Chapter 215 Planting Magic Circle, Enemy

What should she tell Rong Donglin?

Out of Lin’s expectation, Rong doesn’t even know Goldie’s name. He only worries about the safety of the Lin family because such a big hawk lives in their house.

Lin Luoran remembers Rong’s stiffness every time when he sees Goldie and she has no doubt on the authenticity of his worries. At night, Mr. Lin makes a few dishes with the bamboo shoots. Rong Donglin loves these dishes so much that he feels that he has gained more energy for the translation of the bamboo sheets.

The starlight today is a little dim. However, Lin is still in a good mood.

It’s 11 o’clock. Rong has returned to his bedroom. Lin’s backyard is now quiet and peaceful under the moonlight.

This place will become more beautiful. Lin Luoran speaks to herself when she thinks of the bluestone in her space.

Lin first goes to check on the little cyan fox. It is lying in its nest, completely motionless, but its breath has slowed down. Lin takes some fruits and herbs the little fox likes and puts them by its side.

It’s late at night. Rong Donglin is the only one in this house that hasn’t gone to sleep yet. Lights in Rong’s room are still on. Lin Luoran assumes that Rong can’t see through the bamboo leaves, so she moves the bluestone out of her space.

Moonlight pours down on the island through the bamboo leaves. Within a blink of an eye, Lin takes out some raw jades out of her space. The pure and peaceful Reiki in these jades twinkles under the moonlight.

These raw jades are all in high quality. If Lin trades them for money, she could buy three more houses as her current one. However, Lin is going to bury these jades under the ground along with the bluestone!

This idea came to Lin because of the big bluestone. Lin uses Reiki in the five elements to probe the bluestone again to make sure that it really doesn’t contain any Reiki. Lin now has more confidence in herself.

At first, what raised her suspicions was the black epiphyllum held onto the bluestone by some mud. The epiphyllum didn’t seem to contain Reiki yet it almost made Lin lose herself during her inward vision.

Back then, Lin Luoran only thought that this was an accident. However, as she gains more knowledge on cultivation, she knows that spirit herbs like the black epiphyllum have to live around abundant Reiki. There are certainly more wood Reiki in the mountains than in the cities, but the wood Reiki in the mountains are only enough for ginsengs or psoriasis to grow. This strange black epiphyllum has to live and grow with another treasure. According to the introduction, this half-jade hard bluestone is called “Reiki-gathering Stone”.

The name of the bluestone sounds nothing special, and the stone itself can’t be used as a medicine. Nevertheless, it has a unique function: to plant magic circles.

More specifically, in the age when the world of cultivation was prosperous, every school had a Reiki-gathering Stone like this. These stones used to be put at the core of the protection circle of the mountain and they served as the base of the complex protection magic circles.

The only function of the stone is to gather Reiki.

The stone can gather the Reiki in the five elements that flow in the air in order to constantly support the operation of magic circles. The stone looks nothing special, yet it can change the environment around it. Nowadays, Reiki in the air are thin and agitated. The function of “Reiki-gathering” seems to be lame, yet Lin Luoran has her own “cheating device”.

She has the bead! Though Lin knows no magic circle of Reiki-gathering, she may have a chance of planting a huge protection circle which covers her entire house. From the outside, it will be a huge protection circle that keeps the Lin family safe. From the inside, with the Reiki-gathering Stone at the core of the magic circle, her bead can refine the Reiki the stone gathers, which makes the house a perfect place for cultivation.

Lin Luoran feels that her heart is pounding.

Immersed in thoughts, Lin doesn’t realize that a protection circle that covers her entire house is so much like the magic circles that protected previous schools of cultivation. Of course, since her knowledge of magic circles is little, the protection circle for her family will be a simple shield. Because Lin doesn’t know how to plant illusion circles or killing circles, it can only take the hit when there is an attacker.

Anyway, Lin Luoran never asks for more. She has cut the Reiki-gathering Stone into halves. She will bury half of the stone under the island in her backyard and the other half under her villa on Mount Qingcheng.

Lin casts an earth spell and makes the soil soft. Then the soil actively gathers around the stone and drags it under the ground.

One meter, two meters, three meters… Lin Luoran uses her spiritual mind to sense the stone. When it is ten meters down, Lin stops the spell. The stone is already deep enough.

Looking at the jades on the ground, Lin Luoran sighs that she has to do more hard work. Then she sits down and starts to carve the magic circle on the jades.

Lin has been practicing this during the last three months so she is now quite skillful at this. However, it’s not easy to plant a huge protection circle based on the entire house using the jades as nodes.

