Chapter 210 Shui Script and Soul Wood

Lin Luoran, Luodong, Rong Donglin, Yan Feng, and Professor Qi go to a small diner near the university town. Forgetting about the sanitary condition, dishes in the small diner taste good and the prices are quite low.

They ordered Sliced pork with garlic sauce, Sautéed water spinach, Shredded potatoes with salted egg yolk, Boiled fish with pickled cabbage and chill, Brain and tofu stew, Pork head meat, and Cabbage and tofu soup. There are six dishes, a pot of soup, as well as a small bucket of steamed rice, which is perfect for four adults and a young boy.

The cyan little fox only eats things with Reiki. It always steals the vegetables and herbs which are taken from Lin Luoran’s space from the kitchen and hides them in the bamboo cabin. The little fox eats the vegetables alone late at night. Now, these delicious dishes can’t draw its interests at all. It sits on the plastic chair and starts to clean its hair. Other young girls in the diner all whisper to each other about how cute the little fox is.

“Professor, you’ve stayed at the site of the tomb for over five days. Yesterday, I ran into your wife on campus and she complained to me about this!” Seeing that Professor Qi and Rong Donglin are still talking about the ancient scripts they found in the tomb, Yan Feng says with a piece of tofu in his mouth.

Professor Qi puts down the chopsticks and shakes his head. He says with a smile, “Yan Feng, when it comes to our professions, you’re never as focused as Donglin is.”

Yan Feng secretly makes a face at Rong.

Maybe because he is tired, or he still feels depressed, Rong Donglin lays low and keeps eating during dinner while sometimes helps Luodong fetch more food.

“Professor, I heard that Rong knows the Shui script well?”

Lin Luoran asks. The dinner is already over. She has sent Luodong to pay the bill. Lin brings this question up so that they can have a topic to talk about.

Lin only asks this question to kill time. However, Professor Qi takes it seriously and says, “Rong knows the Shui script better than me. He is talented for doing research.”

Noticing the attention on himself, Rong Donglin explains, “My father used to teach the Shui script, and I’ve only learnt a little from him. My knowledge is not even close to Professor Qi’s!”

Then, Rong starts to talk about the bamboo sheets they found in the ancient tomb with Professor Qi again,

“I wonder who the occupant of the tomb was. These bamboo sheets are strung together with gold threads and they are perfectly preserved. And the story written on these sheets is so strange…”

They get on Lin’s car. On the back seat, Professor Qi shakes his head, “Strange? There are so many mysterious things in the history of our country. That story can’t be considered as strange.”

Out of his love for this professional field, Rong starts to discuss this issue with Professor Qi. He says, “The story written in the Shui script is not related to the myth system of the Classics of Mountains and Seas. Also, no other books have ever recorded a story like this… This story talks about ointment that helps people grow back a broken arm and spirited wood that can gather souls. These things only exist in novels. How can they be real?”

Professor Qi keeps shaking his head. Clearly, he disagrees with Rong. Hearing about novels, Yan Feng finally finds the topic he can talk about. Yan starts to discuss with Rong about whether cultivators are real.

Normally, Lin Luoran may feel awkward if she hears people talk about this question. However, after Rong said something about “spirited wood that can gather souls”, Lin’s thoughts start to wander… The wood Rong talked about sounds like the Soul Wood!

Is this the blessing of God?

Lin gets excited. She feels that her lips are so dry.

“Luodong, do you think there are swordsmen in the world?” Yan Feng looks around and asks Luodong, who is the youngest person in the car.

Luodong casts a glance at his sister and he wants to tell everybody proudly that his sister is a cultivator. Instead, he says loudly,

“Of course!”

Yan Feng gloats and Rong Donglin is speechless. Rong thinks that Luodong is young and imaginative and he certainly believes in the existence of cultivators.

Professor Qi smiles.

Lin Luoran calms herself down and pretends to be carelessly. She asks, “The spirited wood Rong just talked about sounds like a lot of fun. Professor, is there anything else that the bamboo sheets recorded about this?”

“The bamboo sheets are the treasures of our country. We have to be extremely careful while trying to read them. There are still a lot of bamboo sheets which haven’t been cleaned yet. I know nothing more about the wood.”

The treasures of the country?

Lin Luoran is surprised. She has become bolder these days. She would be scared if she heard of the words “treasures of the country” before. Now, all she is thinking about is to get these bamboo sheets… Lin doesn’t mind becoming a thief as long as she can save Baojia.

Lin drives Professor Qi and Rong Donglin to the site of the ancient tomb and gives Yan Feng a lift back to the university. Then she heads home with Luodong. Along the road, Lin doesn’t tell anyone about what she is thinking.

However, as a sensitive kid, Luodong gets a feeling that his sister is being sneaky. Ludong shivers when he sees Lin Luoran’s smile. Luodong remembers that the last time his sister smiled like this, she traded the boluses she made for a lot of jade.

Lying in Lin Luoran’s arms, the cyan little fox yawns.

Spirited wood that can gather souls? The little fox has a fuzzy memory about it. Since Lin doesn’t ask it about the wood, the little fox just stops trying to remember. It falls asleep.

On the next day, Lin Luoran gives Zeng Tian a call.

Zeng is upset yet excited. He comes to Lin’s house by request and sits with Lin Luoran under a tree for a cup of tea. Lin tells Zeng her intention.

Mr. Lin has just returned from the villa on Mount Qingcheng with some spirit wine. He sees Zeng Tian and asks him to have a drink. Zeng assumes that Mr. Lin is going to treat him with spirit wine again, yet he decides to turn Mr. Lin down this time.

Though Lin Luoran’s need is wild, Zeng Tian feels relieved and starts to smile after leaving Lin’s house.

He doesn’t care what Lin wants at all. He only wants to fix his relationship with her. Since she has asked, this is the perfect chance for Zeng to make amends… Anyway, Zeng already feels blessed because not many cultivators can have the opportunity to visit Lin’s house.

Zeng Tian begins to make phone calls immediately to satisfy Lin’s needs. After Zeng left, Lin Luoran tells her family that she is going to have closed cultivation and she goes into the basement.

If Zeng Tian could give her the information on the Soul Wood, she would have to go on a trip. For the safety of her family, Lin must hurry up and make the shield.

Looking at the scorpion shell in the basement and all the other ingredients, Lin feels confident.