Chapter 206 Rong Donglin is in Trouble

Autumn is the best season to enjoy the beauty of the chrysanthemum and the taste of crab.

Ms. Lin spends the entire morning picking crabs at the market. She checks every crab for pinholes in order to make sure that the crabs are not piped with water. The peddler says that the crabs are all from the famous Yangcheng Lake. However, even Lin Luoran, a cultivator in the level of Laying Foundation, is here, she will not be able to tell where the crabs really are from.

Ms. Lin has so much spare time. Back when Lin Luoran was in the blood pool in the dungeon under Zhongshan Mausoleum, Ms. Lin got her driver’s license along with Mr. Lin. After coming back from the Kalahari Desert, Lin Luoran gave the BWM to her parents and bought herself a normal domestic car. The BWM has a larger trunk, which is perfect for Mr. and Ms. Lin to buy groceries.

Except for the crab, Ms. Lin also buys some shrimps and beef.

In fact, Lin’s family members are all becoming vegetarians. After all, the vegetables and fruits from Lin Luoran’s space taste much better than those on the market. Today, Ms. Lin is going to make a fancy dinner because Luodong’s classmates are coming over!

Luodong was only seven or eight years old when he first came to the Lin family. Four years have passed, and the little boy with autism now has classmates and friends… This is important for the entire Lin family.

However, only one of Luodong’s classmates promises to come to Lin’s house. It is Wei Xue.

Lin Luodong also invited Huang Weijian, but Huang turned Luodong down with his silence.

Seeing that her mom is busy preparing dinner in the kitchen, Lin Luoran thinks of a person.

Rong Donglin is the first one that teaches Luodong to communicate. If he can suddenly show up at the door, Luodong will definitely be thrilled.

Lin Luoran takes the car keys and says to her mom, who is frying meatballs,

“Mom! I’m going out!”

Mr. Lin, carrying a tray of crabs, almost bumps into Lin Luoran. Ms. Lin throws a meatball into the oil and says, “Look at your daughter! She still acts like a little girl when she is almost thirty years old…”

“Everybody else say Luoran looks like a young girl in her early twenties!” Ms. Lin only talks back to his wife when it comes to his daughter.

Ms. Lin throws a vegetable leaf toward Mr. Lin. Before the leaf touches Mr. Lin’s face, it suddenly stops. Mr. Lin freezes the leaf with Reiki.

Just like Lin Luoran, who can make the fallen leaves dance, Mr. Lin is now finally able to output his Reiki under the help of the boluses and the jade. This is the sign of reaching the early stage of Training Qi. Mr. Lin should start to learn spells.

Seeing that Mr. Lin’s cultivation is growing, Ms. Lin can’t help feeling depressed. She knows that she can’t cultivation for now. Although her daughter said that there would be a way to fix this, Ms. Lin is still worried because nothing is being carried out by now.

Ms. Lin wants to cultivate not for a long life nor power. The only thing she wants is to stay by the side of her husband and daughter and make meals for them.

Mr. Lin understands his wife the best. Seeing the expressions on her face, he knows that she is overthinking again. Mr. Lin puts the crabs on the table and makes a decision. If there is no chance that his wife can cultivate, he will…

“Alright! The meatballs will burn if you don’t get them out soon.”

“Go and wash the vegetables!”

Ms. Lin puts these thoughts behind her head and focuses on frying the meatballs.

Goldie is pacing in the backyard. The smell of meat coming from the kitchen makes it hungry. Its master has told it to hide itself today. It may as well go into the mountains and hunt.

The sun is going down. Lin Luodong will be home any minute.


Rong Donglin is living in deep waters these days.

The anxiety in his heart comes true. On the next day after the car accident, some strong men come to his dorm.

They don’t beat Rong. Instead, they give Rong a bill to pay. It is 140,000 yuan, the repair fee for Cao Liyang’s Maserati.

Except for Yan Feng, all of Rong’s roommates are from ordinary families. They’ve never seen things like this. — Yan Feng says that Rong won’t pay the bill and he is immediately thrown out by a man with a scorpion tattoo.

These men leave after telling Rong Donglin to think over about this. All of Rong’s roommates say that Rong shouldn’t pay the bill… Nevertheless, even if Rong wants to, he doesn’t have that much money.

Yan Feng says righteously that if these men come again, he will call the police. Rong Donglin isn’t the man to be blamed for the accident, and Yan believes that he can be Rong’s witness. None of them take this seriously so they don’t report this to the school administrators.

However, the next day, these men come again. They are clearly more prepared this time. They give Rong Donglin a piece of paper with the address of his native place and information on his family members. Rong can’t understand why they are able to pull out this information on him.

These men act like this is normal. They obviously are professionals. They leave after asking Rong to prepare the money by tomorrow.

Yan Feng calls the police immediately. The problem is that no surveillance camera has caught the scene of the car accident so the police can’t tell who is the one to be blamed. Besides, those men never beat Rong up. The police can’t say that Rong is threatened based on the piece of paper with Rong’s information on it.

