Chapter 208 Kowtows Save Your Life

Everything comes to the end within ten minutes.

Cao Liyang, who stays calm while panicking on the inside, refuses to make the kowtows. Of course, Cao is not that tough. After Brother Leopard and his minions are down, Cao realizes that this woman is not ordinary… Cao never heard of cultivators. He only thinks that the woman knows some Kung Fu.

Sitting on the couch, Rong Donglin feels uneasy. All that just happened is like a dream and the situation has changed too fast. Yan Feng is sleeping on the corner of the couch, still holding that piece of stone. He has no idea about all of this.

Lin Luoran leans back on the couch and asks carelessly, “You said you worked for the Zeng’s company?”

The Zeng’s company is famous. Lin has heard of how rich the Zeng family is before she stepped on the path of cultivation… Four years ago, Lin couldn’t even afford 1 m2 of houses built by the Zeng’s company, and now she is going to meet the successor of the company. Things really change fast in this world.

Cao Liyang is blinking.

Lin Luoran looks at her watch. It’s half past seven now. The dinner back at home should have started. Since she is already late for dinner, Lin thinks she may as well help Rong settle things tonight.

“Alright. Call him.”

Cao is thinking that Lin Luoran does have scruples in the Zeng’s company as he expected. Though he is jealous that saying Zeng Tian’s name has calmed the situation down, Cao is relieved a bit.

He knows that Zeng Tian has been studying martial arts for over ten years. Even things go south later, Zeng will be able to settle this with his power… Although Cao feels ashamed by asking Zeng Tian for help, Cao is sure that Zeng will definitely be on his side because their friendship goes way back!

Cao Liyang dials Zeng Tian’s numbers under Lin’s watch.

Zeng doesn’t pick up the phone immediately. The busy tone rings. Looking at these minions lying on the ground and Brother Leopard who is shivering at the corner of the room, Cao gets anxious… Pick up the phone! Pick up! I don’t want to make kowtows…

“Hello?” Zeng Tian picks up. Lin Luoran doesn’t recognize Zeng’s voice. Cao Liyang tells Zeng what has happened in a few words.

Of course, Cao didn’t tell the entire truth in order to maintain his pride.

Cao looks at the woman on the couch. Her eyes are closed. It’s like that she is resting or sleeping. Cao’s expressions become vicious.


Zeng Tian has just come back from the tranquility when his phone rings.

As expected, life in the R City isn’t peaceful. Today, someone called and told him that workers of a suburban villa area of his company discovered an ancient tomb from the Han Dynasty. Experts had locked the area down. This was a good thing for the archaeological field. However, for the Zeng’s company, the unearthing of the tomb would delay the construction of the villas!

This bothers Zeng Tian a lot. Now, Cao Liyang just called him for help. Zeng feels even more troubled.

Zeng Tian has to go and help Cao. Cao really is a good judge of character. Though it has been so many years, Zeng cares about his friendship with Cao.

Soon, Zeng arrives at the bar. The front door is closed. Zeng has a feeling that things are not so simple as he thought.

Zeng gets off the car and pushes the door open…

Light music is still playing in this room. Lights are still flashing. The waiters, the bartenders, the DJ, the bodyguards, and the actresses are all lying on the couch, sleeping.

There are no wounds on their bodies, and they don’t seem to be drugged. Zeng Tian now regrets that he has come alone.

Zeng gets nervous when he pushes the door of the private room open. The light is dim. At first sight, he sees people lying on the ground, unconsciously. Cao is sitting on the couch, agitated. There are three other people on the couch, but Zeng can’t see their faces clearly. Did these three people make trouble at the bar?

“Zeng Tian, you’re here!” Cao’s expressions are lighted up.

Compared with Cao Liyang, who is stupid and arrogant, Zeng Tian has high EQs. Zeng has noticed that things aren’t right, so he says politely,

“I apologize for Liyang. Fighting is meaningless. We can find another way out of this situation…”

Lin Luoran recognizes Zeng Tian immediately when he comes in.

Lin remembers that Zeng once bought some boluses from her. She also remembers that Zeng had a taste of the spirit wine she made… This is such a small world.

“Zeng Tian, why are you bullying students? Why are you not cultivating in the mountains?”

Zeng feels like being hit by a flash of lightning when he hears the voice. After he sees Lin’s face clearly, he feels that the lightening has changed into a strike of thunder. God! Zeng would like to be stricken to death by lightning instead of being in this embarrassing situation!

“Ma… Master Lin…”

Anxiously, Zeng Tian wants to make a bow. Lin Luoran stops him.

Zeng Tian’s master? How can this young woman be Zeng Tian’s master…? Why Zeng Tian has a master when the old time has long gone? Cao Liyang is confused. In the meanwhile, he knows that things are not going as he expected.

