Chapter 214 Fighting with the Snake and Saving the Fox

Sitting on Goldie’s back, Lin Luoran reaches the mountains behind Li’s Village soon. She asks Goldie to hover above the mountains and looks for the mountain where she found the black epiphyllum. After finding out the right mountain, she directs Goldie to land on the top of the mountain.

The cyan fox is hanging on Goldie’s claw and the wind has tangled its fur. When it lands, it cannot move its limbs at first. When it can move, the cyan fox makes faces to Lin Luoran and runs into the grass nearby.

Lin Luoran knows that it likes flowers and grass and it cannot stay with her now that they are in a mountain full of plants, so she just lets it play. She goes to the cliff and sees that the bluestone is still inset in the mountain.

Lin Luoran casts a “Wind-riding Spell” and flies down. She tries to move the bluestone but it is deeply inset there. She couldn’t do anything before but now she is a cultivator in the level of Laying Foundation. She casts a spell of earth nature and the mountain cannot stop her from pulling the bluestone out.

Lin Luoran only takes seven minutes to pull that bluestone out.

It is as big as a round table. After washing all the clast around, the bluestone is cyan in color as if a cyan light comes through it… Lin Luoran closes her eyes and feels the bluestone. Reiki molecules of five natures move around the bluestone slowly. However, she cannot tell the quality of the bluestone itself. It feels like an ordinary stone without Reiki.

Lin Luoran is thrilled. This one fits the description in the Introduction and it might be the one she needs.

Lin Luoran thinks about it and the bluestone disappears.

After putting the bluestone into the space, Lin Luoran checks everywhere around and makes sure that this bluestone is the only one. After that, she feels satisfied.

Goldie goes to find food and the cyan fox is not around, either. They belong to the outside world and Lin Luoran doesn’t want to restrict them too much. It is good for them to play freely in the mountain.

She wanders around in the mountain and finds a wild pear tree, a chestnut tree and a fig tree. She puts them in the space and prepares to plant them after they go back home.

It is still early. Lin Luoran recalls that Luodong mentioned having eaten fresh bamboo shoots the other day, so she decides to dig some bamboo shoots. This kind of bamboo shoots is the special local product of this mountain. Even when it grows up, it is still small, so Lin Luoran should have good eyes to find them.

Although she doesn’t wear a raincoat and there are a lot of branches on her way, Lin Luoran is nimble and it costs her little time before she searches the whole mountain and finds enough bamboo shoots for her family. Therefore, she stops.

She claps her hands and remembers the translation job of Rong Donglin. She wants to go home.

Lin Luoran is about to call Goldie here and she suddenly hears a loud chirp — it is Goldie!

Lin Luoran casts “Wind-riding Spell” and flies towards the chirp of Goldie. People always come to this mountain so it should be safe here. Even if there are beasts, Goldie can defeat them easily, so why is it chirping?

Goldie is not far from her and she arrives soon. It is extremely quiet on the top of that mountain. Goldie stands still on a big tree, looking at the ground.

Lin Luoran looks at the direction it is looking at. There is a big, red snake with a triangle head on the ground. It is as thick as a bucket and it is now coiling on the ground and sticking out its tongue. The smell is stinking.

The grass around it is withered — this red snake is poisonous! No wonder Goldie chirps to alarm her. However, she turns her head and suddenly sees something familiar in front of the snake. She is worried.

The cyan fox! Actually, it is now lying in front of the snake and its fur is now shiny black. There is no cyan color at all. Is it poisoned?

She was wondering why Goldie is fighting this dangerous creature and now she knows why. Goldie wants to save the cyan fox but Lin Luoran doesn’t have time to appraise it. Not knowing the cyan fox is alive or dead, Lin Luoran summons the Sword of Bright immediately.

Fight with the snake and save the fox. This is everything on her mind. However, she calms down and realizes that the snake is so thick. If it moves, it may crush the cyan fox to death.

Lin Luoran jumps on Goldie’s back and Goldie understands what she wants to do. Goldie takes off and flies in the opposite direction. The red snake may think the food in front of it is so small, so it puts the fox aside and chases Goldie.

Goldie can fly at a high speed but now it flies slowly and not very high above the red snake. Lin Luoran casts a “Mini World” on her. She flies down on the wind and goes back to the place where the cyan fox is lying.

She checks the fox with her spiritual mind and finds that the fox is still alive. Lin Luoran doesn’t know how poisonous the venom is so she can’t touch the cyan fox. The only thing on her that can cure is the Circulation Bolus. However, it is specialized in curing wounds, not detoxification, so Lin Luoran is not very hopeful about it. She wraps the fox with Reiki and gives it one bolus to eat.

