Chapter 213 A Different Path

When Lin Luoran gives the armor to her mother like giving her a treasure, she doesn’t receive her mother’s compliment. Instead, Mrs. Lin pulls her ears.

“How dare you! You didn’t accompany your family at the Spring Festival. You have been in your basement since last October. Our bamboo shoots have grown from being eatable to real bamboos and then you come out… Luodong got the highest score in his school this term. He has waited for you for the whole vacation. We live in the same yard. Do you mean that even if your dad and I want to see you, we have to make an appointment first?”

Lin Luoran’s ears are red. When she was five, she let go of their neighbor’s chickens and her mother pulled her ears like this. This “pulling ears” has been accompanied her as she grows up. However, when she gets older, Mrs. Lin doesn’t do this very often. It seems that she is really angry this time.

“Mom, please be gentle…” Lin Luoran hides behind her father, just like what she used to do. Mr. Lin helps Lin Luoran with a lot of sweet talk. Finally, Mrs. Lin’s attention is drawn to the clothes.

It seems to be light. However, when Mrs. Lin lifts it up, it is over dozens of kilograms heavy. How to wear it? Lin Luoran takes her mother’s hand on the diamond of fire and Mrs. Lin feels like her finger is stung and some blood drops on the diamond and soon they are absorbed.

“What’s this?” Mrs. Lin is a little afraid of this blood-sucking diamond.

Mr. Lin is curious, “Is this dropping blood to recognize the owner?”

Different from his wife, who is always staying in the kitchen, Mr. Lin has lived a younger life and he has kept up with the pace. He has read some novels on cultivation and he is not strange to this action.

Lin Luoran nods her head and Mrs. Lin is curious.

After her blood is absorbed by the diamond of fire, Mrs. Lin feels that she and the black clothes are somehow connected and it feels good.

This time, the armor is much lighter and softer. Mrs. Lin feels skeptical and heads to her room to try it on.

“This is comfortable… I don’t even feel that I wear it…” The fabric suits her well. It is fascinating.

Lin Luoran closes her eyes and feels the magic circle. It is operating correctly. Suddenly, the fire appears in her hands and it is thrown to Mrs. Lin.

Mr. Lin wants to go and protect his wife, but he suddenly realizes that it is their daughter and she will never hurt her mother. Therefore, Mr. Lin doesn’t move and looks at them. As for Mrs. Lin, she doesn’t have time to react as her daughter is very fast but she is just an ordinary person.

The fire blasts in front of Mrs. Lin. Suddenly, the soft light on her successfully stops the fire. The armor is like a shield set by Lin Luoran’s magic and it gives Mrs. Lin protection from all directions.

Mrs. Lin is shocked but Lin Luoran has tested all the five natures of Reiki to “attack” her. Perhaps it is because of the diamond of fire and the place where the Scorpion King lived, this armor is inclined to the nature of fire. When it is attacked by spells of fire nature, it not only resists the attack but also absorbs some Reiki and uses it for defense — turning attack into defense, it means that it has become a perfect second-grade armor. Lin Luoran cannot believe that it is just the first one she finishes.

Mr. Lin feels pleased. The clothes refined by his daughter has given much protection to his wife, who cannot protect herself.

“Dad, I have some other things to do. When I finish, I will make one for you and one for Luodong. Please wait for me, ok?”

Mr. Lin answers with a smile.

As a parent, seeing that the daughter has made more and more progress, how can he not feel happy?

Mrs. Lin is attracted by this fascinating clothes. Lin Luoran goes back to her study while her mother focuses on the clothes.

The study locates in the bamboo house on the little island. One room is occupied by the cyan fox and another room stores a lot of books Lin Luoran collects. Spring arrives and bamboo shoots grow from the ground. Lin Luoran decides to dig them out and make a dish.

Speaking of bamboo shoots, Lin Luoran recalls her childhood. In her hometown, the bamboo shoots in spring in the mountains are thin and white after peeled. They are precious delicacies from the mountains. In the past, bamboo shoots pickers lived in the mountains since spring and looked for this kind of wild bamboo shoots all day. They sold it to the merchants at a low price. Lin Luoran’s tuition fee came from this.

She wants to go back to the hometown and goes into the mountains for the bamboo shoots and the big bluestone… However, she doesn’t have much time lately.

Lin Luoran opens the door of her study and looks at the table.

There are dozens of bamboo sheets on the table. Lin Luoran picks up one of them and they are indeed written in Shui script. Zeng Tian is reliable. He took all the bamboo sheets that were written in Shui script here in case of omission.

If dozens of unearthed bamboo sheets just disappear, it will create much of a stir. After all, a lot of scholars have seen it. Therefore, Zeng Tian found someone to make fake ones. He has spent a lot of money on the fake ones and paid much attention to details… Those bamboo sheets that are sent to the museum seem to be antiquities from the Han dynasty, but the real ones are actually here.

