Chapter 205 Life in School

Lin Luoran recently started to study for a postgraduate degree. Though she doesn’t have to go to every class as normal students do, her life in school is not so easy.

In Huaxia’s history, there are many kinds of ancient writings such as oracle, bronze script, seal script, and clerical script… The history of writings reflects the history of Huaxia. Besides, most ethnic minorities have their own scripts, which make the entire history of scripts in Huaxia even more prosperous.

No one is able to study all the known script of human. Although cultivators have longer lives than normal people, they can’t afford to waste their time on this. Therefore, the scholars are so respectful because they are willing to spend their life organizing the scripts. They have drawn comparison tables between these ancient writings and modern Huaxia characters so that people can study them conveniently.

Lin Luoran’s advantage is that her memory is way better than others.

She can remember every word in the books she reads, which is very helpful to her current research.

Lin Luoran spends most of her time at the university reading books recommended by her mentor, Professor Qi. Sometimes when she gets bored, she will go to the library of the University of Chuan and looks for materials in the isolated ancient writings zone.

She mostly reads books about unofficial history, which is much more interesting than the official history. Lin even comes across Rong Donglin several times in the library. Rong is also one of Professor Qi’s students. Professor Qi always talks about how talented Rong is… However, Rong has no choice but to use most of his spare time to do part-time jobs in order to help his family out. Professor Qi feels pity about this.

Speaking of helping his family out, Lin Luoran thinks of Luodong’s classmate, Huang Weijian.

She once asked someone else to ask about Huang’s origin from Ms. Liu. In the beginning, Lin Luoran doubted that Huang Weijian was a spy someone put in Luodong’s class. Unexpectedly, Ms. Liu said that Huang and his grandfather had lived in the room made of iron sheets for over seven years. Huang was only four or five years old when he first moved there. Ms. Liu watched him grow up. It was impossible that Huang was a spy.

Huang Weijian’s grandfather supported Huang to go to school by picking and selling waste. According to Ms. Liu, Huang’s grandfather was a healthy and vigorous old man. However, he disappeared a couple of months ago.

The only thing that raises Lin’s suspicion is that Huang Weijian’s grandfather spent a large sum of money to transfer Huang to Luodong’s class and he disappeared after that. Years ago, Lin Luoran personally went to the school to pay for Luodong’s tuition fee. Most families couldn’t afford the fee, let alone Huang’s grandfather who only worked temporary jobs and picked and sold waste for a living.

Is there a chance that something happened to Huang Weijian after his grandfather disappeared?

Lin Luoran denies this idea immediately.

With the bead by her hand, Lin Luoran wasn’t able to achieve the level of cultivation of Huang in a few months. — That’s right. The reason why Lin Luoran cares so much about Huang Weijian is that he is a cultivator in the level of Training Qi!

If treasures like the bead were everywhere, Huaxia’s world of cultivation wouldn’t have declined so much. Baojia has a nice Taoist root and she hasn’t officially entered the earlier stage of Training Qi after cultivating for three years… Hence, Huang must have started to cultivate from an early age.

The problem is, if Huang’s grandfather were also a cultivator, even he was in the level of Training Qi, he wouldn’t have to pick up waste for a living. Now he is missing…

Lin’s head aches. If Huang is really a spy, the one who puts him there must think highly of her. After all, Huang Weijian is already in the level of Training Qi when he is twelve years old.

Lin Luoran thinks ironically that she may be thought too highly of.

Anyway, Lin is interested in Huang Weijian himself.

That day, she witnessed Ms. Liu asked for the rent from Huang and she heard Huang talking about making money. Lin becomes so curious that every day, after picking Luodong up from the school, the two of them will go “stalking” Huang. Sometimes Lin will drive Luodong home and go to follow Huang alone. She never misses a day.

Half a month later, Lin Luoran realizes that Huang Weijian comes back home later and he spends more time picking up waste… She starts to doubt that this little cultivator may not know about his abilities. If he could use his abilities, he would become rich easier than everyone else.

Huang Weijian here only knows to pick up the waste. Lin Luoran wonders whether he is innocent or silly — or, his stubbornness gives him more patience?

Lin Luoran can feel the fluctuation of Reiki in Huang Weijian’s old bag. Granted that Huang doesn’t know any spells, the thing in the bag should be able to scare away those bullies.

However, after following Huang around for half a month, Lin Luoran discovers that this young boy does nothing but picking up and selling waste to make money. He is too well-behaved to be a spy… Days before, Lin Luodong helped Huang out. However, Huang still acts coldly, which makes Luodong gloomy.

Seeing that Huang Weijian is going out again with the gunny bag in his hand, Luodong yawns and asks, “Sister, why do we follow Huang around all day?”