“I’m so sorry, Master Lin. I don’t know you’re here… I…” Zeng Tian is sweating. He has noticed that Cao’s arrogance but he never thought that Cao would mess with Master Lin.

“Why? If I weren’t here, you could feel easier to bully an ordinary person? Is that right, Mr. Zeng?” Lin Luoran says, pointing at Rong Donglin. Rong has been worrying for Lin when he heard that Cao was relevant to the Zeng’s company. Now he realizes that Mr. Zeng is a junior of Lin. Rong is finally relieved.

Bully an ordinary person… Zeng Tian is going to die because of embarrassment when he heard Lin’s accusation. He knows that two senior cultivators in the level of Laying Foundation live in the R City. Even if he wants to show off his power, he won’t do that here!

Zeng doubts that maybe he is not cautious enough. He feels helpless.

Since Zeng doesn’t dare to ask “Master Lin” about this, he starts to question Cao Liyang. Cao wants to cover up his fault. However, seeing that Lin is looking at him with cold eyes, Cao gets goosebumps and loses the courage to lie.

Zeng Tian’s face becomes paler and paler as Cao tells him what has happened.

Cao is no longer the boy in Zeng’s memory. He promised not to make trouble for the student, yet he hired those gangsters! While feeling fooled, Zeng Tian still worries about Cao.

Cao has bullied a student who knows Master Lin. Zeng is not sure whether the unlucky guy in this room is Cao or himself.

Zeng takes a look at the student on the couch. He has a black eye, which indicates that he has been beaten by Cao and his men. At this crucial moment, Zeng Tian acts decisively—

“Liyang, kneel. Make kowtows to Master Lin and apologize.”

Lin has realized that Zeng Tian is not in this together with Cao. She believes that the Zeng’s company won’t look for trouble from Rong Donglin. Lin Luoran stands up and says, pointing at Rong,

“This is the one he bullied, not me… He should make kowtows and apologize to Rong. Rong, I’ll wait for you outside. Hurry up.”

Lin leaves the chance for Rong Donglin to restore his pride. It’s now up to himself whether he wants to make peace or fight for himself… Lin Luoran is not God. She wants Rong to make his own choices.

Lin Luoran walks by Zeng Tian. Zeng holds his breath.

What has happened today has helped Rong become a better man, but it is a humiliation for Cao Liyang.

Zeng Tian told him to kneel and apologize!

Not to that powerful woman, but to the poor student who was under his feet half an hour ago… Cao clenches his fists. Suddenly, Cao is kicked on the legs. His knees are already on the ground when he comes to himself.

Zeng Tian is the one who kicked Cao. Cao looks up at Zeng in surprise. Zeng says seriously,

“Make the kowtows. Apologize.”


Lin Luoran waits in her car for about ten minutes. Rong Donglin walks out of the bar while carrying Yan Feng on his back. Rong has a black eye but he walks steadily.

Seeing this, Lin understands something. In fact, she likes to be with nice people. However, the rule of the world is so strange. Nice people are always bullied… Lin Luoran hopes that nice people can be tougher.

Just like the incident this time. In the first place, Cao Liyang drove too fast on campus, and a lot of people witnessed it. Rong Donglin was the victim. If he could be tough and point out that Cao Liyang should be blamed for the accident, Cao wouldn’t think Rong was weak. Therefore, things tonight might not happen.

“Let’s go. I’ll give you two a ride.” Dinner at Lin’s home should be over by now. Besides, Yan Feng is drunk. Lin Luoran is not going to bring Rong home tonight.

“Thank you.”

Rong remains silent after getting on Lin’s car. He only gave two bowls of instant noodles to Lin and her brother, but Lin has returned such a big favor. Rong Donglin doesn’t know how to pay Lin back.

Lin Luoran smiles and says nothing. She drives toward the University of Chuan. In the private room of the bar, Cao Liyang kneels on the ground. After this, he will never be able to look Zeng Tian in the eye.

Cao Liyang is furious!

“Bang— ” Zeng punches the tea table. A corner of the table is broken. Zeng doesn’t move away his hand.

Seeing that Zeng Tian can break the table with one punch, Cao Liyang forgets about his anger and stares at Zeng in surprise.

“I’m not showing off my Kung Fu. Compared with Master Lin, this is nothing… Liyang, I told you to make the kowtows to save your life.” Zeng takes his hand off the table.

Cao Liyang is frightened. The corner of the table is scattered into pieces. The wood bits on the ground are taunting at him.

Looking at Zeng Tian, who is acting coldly and indifferently, Cao Liyang feels that his blood flow is slowing down.