On the way back from the police station, Rong is down. Yan Feng pats Rong Donglin on his shoulder and goes to withdraw all of his savings. Rong knows that Yan Feng’s family is not filthy rich. These 30,000 yuan must be all of Yan’s personal savings.

The rest of Rong’s roommates all come from ordinary families, but they still take out all their savings to help Rong.

Finally, with some prepaid wages, Rong manages to gather over 40,000 yuan, which is not even close to 140, 000.

Night falls. Rong Donglin and his roommates look at each other silently. Yan Feng says that he can ask for more money from his family. Rong stops him.

“I already owe too much to you guys… These people are trying to blackmail me. I can’t drag all of you into this.”

Rong Donglin gives back Yan Feng and all the others’ money. He lies on his bed and falls asleep.

Rong’s roommates are worried. However, Rong acts like he doesn’t even care about his life anymore. Yan Feng sighs and says, “These men must be the gangsters hired by that rich kid. If someone powerful can help us, everything will be fine.”

Another boy frowns and says, “No big deal. We can just fight them. Go to sleep. Just leave this to tomorrow!”

Yan murmurs, “All of us together won’t stand a chance of winning one of them…” Yan is not being passive. All of his roommates are the top students of their class, but they are also skinny and weak.

Under the quilt, Rong Donglin pretends to be asleep. Hearing Yan Feng talks about someone powerful, Rong thinks of somebody. All his life, the only ones who are powerful are the sister and brother he met on the train. They seem to have some background and they also live in the R City… Rong remembers the phone number of the sister but he feels that he is having a wild imagination.

The sister was only being polite. She gave him her number because he offered her and her brother two bowls of instant noodles. How could that be equal to 140, 000 yuan? Rong Donglin doesn’t want to be shameless. He tosses and turns on his bed and falls asleep at midnight.

On the next day, Yan Feng and the rest of Rong’s roommates decide that they should stick together all day. They go to the class, to the dinner, and back to the dorm. It is almost dusk. Nothing strange happens.

After all, Yan and Rong are just students. They have no idea how gangsters work. They lower their guard after the sunset. Rong Donglin wants to go to the library, only Yan insists to follow.

Few students still hang around on campus at this time. A van stops in front of Yan and Rong.

“Kid, where’s the money?”

The man with the scorpion tattoo asks directly. Rong Donglin answers that he doesn’t have any money. Then the man talks about Rong’s little sister who is in junior high school back at home and “invites” Rong to get on the van.

Yan shouts at these men and no one takes him seriously. Before closing the door, one of the men on the van says to Yan, “Kid, we’re inviting Rong to play. You should mind your own business.”

Yan Feng is furious. He picks up a stone and tries to break the window of the van. However, the driver starts the van and leaves immediately. In a rush, Yan Feng takes down the license number of the van. A white BMW brushes past the van.

“Creak— ” With the sound of breaking, the BMW stops in front of Yan Feng. Lin Luoran rolls down the car window.

“It’s you!” With the stone in his hand, Yan Feng doesn’t know what to do. He has a deep impression of Lin Luoran and he recognizes her immediately.

Lin Luoran certainly recognizes this boy who she asked for directions before. Lin realizes earlier that she didn’t know Rong’s number or which dorm he lives in. She saw this boy who was Rong’s friend when she was hesitating whether to ask Professor Qi about Rong’s information.

“Hey, do you know which dorm does Rong Donglin live in? Do you have his phone number?”

She is here for Rong? Yan Feng is surprised. He answers quickly,

“He was taken away… He is in danger. We should call the police…” Lin Luoran frowns and interrupts him.


“Just now! He is in the van that brushes past your car!”

Lin Luoran steps on the gas and turns the car around. Yan Feng jumps in front of her car and says, “I remember the license number of the van! Take me with you!”

“Get on!”

Seeing that the beautiful woman is seriously cold, Yan opens the door of the backseat and gets on the car. The stone is still in his hand, which is quite a hilarious scene.

Yan tells Lin the license number of the van. Lin uses all of her spiritual minds to search for the van in the traffic flow. Not this one, not this… It’s this one!

Lin Luoran opens her eyes and feels confident. She starts the car and goes to chase the van.

Yan Feng is upset. He assumes that this beautiful woman should be rich because she drives a BMW. What he doesn’t know is whether she will do everything to save Rong… Anyway, Yan now thinks that Rong Donglin is not being fully honest. Rong said that he didn’t know this woman. Is the woman so bored that she just goes randomly to save Rong?

Lin Luoran has no idea what Yan Feng is thinking about. She drives while asking Yan about what happened. Soon, she understands what this is all about.

So Rong actually has the chance to call her for help?

But Rong never calls. This makes Lin Luoran respect him even more.

Rong Donglin is clearly a boy with honor. He is perfect to be Luodong’s friend.

However, Lin Luoran worries that she may miss dinner at home. She has to take Rong Donglin with her and gives Luodong a nice surprise.

Lin’s spiritual mind never leaves the van. She speeds the car up. Holding that piece of stone, Yan Feng sits on the back seat and looks at Lin drives in the car flow. His heart is pounding. Yan fears that they may have a car crash, but the thrill of sitting in a fast car is just so exciting… Yan’s emotions are mixed.