Lin closes her eyes. She uses her spiritual mind to get a bird’s-eye view of her house. She is so careful that she doesn’t start to plant the circle until dawn.

She starts to walk around the house with jades in her hands.

A piece of jade in the size of an egg is put under the fish tank in the front yard. Jades in different sizes are planted in front of the camphor tree, on the right side of the garage, behind the building in the backyard, at the root of a rose, or under the lake.

The bigger ones of the jades are in the size of bowls and the smaller ones are like eggs. All of the jades contain plentiful Reiki. Other cultivators would be so jealous if they knew about this, yet Lin Luoran doesn’t feel any grudge.

Lin Luoran has put over a hundred pieces of jade around the house. Her body is not tired but her mind is exhausted. She makes a complex earth spell to control all of the jades to sink under the ground.

The sun is rising when Lin finishes this. The lights in Rong Donglin’s room are turned on again. Lin can’t incept spirit into the jades in front of Rong, so she goes to the kitchen and prepares breakfast for her family.


The Li’s Village.

Four years have passed. Granny Li seems to become weaker and the skin on her face wrinkles. Nevertheless, she looks vigorous when she swears.

“Hurry up and make your brother a fried egg! He has to go to work after breakfast!” Granny Li is holding a plastic basin with millet in it and there are two fresh eggs in her right hand.

Her daughter complains, “Mom, you always prefer Anping to me! He has stayed at home and did nothing for three years, and you still want to let him eat the best eggs. It’s better that you give them to my husband so that he can have the energy to work harder…”

Granny Li takes the feather duster and starts to hit her daughter,

“Do you really care about a few eggs so much? Anping is the only one in our village who is a postgraduate! He will definitely make a fortune someday. Don’t you dare to compare Anping with your loser husband! Stop running…”

Granny Li is an old woman with great strength, but she is not as swift as her daughter. The two of them run around in the yard covered by chicken droppings. The old hen which just laid eggs is startled. It flaps its wings and jumps onto the wall, screaming.

During the last three years, things like this have happened a lot. Others in the Li’s Village have all got used to it. Lying on the bed, Li Anping ignores the chaos and keeps sleeping.

Li Anping’s brother-in-law bears grudges every time he sees his wife being beaten up by her mother. He works so hard to support the family and Li Anping never helps! He walks to Li Anping’s room and knocks on the window. He says,

“Are you going to do nothing when your mother and sister keep fighting each other because of you? Li Anping, you’ve stayed at home for three years. If you are a man, you should get up and go find a job! This family can’t support a loser forever!”

Granny Li shouts, “Anping is out of work for now. He is not a loser!” She lets her daughter go and comes to her son-in-law.

The three of them fight and shout in the yard. Li Anping can’t pretend to be asleep anymore.

He gets out of bed and puts on his slippers. Li Anping pushes the door open and says,

“I’m going to work today. Can you guys stop shouting?”

He has stayed at home and done nothing for three years. Without fancy clothes, Li Anping doesn’t look as handsome as he used to be. He gets fat and he seldom shaves. Dark circles are under his eyes. Lin Luoran wouldn’t even be able to recognize him if he showed up in front of her.

Hearing that her son is going to work, Granny Li throws the feather duster away and says smilingly, “My boy, it’s alright that you stay at home longer. I’m going to make some eggs for you!”

Li Anping’s sister starts to smile. His brother-in-law never likes him, yet he is glad that Li Anping finally has a job… No matter what, he is a postgraduate. He should be able to find a decent job easily.

Later, Granny Li brings fried eggs to her son and watches him shave. The wrinkles on her face become deeper when she smiles,

“Anping, I always believe in you. You should tell us earlier that you’ve found a job, so that your brother-in-law can save those trash-talk… Anping, when did you start to look for jobs?”

Li Anping answers, looking at himself in the mirror, “The job came to me.”

Granny Li becomes gladder. She and the entire family will be respected if her son has a decent job. She wants to tell the news to the others and she pursues which company her son will work in.

When Li Anping says “Fortune House”, his mother shakes and knocks over the fried eggs on the plate—

“Anping, my son! How can you go back to that company… Elly is such an evil bitch. Have you forgotten that she hired those men to break your leg?”

Hearing his mother’s words, Li Anping accidentally cuts his own face with the razor. He hates Elly even more than he hates Lin Luoran. He won’t forget about this!

Since he now has the chance to go back to the Fortune House… Li Anping swears that he won’t make Elly suffer!

Under the sunlight, a red snake passes by Li Anping’s house. The old hen on the wall is scared and it forgets to scream.