If Lin Luoran translates all these scripts on the bamboo sheets on her own, it will cost her a lot of time.

She thinks about Rong Donglin, whose father is the master of Shui script. It will be the best option to have him translated these scripts.

Lin Luoran is a girl of action and she drives her car to the University of Chuan. She explains to Professor Qi the reason why she is out of touch for the past six months and asks to have Rong Donglin taught her the Shui script.

“You want to hire him as a tutor? What nice timing. We have organized the materials of the Han dynasty tomb. He is now in the second semester of the third year and is thinking about getting an internship. You have solved a big problem for him.”

Professor Qi wants Rong Donglin to continue academic research. However, to study some subject requires money. Rong’s family is not well-off and that makes Professor Qi anxious. He likes this good student but the good student needs to survive before continuing academic research.

Chinese literature is an ordinary major, so an internship is very important for students of Chinese literature. If Lin Luoran can provide a job for Rong Donglin, Professor Qi is pleased.

Rong Donglin goes to Lin Luoran’s home with her. He is shocked by the big house. After entering the study, he is shocked again by the bamboo sheets.

He says, “This… This is from the tomb of… The Han dynasty!” God! He has been staying with these things for months and he can tell that they are real. These precious bamboo sheets should be kept in the museums, but now they are on this table. At that moment, Rong Donglin has a lot on his mind, including his assumption of Lin Luoran’s identity. Is she an antiquities trafficker?

He is thinking about calling the police.

However, all his thoughts disappear in Lin Luoran’s smile. Rong Donglin recalls what happened when he first met Lin Luoran and her brother — if they are antiquities traffickers, there will be no good people in this world.

There is sweat on Rong Donglin’s forehead. Lin Luoran waits until he calms down and explains,

“What you think is correct. This is the real bamboo sheets of that Han dynasty tomb. However, I dare to show you, so I’m not an antiquities trafficker. Let me tell you the truth. I want them because I want the information written on them to save someone.”

“Saving people?” Rong Donglin is confused.

Lin Luoran doesn’t make further explanation, “I invite you here to translate these scripts on the bamboo sheets… I need the most accurate translation and when your work is done, I will give them back.”

Lin Luoran has helped him so he has to pay a debt of gratitude. Rong Donglin doesn’t ask more and he accepts the translation job.

Lin Luoran tells her mother to arrange a guest room for Rong Donglin and closes the door.

Rong Donglin starts working. Lin Luoran sits on Goldie’s back and casts a “Mini World” to cover herself and Goldie. They fly above R City.

Mrs. Lin is the only one with an armor on and Lin Luoran cannot rest assured. She decides to go back to her hometown and take that bluestone in the mountains here.

As long as she can keep her family safe, Lin Luoran will do anything necessary. No matter what kind of situation she meets outside, as long as she has a family, she has somewhere to feel safe, somewhere warm.

Goldie is flying. When they are in the sky, Lin Luoran lowers her head and sees someone holding the claw.

Lin Luoran sneers.

It is the little cyan fox!

She wants to “terrify” this bold fox, so she ignores it and lets Goldie keep flying.


Ever since Elly took over Fortune House, the inner decoration has changed. The color is now lively and vivid.

Just like the inner decoration, many “close friends” of Elly take this opportunity. The management team has greatly changed. Young people become middle managers like department managers but this is not the strangest part. The one who has the fastest speed of getting promoted is called “Xin Yuanping” and she became the special assistant manager of CEO right after she came to Fortune House. When Elly is out, she can make most decisions. The two of them spend most of their day together so there is a rumor that the new CEO is a lesbian.

The door of Elly’s office is closed and Elly sits at the desk, looking at the woman on the sofa carefully.

She has long hair and looks modern and experienced. That is a pretty office lady.

She is now playing with a stamp and she shows a satisfied expression.

Elly asks carefully, “Have you figured out its secret?”

Xin Yuanping has helped Elly a lot in the past two years. All she wants is this small stamp. Elly thinks that this stamp is far more ordinary compared to other treasures her family has. She doesn’t understand why her grandpa didn’t want to give that to her.

Xin Yuanping doesn’t answer. As soon as she has this stamp, she doesn’t have to stay with this silly girl at all. However, if she wants to open that place, this silly girl is useful.

Xin Yuanping smiles maliciously. Elly feels that the room becomes cooler.

“I remember that you once mentioned, her ex-boyfriend is called Li Anping, right?”

Xin Yuanping’s thought changes fast. Elly takes a while and finally knows who she is talking about.

“Li Anping?” She doesn’t really remember this guy. However, he is not just Lin Luoran’s ex, he is her ex as well.

Xin Yuanping packs the little stamp and smiles mysteriously,

“Yes. Ask him to come and work at Fortune House tomorrow… No matter how. Do you understand?”