She doesn’t dare to hold the cyan fox so she takes out a coat from the space and wraps the fox with it. Suddenly, she hears something alongside with Goldie’s chirp. The red snake realizes her stratagem and comes back!

Lin Luoran avoids the attack with the cyan fox. The snake almost drops its venom on her. The venom drops on the ground and it is buzzing with a nasty smell.

What powerful venom! Although Lin Luoran has avoided the attack, the smell makes her very uncomfortable. People from nearby villages come in the mountains for food or medicine from time to time so it is likely that they will encounter this snake. Although she doesn’t have a good impression on most people of Li’s Village, they are, after all, her close neighbors for over twenty years. Lin Luoran makes up her mind… She must kill this snake!

She throws the coat above and Goldie catches it accurately. Lin Luoran turns back and chops on the snake’s head.

The red snake is a toxic creature but it doesn’t have a solid shell like the one of the Scorpion King. The flying sword is a Grade Five magic weapon. As soon as Lin Luoran chops on the snake’s head, it is hurt. Blood comes out and some blood drops on her sleeve and burns some black holes. Lin Luoran tears down the sleeve quickly.

Even the blood is poisonous. She must kill it.

Lin Luoran feels dizzy and the cyan fox needs to be cured soon. She has to be fast. Lin Luoran infuses Reiki on the sword and casts a spell of sword. It gets cold soon. Just as the red snake wonders why it snows, Lin Luoran’s sword already chops on its “weak point”…. It feels soft… Lin Luoran doesn’t know that her sword can be this powerful. The head is chopped down by her and blood comes like a river. A tree opposite is poisoned by the blood and it is corroded son. This is terrifying.

As the head is down, the snake is dead for sure. Seeing the blood everywhere, Lin Luoran feels it a pity that the meat is poisonous and it cannot be eaten by animals. She throws a fireball at the snake’s dead body and jumps on Goldie’s back.

She has to save the cyan fox immediately so she cannot stay there and watch it burn. Seeing that the snake is on fire, she directs Goldie to go back home.

She smells the smell of the meat burning. The fire goes down gradually and there is just the headless body of the snake on the ground. It is dark and no one can tell what it was.

After a long time, the snake’s body moves. A little red thing reaches out its triangle head.

Its tongue is buzzing in the air. It can tell the smell of the snake venom, no matter how far it is.


Lin Luoran goes back home. She hurries to the study and opens the door. Rong Donglin is shocked but he cannot ask what happened, so he just watches Lin Luoran rush into the next room and close the door tightly.

Perhaps the bolus is a little helpful as there is black liquid coming out of the cyan fox. Lin Luoran cannot let the liquid drop on the ground, so she summons them with Reiki. After that, she finds a basin and puts it underneath the cyan fox, who is floating in the air. The basin is used to collect the venom.

The bolus is not enough to force out all the venom.

Lin Luoran thinks about Reiki. She wraps the cyan fox with the gentlest wood Reiki and infuses Reiki into its body — it is the purest Reiki of living. Lin Luoran saved Baojia in the same way. Snake venom breaks the nervous system, so as long as the cell renewing is fast enough, the victim should be able to discharge the venom on his own, no matter the victim is a person or an animal.

As soon as the green wood Reiki enters the body of the cyan fox, the black venom is afraid. Lin Luoran directs Reiki to chase after the venom and forces the venom to gather in one claw of the cyan fox.

She slides on the claw and black blood comes out.

When the blood turns red and the fur of the fox is cyan again, Lin Luoran knows that she is correct.

The black liquid in the basin is actually fox blood mixed with snake venom.

Lin Luoran checks the body of the fox and finds some remaining toxins. However, the cyan fox is breathing smoothly. It is safe now.

She pours the liquid into a jade bottle and puts it next to the poison sac of the Scorpion King. She enters the space and takes out some water. She soaks the cyan fox in.

There are a lot of functions of the mysterious space that Lin Luoran doesn’t know, but she is sure that it will help the cyan fox.

She closes the door, feeling a little tired.

It seems that saving the cyan fox is not hard, but only she knows how much Reiki she has spent. Without Reiki, Lin Luoran is just an ordinary person and ordinary people feel tired.

Wind of early spring blows on the bamboo leaves and Lin Luoran suddenly realizes that there is someone in the next room — Rong Donglin, who is ignored by her, is now looking at the big hawk next to him and shakes his fingers, sweating…

Why is there a big bird here?

Lin Luoran sighs. Rong Donglin is not the only one she forgets, there is Goldie, too.

This island is occupied by the cyan fox and Goldie, but she forgets…