do it, but they never ask, does Baojia want to be a cultivator?

Now, if Baojia cannot wake up, they don’t even have the chance to ask her.

“I want to ask, but since Baojia has become a cultivator, I can’t protect her forever… I have to let her go and it is only a matter of time. If she dies before me, I will accompany her in several years. If she doesn’t die, she can become a cultivator. With your help, I will not worry at all…”

Commander Qin says leisurely, and then he makes the conclusion,

“I can never participate in her life anymore, so I will not give any pieces of advice… If she wakes up, knowing nothing, I will look after her as long as I’m alive. When I die, I will entrust her to you. Therefore, there is no need for you to feel guilty or worried. Whichever path you choose, you will meet difficulties. Take myself as an example, I was in the war, got hit by shrapnel and almost got shot by bullets many times. You have to fight hard to gain wealth in our society, and the same goes for the cultivation world… How can you get successful without taking risks?”

He says smoothly. Lin Luoran has never heard anyone analyze cultivation like this and gradually, she gets obsessed.

Commander Qin is not a cultivator, but he has been in the war. His life experience is no less wonderful than that of many cultivators. Hearing him talk about his life, Lin Luoran has learned a lot.

What do you need to become a cultivator?

Gift, magic weapons, skills, chances?

The most important one, however, might be a brave heart. If Lin Luoran doesn’t dare to explore the cultivation world because of what happened to Baojia and is jittering about cultivation, she will lose a lot.

Just like what Commander Qin says, if Baojia wakes up, knowing nothing, she will give her the best life and will never let her suffer anything. She is wasting her time worrying. It is a better choice to find the Soul Wood to cure Baojia as quickly as she can.

Lin Luoran sits on the sofa. What Commander Qin says is not complicated. However, when she thinks everything through, she feels as if a wind blows above her ocean of consciousness and her soul is cleared. She has not been like this for a long time.

Is there any improvement?

Lin Luoran doesn’t care about it. She is just enjoying the moment.

No wonder people always say that elders are treasures. Talking with elders can learn a lot.