Lin Luoran is surprised by the question. Right. Since Huang Weijian is not suspicious, why does she want to follow him?

Lin Luoran claps her hands, “Let’s go. We won’t come here tomorrow.”

Everybody has their own way of life. Huang Weijian keeps people away and never asks for help. Lin Luoran doesn’t want to be nosy.

As for Luodong, it’s nice that he has a classmate who is a good person and a talented cultivator.

Luodong has the single Taoist root of earth. He will be able to make his own choice when he becomes an adult.


Compared with Huang Weijian, Zeng Tian is now in deep water.

That’s right. After he got the Gathering Qi Bolus from Lin Luoran, he planned to go to the deep mountains to cultivate. However, after consuming one of the boluses, news came from home that his father had a stroke. The real estate market is going through a recession. In order to make sure that he will have enough money for the cultivation, Zeng Tian had no choice but to come back to the R City to run his family business.

His family members are uncertain about this cultivation thing. Though no one disapproves of him spending a lot of money on jade, they hope that Zeng Tian can finish school so that he will be capable to take over the family business even if his cultivation doesn’t work out.

As a result, Zeng Tian is transferred to the business management department of the University of Chuan while working in the branch office of his family company. He is 25 years old and he hasn’t got his undergraduate degree. This is so strange.

Zeng Tian doesn’t even have a clear idea about what the world of cultivation is like. He only knows a few young cultivators. He follows them around only to see them cast spells.

Zeng is not familiar with the R City, but he knows that two elders in the level of Laying Foundation live on Mount Qingcheng. Thus, Zeng feels that he must be cautious while being here.

Thinking of the Gathering Qi Bolus he owns, Zeng Tian is distracted.

“I should rent a house near the school and focus on cultivation after the registration… Cultivation is the most important thing. As for my degree… It can wait!”

“Squeak— ” With the sound of breaking and a crash, Zeng Tian, who doesn’t wear the seatbelt, is almost thrown out of the car.

After a few seconds, Zeng Tian realizes that he just had a car accident. The man on the driver’s seat is angry after the scare.

The driver is called Cao Liyang. He is the son of the general manager of the R City branch of Zeng’s company. Cao and Zeng are friends since they were little boys. This time, Cao Liyang volunteers to give Zeng Tian a ride.

Cao pushes the car door open angrily. The Maserati he was driving was hit on the roadside. And the troublemaker is lying on the ground with his bike, staring at the broken Maserati. — Rong Donglin rode the bike too fast because he was in a rush for his home tutoring job. The Maserati was also going at a high speed. Rong didn’t expect that someone would drive so fast on campus. When he saw the Maserati coming at him, it was already too late to dodge.


Cao Liyang becomes furious when he sees the front of his car. He bought it a month ago and he went through a lot of trouble to get permission from his father.

“You are playing with fire!” Cao kicks the bike.

Obviously, Rong has never been in this kind of situation. He stands up and apologizes. He doesn’t even stop Cao from kicking his bike.

Yan Feng runs up from behind and asks Rong about what happened. He says angrily, “Man, this is your fault. You drove too fast on campus. Rong didn’t ask you to pay for the medical treatment he would need. You shouldn’t go too far.”

“Pay for his medical treatment?” After all, Can Liyang is a rich kid. He always acts arrogantly along with his friends. It is nice for him not to make trouble. Cao can never put up with the fact that he may be “taken advantage” by someone else.

Cao takes another glance at the front of his car and asks about Rong Donglin’s name and class. He takes out a dozen of 100 yuan bills and throws them on the ground. He says, “This will cover your medical treatment… I’ll send you the bill after my car is repaired.”

Then, Cao ignores Yan Feng’s shouting, opens the door of his car and drives away.

Zeng Tian rubs his temple, “Hey, you’re not really going to ask that kid to pay for your car repairing, are you? He doesn’t seem to be rich. Just forget it. The insurance company will cover for this.” Zeng Tian has noticed earlier that Cao has changed a lot. Zeng Tian assumes that he is thinking too much.

Cao laughs and says, “Of course I won’t. I was just messing with him. Do you want to have a drink? I know some nice bars.”

Zeng drops this topic and starts to check on the campus.

Viciousness flashes in Cao’s eyes. That poor student embarrassed him in front of Zeng Tian. How could he just let this go?

On the scene of the accident, Yan Feng helps Rong Donglin to pick up his bike. Yan says, “You’re such a coward. You were hit by a car and humiliated by the driver. These rich kids always act arrogantly. We should not be soft!”

Rong smiles bitterly. He knows how much Maserati costs. If he were born in a well-off family as Yan Feng did, he would also argue with the driver. The reality is, Rong worries whether the money on the ground will be enough to repair his bike.

Rong Donglin looks at his bike which is in pieces and smiles bitterly.

The bike is beyond repair.